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Could this work....


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Someone told me about this method to make a field to time travel in does anyone know what he's trying to do here or is it just b.s. .....


I use four computers. Two computers run a program that drives two servomotors that are liked by two amplifiers/computers. The motors shafts face each other and run in opposite direction at a very special ratio. What I run on the two motors is a physical version of something called a Merkaba?


What do you all make out of this? does anyone know about how a Merkaba relates to time travel? thx.



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Yes...some thought was given to the Merkaba idea. I think if it was as easy as you described, it would have been done by now. Figuring out what frequencies are required, and exactly what type of forces required to open up a rift in space-time is complex...and hasn't been figured out to date --as far as I know.


There is a bit of information regarding a Merkaba meditation, claiming to allow an individual to shift their awareness and personal energy into a Merkaba type construct -- and is listed in a section of crystal links -- I personally never really spent much time trying that version --.


Could it work...I think so..with the appropriate amount of money, time and equipment. Excepting the meditation Merkaba..which only requires concentration and focus of will, no money or equipment required.



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