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The "Fake CIA Agencies" - Morons with "badges"...


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The \"Fake CIA Agencies\" - Morons with \"badges\"...


Ah... The Shadow Government has "confirmed" that we have "Fake CIA Agents" and a "Fake Central Intelligence Like Agencies" running around America and the rest of the world...


It seems they got the badges from "Hollywood" prop department people...


And have been using them to "score" with "the babes" or commit "corporate espionage" or "treason"


We have to "put a stop" to these people IMMEDIATELY.


It's time for "microprint", "watermarks" and "holograms" on NSA, DIA, CIA and FBI badges.


We have one "very famous" actor with a "fake badge"


We have one "very famous" wall streeter with a "fake badge"


We have one "mega star" actress who is being "run" by "mysterious secret agent" morons...




There are thousands of these "fake badge" people in Hollywood and Wall Street.


And we have "mysterious fake secret agencies" running around "working key performers" in many many key industries...


TERMINATION WITH EXTERME PREJUDICE is "something to think about..." :)





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