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Okay, supposingly time travel is possible (I'm not saying it is, just thinking it's more improbable than impossible), how does one make the machine? I.E. what I mean is, what are the prime components needed to construct a vehicle to travel back and forth through time and hold lunch where it's supposed to be.



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All the time travel technology and testing will be completed in the future. The time travelers can then travel to our time and tell us how to do it. We don't have to worry about it.



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I am convinced that the past present and future all coexist at the same time at some level so there is at least three dimensions of time past, present-future, future and the omnipresent point that connects all times and spaces to a simultaneous localization. Actually thats four time dimensions.


I consider that each of these may have two states of existance atleast. One when measuring the states of a dimension of time and a particle together with the present-future dimension in which we percieve existance mostly. And the seconnd the independent existance of each dimension apart from our own. In the first case when measuring the past we measure the past as tachyon entities in accordance with einsteins mathematical discription of cellestial past. In the second case we measure the past as being the same as our own dimesion with subluminal existance as we remember. This implies that time transfers energy to sustain the present events from past events in the form of superluminal transferance via tachyons subsequently creating the apparent forces of random accurence caused by quantum mechanical actions at a distance and the uncertainty principle all of which is caused by the nature of that transferance. Secondly the left over energy not transfered to the sustainance of future events remains in the past such that the amount of energy existing in the present is never diminished nor increased. This is what is responcible for conservation of energy. The differential between mass and space density and the transferance of events through space via four fundamental forces is what causes energy loss in mechanical conditions in addtion of friction the causality.


Edwin Gary Schasteen



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You would need a device that consists of an "Overunity" Space Power Generator, (SPG) that has a 100% output power ratio excelling above whatever the the imput power ratio is absorbed.


Example:] http://depalma.pair.com


Next, you would need to quantify that with constructing a N-Fusion Drive mechanisim that can extract its fuel supply direct from the ionosphere by beaming it with electromagnetic pulse waves, generated by use of micrwave transmissions. (This causes the electrons to spin faster thus, this exciting of the electrons within the ionospher, creates an equal mirror effect, that in turn "Amplifies" the power within the electron flow of electromagnectic current that is absorbed through radio transmitters & receivers.


(Thank You Mr. Tesla!)


Am I getting warmer?????????????????


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I saw the posting requsting the basic systems for a gravity distortion system that will allow time travel. Here they are:


1. Magnetic housing units for dual microsignularities.


2. Electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of microsingularities.


3. Cooling and x-ray venting system


4. Gravity sensors (VGL system)


5. Main clocks (4 cesium units)


6. Main computer units (3)



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N-1 H.G. ... "online"


Tesla Coils... "online"


Microwave Transmitter Array..."online"


Delta "T" Array (Receiver) ..."online"


Microwave Transmitter transmitts an RHF 12hrtz. EMF pulse waves in a steady stream of electromagnet pulses, into the ionosphere, and the Delta "T" is configured to "receive" the amplified elctrostatic emf pulse waves that have doubled in intensity, powered amplification via excitation of the electons within the subatomic frequencies within the quantum molecular particles.


Ref; Adamski-Brown, Hummel, Nicola Tesla, Bruce Depalma (Depalma Institute), Joseph Methaney, Michio Kaku (T.O.E. Theory) www.mkaku.org


additional links...






Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster. Inertial propulsion in a simple mechanical device. How discovered, proven, and status. 3D models, animations, photos, video.




Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research "To pursue rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems, and processes common to contemporary engineering practice." (Since their methods are extremely rigorous, they are perhaps even less open to criticism than other psi research methods.) Amazing results!



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< !--This file created 17:50 28/09/1997 by Claris Home Page version 2.0-->






<meta http-equiv="Content-Type"[bR>content=text/html; charset=iso-8859-1]


<meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0">


<title>JLN Labs - The Hamel Flying saucer</title>


<X-SAS-WINDOW TOP="52" BOTTOM="388" LEFT="8" RIGHT="538">




<body background="../images/bgmil.jpg" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">


<p align="center"><font size="5"><u>The Hamel Antigravity


Device Project</u> </font></p>


<p align="center">created on 9 May 1997- JLN Labs


- Last update on September 23th, 1999</p>


<p align="center">Thanks to <a href="mailto:[email redacted]">Dan






<p align="center">spacer.pngwidth="777" height="528" x-sas-useimagewidth x-sas-useimageheight]</p>


<a href="hfsparts.htm"><font size="4">Detailled parts of


the device ( click here )</font></a></p>


<font size="5"><u>Basic Explanation of the principle</u></font></p>


" A tornado-like rushing of air moved up through the ship


to produce a tremedous friction. The cone withing cone wobbled at


high speed and were kept continously off-balance. As the cones


wobbled and the air rushed between them, lighting-like flashes


appeared between them. Hamel was shown the outside rim of the


ship, where numerous opening served to allow the in and out


motion of the air as it rushed between the wobbling cones. These


air opening controlled not only the amount of air but the


direction of flow. As the air was moved at high velocities


through the gap between woobling cones, it became ionized to


produce a stream of charged particles.</p>


The cones not only produced energy but also provided


propulsion. This was accomplished by a small weighted ball,


rolling in circular path in a restricted space. The circular


movement of this ball ( remember you the <a[bR>href=http://members.aol.com/overunity/html/hamspin3.htm]Hamel


spinning top</a> experiment (<a[bR>href=http://members.xoom.com/jlnlabs/videos/hmspn2mv.avi]see my


video</a> )) appeared to have a falling motion, always seeking




<p align="center"><a[bR>href=http://members.xoom.com/jlnlabs/videos/hmspn2mv.avi]<img[bR>src="../images/hamvanm.gif" width="159" height="119"


x-sas-useimagewidth x-sas-useimageheight]</a></p>


The upper area of the cones were suspended on magnetic parts


which were kept unbalanced to sustain the disruption of


equilibrium to produce the wobbling effect. Imagine a horizontal


disk, suspended on point, forever falling or tilting sideways as


a metal ball rolled forward on its rim. This produced the


grateful fluttering effect which Hamel likened to ' a butterfly


above a magnetic field '. The magnet would not wear out because


they were suspended on a magnetic field. Movement of the cones


produced an electro-gravitational field to cause the ship to lose


its connection with gravity, thereby neutralizing it's 'weight'.


Movement of the ship could be controled by pulling the ball out


of rotation......"<u> Ref document</u> :


"Hamel.asc" (KeelyNet BBS/ Jerry Decker)</p>


<p align="center">spacer.pngwidth="550" height="385" x-sas-useimagewidth x-sas-useimageheight]</p>


This device use two principles. The first is call: "Weight


into Speed", the second is the "Magnetic


Principle" :</p>


<u>The "Magnetic Principle"</u> : It uses


same principle as the "Hamel Spinner". The


destabilizing magnet on top is the "Hamel Spinner" and


the first Cone that wobbles would equate to the smaller disc


magnet and ball bearing. The Spinner wants to move in a circular


path under the larger destabilizing magnet. That is in part why


the cones Wobble. The cones want to seek equilibrium, but can


only find it in a dymanic way ! The field that developes inside


and around the device is a <u>gravity well</u>.</p>


<p align="center">spacer.pngheight="135" x-sas-useimagewidth x-sas-useimageheight]</p>


<u>The "Weight into Speed" principle</u> :


This pulls on the Cones or in the case of the "Weight into


Speed" principle, pulls on the Granite Ball! The Ball


continually falls into a black hole of potential energy, but


never finding it in the process! A continuous motion!</p>


<p align="center">spacer.pngwidth="392" height="507"]</p>


Both the "Magnetic principle" and the "Weight


into Speed" devices will, if built right, run for many


thousands of years !</p>


<p align="center"><a[bR>href=http://members.xoom.com/jlnlabs/html/dhfsv1.htm]<img[bR>src=../images/dhfs1a.jpg" border="0" width="712" height="403]</a></p>


<p align="left"><font color="#FF0000" size="4">See also :</font></p>






<p align="left"><a[bR> href=http://members.xoom.com/jlnlabs/html/dhfsv1.htm]<font[bR> color=#FF0000" size="4]<img[bR> src=../images/ufowarp.gif" border="1" width="112"


height="60]</font></a><font color="#FF0000"[bR> size=4] </font><a[bR> href=http://members.xoom.com/jlnlabs/html/dhfsv1.htm]<font[bR> size=4]The detailled diagram of the </font><font[bR> color=#FF0000" size="5]H</font><font[bR> size=4]amel </font><font[bR> color=#FF0000" size="5]F</font><font[bR> size=4]lying </font><font[bR> color=#FF0000" size="5]S</font><font[bR> size=4]aucer</font></a><font size="4">


</font><font color="#FF0000" size="3">(


updated 08-21-99 )</font></p>










<p align="left"><a[bR> href=http://members.xoom.com/jlnlabs/html/dhpicts.htm]<font[bR> color=#0000FF" size="5]The H.F.S. pictures


album</font></a><font size="4"> </font><font[bR> size=3]courtesy of the Hamel's teamwork.</font><font[bR> color=#FF0000" size="3]( updated 09-21-99 )</font></p>








<font size="4">If you need more informations or if you have


any suggestions send me your </font><a[bR>href=http://members.aol.com/jnaudin509/feedback.htm]<font[bR>size=4]Feedback</font></a><font size="4">


spacer.pngheight="21" x-sas-useimagewidth x-sas-useimageheight]Email : </font><a[bR>href=mailto:[email redacted]]<font size="4">[email redacted]</font></a><font[bR>size=5] </font></p>




<p align="center"> <font size="4">Return to </font><a[bR>href=http://members.aol.com/overunity/html/hammnu.htm]<font[bR>size=5]Hamel Technologies</font></a><font size="4">


home page</font></p>







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Scientific Team Makes Free Energy Breakthrough!


text version


A device that puts out five times as much power as is fed into it has been announced by Dr. Thomas Bearden and a scientific team.


As the design improves, the device is expected to produce as much as thirty times more power than it consumes.


The device, called a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, is designed around a new nanocrystalline material that was developed by Honeywell last year. In use, it would operate like a permanent battery, one that never became discharged.


In terms of engineering strategy, the device uses the nanocrystalline core material in a specially tape-wound structure to extract energy from the magnetic vector potential to a magnetic field restricted to the core. This results in a separation of potential energy that is "unheard of" according to the findings reported in a paper filed with the Department of Energy by Bearden in his colleagues. A PDF file of the paper is available at http://www.cseti.org/bearden/MEGpaper.pdf



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...In relation to the article I posted above,


I think that Mr. Beardon's concept is worthy, but remains to be seen if it holds any potential to surpass that of the late Mr. Bruce Depalma's concept for a "Free Energy" generator.


Moreover, by attempting to get the D.O.E. to get his design approved by this GVT regulated agencey, is going to be a slow & agonizing process, for the D.O.E. is governed & controlled by the same agencies that have supressed these very same concepts to provide free energy for decades!


(remember what happened when Nicola Tesla offered to provide the world free wireless transmitted energy in the 1900's?)...case & point. The only way they will offer any form of energy (not "Free") is to be able to put a meter on it!


Below, is a copy of the letter, I sent out to the Depalma Institute, and have yet to hear back from them. I encourage everyone to forward this letter, with your own comments to Andrew Mount [email redacted], who was DePalma's assistant for the last decade of his life, is a trustee of DePalma Institute, and one who is continuing to archive DePalma's numerous papers on the "Primordial Energy" website http://www.depalma.pair.com


I strongly believe that the D.O.E. and their GVT regulating counterparts would stop at nothing, to prevent anyone from attempting to provide our free society with any type of free energy devive, and this is the reason we must all work together in protest of this form of communisim & socialistic GVT control!


and for those of you who don't subscribe to this form of generalized conspiracy, please read the following...


SECRECY ORDER (Title 35, United States Code (1952), Sections 181-188) http://www.padrak.com/ine/INE13.html


The "Secrecy Order" that has been sent out to many inventors and researchers who have tried to develop advanced and new technologies, who inventions were publicly "suppressed", because those inventions have been thought to be important to the "National Security" of the US by the US Patent Office and other related US federal government agencies.


This is representative of just one of "many" ordinances that float around within our U.S. GVT. and has become the antithesis of fear & control to continue their own agenda, while supression of technology that contradicts their agendas continue to proliferate the sanctity & sacred freedoms that our forefathers faught against in the first place in order to establish our basic Freedom, rights & liberty that this country was founded upon!






To:]DePalma Institute


P.O. Box 21-972, Henderson, West Auckland




Andrew Mount


dePalma Institute


1-51 Quinns Road




New Zealand


Phone/Fax 64-9-814-9077


For more information on Bruce DePalma's work and legacy one may contact Andrew Mount [email redacted], who was DePalma's assistant for the last decade of his life, is a trustee of DePalma Institute, and one who is continuing to archive DePalma's numerous papers on the "Primordial Energy" website http://www.depalma.pair.com


From the following website <http://www.depalma.pair.com> we have examined some of the drawings from the Late Mr. Bruce Depalma's "Quadrapole N-machine" and have presented this information to our T.A.P.-T.E.N. Research Foundation (A division of "Voss Tech Industries")


We have decided that the best course of action to pursue our objectives, is to construct a working demonstrational module for presentation to Private, Real Estate Development Companies, as we will be requesting their assistance to provide us with access to venture capital funding to lease the patent rights, and construct a Manufacturing location in Baja Mexico to produce these units, ship them across the boarder using the N.A.F.T.A. to bring them across the boarder, into the U.S. to be delivered to the new homes under construction by those Developers who are willing to invest.


We would like to request additional detailed specifications to the drawings, materials, and their dimensions required to construct the components for this Depalma Quadrapole N-machine. Also, if you could recommend as to where we might obtain some of the required components, that might not otherwise be available at your local hardware, or electronics department store, would be most helpful.


Thank You.




[email redacted]


T.A.P.-T.E.N. Research Foundation http://Tap-Ten.org



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The Conspiracy Against Free Energy


Dr Brian O'Leary, the man who should have been to Mars and back by now, was America's Mars astronaut. He is a physicist, a passionate advocate of free energy, and one of the world's greatest and most courageous crusaders for freedom of scientific expression. What he has to say about the suppression of scientific research into free energy and all sorts of other fields will freeze your blood. Expect incredible information. http://www.independence.net/oleary



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<FONT color="#DD0000">11/20/00 - Mon/Tue</FONT></H3>




Guest: Dr. Eugene Mallove</p>




Dr. Mallove, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Infinite Energy Magazine will discuss cold fusion and


new energy technology. Dr. Mallove holds a Master of Science Degree and Bachelor of Science Degree


in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from MIT and a Science Doctorate in Environmental


Health Sciences from Harvard University.


Book: Fire from Ice: Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor






Website: www.infinite-energy.com
















(Click on the windows media icon above, to listen to the pre-recorded broadcast.)









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<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">


<meta name="Author" content="Alexander V. Frolov">


<meta name="GENERATOR" content="Mozilla/4.7 [en> (Win95; I) <Netscape>"]


<title>related web links</title>




<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#CCCCCC" link="#0000EE" vlink="#551A8B" alink="#FF0000">


<center><font size=+2>Web links</font>


<hr WIDTH="100%"></center>


Inventor club


<a href="http://www.nuenergy.org/">http://www.nuenergy.org Bruce A.




Fuelless power


The JLN Labs web site


Jeery Decker's Keely Net


Space Future


<a href="http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Campus/2025/index.html">Gravity


and Time</a>


<a href="http://www.world-famous.com/DonKellyStuff/**DonKellyHomePage.html">Don




Infinite Energy


Cold Fusion Times


<font color="#3333FF"><a href="http://shaka.com/~kalepa/aquarian.htm">A.


Couper's Web Site</a></font>


<a href="http://kosmopoisk.null.ru/index.html">V.Chernobrov's Time




Perpetual Mobile


Josef Hasslberger, Italy


Time Travel Web Site


<a href="http://www.iit.edu/~bosabri/time.html">Time Dimension Web




<a href="http://home5.swipnet.se/~w-58759/index.html">Vortex technology,


V. Shauberger</a>


<a href="http://www.sinor.ru/~che/grebennikov.htm">Levitation, biological


antigravitation, Cavity structures effect by Grebennikov & Zolotarev</a>


Space Genetics


Searl Effect


T.T.Brown electrogravitics


Electrogravitational Mechanics


Gyroscope Propulsion


Magnet motors


<hr WIDTH="100%">







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If for any reason the following links get blocked out by TTI's servers, you can <A HREF="http://alexfrolov.narod.ru"[A/>


Click Here to visit Mr. Alex Frolv's website<A/>




<body text=#000000" bgcolor=#CCCCCC" link=#0000EE" vlink="#551A8B" alink="#FF0000">


<hr WIDTH="30%">


<font size=-1>High efficiency Magnet generator</font>


<font size=-1>Direct heat-to-electricity conversion</font>


<font size=-1><a href="electric.htm">Free energy generation by means


of alternating electric field</a></font>


<font size=-1><a href="plasmaproposals.htm">Energy conversion from


longitudinal plasma waves to electromagnetic waves</a></font>


<font size=-1><a href="hydrino.htm">Hydrino (Underground state of the


hydrogen atom)</a></font>


<font size=-1><a href="chernetsky.htm">Self-generating electric discharge


by Alexander V. Chernetsky</a></font>


<font size=-1><a href="frolov1.htm">Report on congress New Ideas in


Natural Sciences, 1996 (photo)</a></font>


<font size=-1>Resonance plasma waves</font>


<hr WIDTH="30%">


<font size=-1><a href="rusparametric.htm">Parametrical electromagnetic




<font size=-1>The analogy if USA patent 4622510 of 11.11.1986. The


device is LC-circuit where the C is changed by means of rotation of the


dielectrical member of the capacitor. In this case the theory and</font>


<font size=-1>well-known experiments allow to get the energy transformation


from heat energy to electricity. The device is so called "heat pump". Planned


power of the prototype is 100 Watt - 1 KW.</font>


<hr WIDTH="30%">


<font size=-1>Resonance dipole.</font>


<font size=-1>It is one of Tesla's devices to get the conductivity


current in load when the displacement currents are created in serial LC-circuits.


Planned frequency is 1 - 20 MHz, planned power of the prototype is 100


Watt - 1 KWt.</font><font size=-1></font>


<hr SIZE=5 WIDTH="100%">


<center><font color="#FF0000">Related projects</font></center>


<font size=-1><a href="kanarev.htm">Research work by Prof. Kanarev, Krasnodar,


Russia. News about his laboratory</a></font>


<font size=-1><a href="studennikov.htm">Hydrogen generation by Studennikov


and Kudimov, Moscow</a></font>






<This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 29 November 2000).>



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<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#CCCCCC" link="#0000EE" vlink="#551A8B" alink="#FF0000">


Electrogravitics experiments


Photo of my experiments to prove possibility for electrogravitics propulsion.


Video on it also was included in <a href="cd.htm">CD "Gravitation experiments


in home laboratory".</a>


<hr WIDTH="30%">


Antigravity as result of pressure gradient


Wing profile in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics can be used for space propulsion




<hr WIDTH="30%">


<a href="grebennikov.htm">Review on biological antigravitation (De


Broighl's waves resonance in cavity structures)</a>


<hr SIZE=1 WIDTH="50%">


Electromagnetic propeller


<hr SIZE=1 WIDTH="50%">


<a href="fmawater.htm">Propulsion by means of asymmetrical centrifugal




<hr SIZE=1 WIDTH="50%">


Plan for experimental research work


It is review of some known ideas and my own results that can be used


as the plan for experimental research program.


<hr WIDTH="100%">


<a href="ignatyev.htm">Academician Ignatyev report and images about


electromagnetic drive for spacecraft</a>


Since this method use electromagnetic energy to create the flow


of the ether, it is reactive motion in some sense. It is described


in Academician Ignatyev's lecture by standard terms and if you have notion


about Poynting vector, it will be the way for your experiments.


<hr SIZE=1 WIDTH="100%">


<a href="poliakov.htm">Dr. Spartak M. Poliakov's laboratory "Graviton",




<hr SIZE=1 WIDTH="100%">


"Heat pipe for propulsion"


<hr SIZE=1 WIDTH="100%">


Gyroscope propulsion by Dr. Francis MacCabe


Report from USA, description of experiments, photo and plans for propulsion


system and power generation by means of gyroscope effect.


<hr SIZE=4 WIDTH="50%">


<a href="gyroscope.htm">Experiments with gyroscope to demonstrate reaction


less propulsion way</a>


It is my home laboratory experiment of July 22, 1999.


Video on it is included in <a href="cd.htm">CD "Gravitation experiments


in home laboratory".</a>


<hr SIZE=5 WIDTH="400">


Thermogravitics Macro


and micro level for impulses can be used to get the asymmetry in net impulse


of the system and for propulsion.


<hr SIZE=5 WIDTH="400">


Asymmetrical vortex as a way for antigravity


Victor Shauberger's methods




<hr SIZE=5 WIDTH="400">spacer.png


<font size=+1>Back to main page</font></center>







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If one were to get an eletric field and an magentic field to propagate parallel to each and in phase whould the result be an electromagnetic trap that traps all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum including microwaves and thermal radiation? Or would the electric field merely create a spining magnetic field that spins around both the electric field which runs parallel to the magnetic field? The spinning magnetic field wrapped around the electric and magnetic field will generate a toriodal spinning electric field which is wrapped around the spinning magnetic field which will in turn generate another spinning magnetic field on down to infinity. Since we have two fields one electric and one magnetic running parallel these toriodal spinning fields come in pairs of;one magnetic spinning field and one electric spinning field spinning in the same direction. The smaller the fields go the less the strenght of each spinning toriodal field is at infinity the where the radius of the electric and magnetic spinning field is zero the energy is zero. Now if these spinning fields follow an asymptote fuction then where their radius reached zero only and an true infinitely small size then an infinite field density can be obtained by bringing the electric field and magnetic field into perfect phase alignment for this will infact be the same as compressing two different quantities into the same ocuppied space at the same time resulting in infinite density. If the radius of the electric fields follows a non asymptote function where the zero radius is reached in a finite time period instead of an infinite time period like the one above the density of the field will either double or increase to infinite. I believe that it will increase to infinity but will yield a greater thermal output as a result of a greater energy output in a shorter amount of time. The only difference between the two is the rate or density increase. The former would require result in the velocity of time increasing to infinite within the field to fall off to zero towards the edge of the field. The latter would result in result in and acceleration of time to a certain quantity and emediately there after increase to infinite with out breaching into the past for as long as the light speed velocity is not breached negative time travel will not result. If the velocity of light in the field increases to infinite and ouside the field is still 186,000 mps then all amounts of time from the most minicule to the infinite within the field will pass without in but an instant of time outside the field but will still maintain the space time integrity within the field. I take that back in fact the as the field density aproached infinite the time at the edge of the field zero inside the ship will approach infinite but at infinity the time will crawl at a rate of one unit time per infinite unit time in the field as a result of the production of an infinite number of zero energy levels being generated at the edge of the field each of which corresponds to each infinitismal fraction of the instant in time at which the field reaches infinity. With the time progression ratio of on instant to and infinite instant it is possible to do an infinite work with in an within that single instant in time within the field with an input of an energy of one mediated at a frequency of lower then infinity. At infinity a energy that is equal to one will increase to an energy of two in the first instant and I believe straight to infinity in the second instant but let me check the math... Got to go I will get back to every one.




Edwin G. Schasteen



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---- Making waves to generate cash----


---Thursday, 16 November,2000, 09:17 GMT---




A wave-powered electricity generator sited off the


Scottish island of Islay will become the first in the world to feed into a


national grid when it opens next Tuesday.


But scientists believe Scotland could end up missing out on thousands


of jobs and business worth billions of pounds because the UK Government


will not give its full backing to alternative energy generation.


------Trees are High Technology-----------


-] Find this quote<"trees are high technology"> on the following page. http://www.foresight.org/UTF/Unbound_LBW/chapt_1.html


This a hint that there may have been alot held back from mankind because of his irrational nature that would blow up and burn his fellowman.


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