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"Electrogravitics Systems," The Definitive Report, 1956!!!


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"Electrogravitics Systems, " The Definitive Report, 1956!!!


I thought that you all might find this bit of info. most interesting...




"Electrogravitics Systems," The Definitive Report, 1956!!!


The must-read report entitled "Electrogravitics Systems: An examination of electrostatic motion, dynamic counterbary and barycentric control", prepared by the Gravity Research Group, Aviation Studies (International) Limited, Special Weapons Study Unit in England, Report GRG-013/56, dated February 1956. This report was found by a researcher (way to go!) in the stacks at the Technical Library at the AF Wright Aeronautical Laboratories, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio


a few years ago. It was NOT LISTED in the card catalog! It appears to be the LAST PUBLICLY AVAILABLE published serious report that attempts to connect electro-magnetic energy fields with the control of gravity.



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