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Why I really want to travel in time!


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I have wanted to travel in time so much1 Do you want to know why?


Reasons why I want to travel backwards in time to 1983...


*For an exciting adventure


*To feel free


*To see amazing events i.e. my younger self being baptised


*To relly make friends with people when hey experience time-travel


*To be able to talk seriously about time-travel (without being laughed at)


To share how I feel about this extreme interest


*Express the thrill (and I won't have to hide my feeling any longer)


*To live my life the way I believe is right, make it worthwhile and do what I'd like to


*To know the future and win the lottery (if necessary)


*To show that I am special and capable of wonderful things


AIM: 00:00 31/10/1983


Why I want to travel forwards in time to 2058


To see and use the technology of 2058 i.e.computer games, toys etc


To witness strange meetings i.e.meet my classmate then in heir seventies


To discover what people I once knew are now doing


To see what Ireland and my home looks like in 2058


To see what my best friend is and was like


To explore what happened to the "Curran" family(my family)!


AIM: 00:00 31/10/2058


Why stop time?


*To do the things I want to do without being made fun of


*To be free


*For enjoyment


*It's so strange


Why do I want to have Out of the Body Experiences?


PRIME REASON:To allow my astral body(non-physical spirit)to travel freely in space and time...


*To adventure in different places and times




*To escape from pain


Why induce DEJA VU(travelling back in time to live the sme day many times)?


*It's cool and strange


*To experiment with what ifs i.e. what would things be like if I did things differently


*To do mad things!




The main reason I want to travel in time in either direction is very simple. IT'S FUN.


It's not about being so rich or famous or proving a point...


Written by Paul Martin Thomas Curran


Chronovisor Sources


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If I were able to travel back and forth through time I would try to right all the wrongs and stuff like that. I wouldn't necessarily use it to have fun. Also reliving the same day over and over might get boring after a while. Just ask Bill Murray. And finally, if you stopped time, would you stop aging? Because if you did, then you could just stay like that forever. All you would be missing out on is interaction with other humans.



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Guest Brother, Oliver

In the Navy, you can sail the seven seas,


In the Navy, you can see the sights to see!


In the Navy, you can live for free, In the Navy.


Don't discount the food and laundry servise either


Ok, I'll play. I want to travel back to the 1600's to see if the Inqusition was as much fun as they say.



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I agree that time travel would be neat and fun, but really - why travel back to the eighties? I can think of a million different times more interesting. And why not go forward to 3500 or something? It would be awesome to see what humans will have done by then.


TTA, are you really so full of yourself? That's like saying "The only reason I'd go to Washington DC is to meet the president". Besides, why not the Buddha? or L. Ron Hubbard? or Noam Chomsky?



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Trying to right all wrongs is a positive and noble goal. But throughout history people have been trying to do that. It would take more then one generation to do it even if everyone participated. Also, other time travelers would work against your efforts for their own selfish reasons.



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I would love to believe crasy stories about time-travel experiments being conducted. Is time-travel even possible? The laws of quauntum gravity which are barely understood may reveal weather we could hold a wormhole open and convert it into a time machine...


I KNOW TIME-TRAVEL TO THE FUTURE IS POSSIBLE AND PROVEN IN 1971. All that is needed is to travel at a fast speed or sit in a strong gravitational field(like that one near a large planet such as Jupiter)!


It all sounds so mad but we have to think carefully when deciding to believe time-travel to the past is allowed by physical science or not.


Would nature destroy any time machine before it has a chance to function? I don't think so.


I guess we should wait to see what scientists get up to although the job of building a time machine might take thousands of centuries! There are several solutions to Einstein's general theory of relativity which allow travel to the past! But these usually require things like a cylinder of matter infinite in lenght or cosmic strings or spinning blackholes or a huge amount of anti-gravity or whatever...



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Different Forms of Time-travel...


There are several ways a person can be imagined to move backwards and forwards in time.


-Physical time-travel (very common in fiction)


As in :


*The Terminator Movies


*Back to the future series


*Twelve Monkeys




*Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure




-Physical time-travel (reported as true)




*Victor Goddard in a flight to the future during 1934


*Squirrel's trip to another time in a walk


*Temporal Transmission Research Project in which a scientist is sent to 1918


*Caduccus coil's region in "Project Magnet".


-Astral time-travel (fiction)


(since inhabiting your own body when you were younger requires your astral body i.e.spirit or awareness to move back in time)


Peggy Sue Got Married


(since Phil's astral body moved back in time over the same day many time explaining deja vu i.e.he was burned and killed but awoke in a uninjured body so his physical body certainly didn't move in time)


Groundhog Day


-Astral time-travel (reported as true)


Ed Morrell in Out of the Body Experience when he seen his future wife.


Mrs Turrell-Clarke when she found herself in body of 13th century nun briefly.


The use of The ASTRAL TIME MACHINE, i.e. Hyper-Dimentional Resonator


If I move in time consciously I would be moving my astral body +physical body or just my astral body...


Assuming the astral and physical body are the only bodies we have there would be no other even theoretical type of time-travel.


Do you really want to TALK TO YOURSELF?


If I ever make a journey in time I hope I meet myself. Imagine seeing another version of yourself. It would be private as the only person that would know is myself. Since we're the same person he'd know every detail about me. If I ever speak to my future self there are so many questions I'd like to ask.


These are:


*Do my friends now in this present still be my friends in the future?


*Can you change the past i.e. go up another path in time? If you can't are you trapped in this timeline?


*Have I any freewill and is there any possibility I could avoid becoming you?


*In the years to come what fun and friends will I have?


*Will I suffer any pain and should I try to avoid it?


*What is it like to travel through time?


*Will I get married and what would it be like?


*What is the next word I will say after this question?


*Will I be happy with the way events in my life occured and how will I feel?


*What will next Saturday's lottery numbers be?


What I'd like to tell my older self (or would he already know?).


*The job I want to have in the future.


*The things I enjoy doing.


*The things that hurt me.


*My main goal in life.


*My feelings of joy and pain.


*Explain that I want to have freewill and excitemment.


By Paul Martain Thomas Curran



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Exciting time-travel movies...


1983 Timerider


1984 The Terminator The Cold Room The Philadelphia Experiment


Iceman Tracers


1985 Back to the future Flight of the Navigator My Science Project Cave Girl


1986 Star Trek IV Peggy Sue Got Married Biggles


1987 Timestalkers Lilovyjshar


1988 Scrooged Norman's Awesome Experience


The Navigator:A Mediaeval Odyssey


1989 Back to the future Part 2 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure


Millennium Slipstream


1990 Back to the future Part 3 Time Barbarians


1991 Terminator 2:Judgement Day Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey


1992 Time Runner The Grand Tour Freejack


Forever Young From Time To Time


1993 Groundhog Day The Philadelphia Experiment Demolition Man 12:01 Army of Darkness


Test Tube Teens From the Year 2000 Marching Out Of Time Les Visiteurs


1994 Timecop APEX Time Chasers


1995 Twelve Monkeys The Langoliers Time Master El Nino Invisible


1996 Star Trek:First Contact Yesterday's Target


1997 Contact Past Perfect


1998 Lost In Space


1999 Austin Powers 2


2000 Frequency The Kid


All Over Again The Visitors


2001 Forever


2002 Minority Report


By Paul Martain Thomas Curran



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Javier C.S,


I truely enjoyed the quote you created...


"When the vast powers of delusion and ilusion combine, making false truths and realities far beyond our comprehension to understand, that is what we call humanity." -Javier C.S.




I think there is a flaw in its creation! The word delusion and ilusion have the same deffinition, if you said allusion instead of ilusion, it would mean fantasy and reference, rather then fantasy and fantasy.. This would imply that we use our reality and the unknown to obtain a further mind set! I'm not trying to undermind you, i really liked the quote alot, but i thought it needed that correction, and perhaps rather then false truths, which are lies, you could say "creating truths and realities.....", seeing how truths are not created, they are just always present, the creation of a truth would almost be like a theory, and it would add alot of depth to this quotation! if you decide to change it please tell me! and if not, Tell me! ?


Thanks for Listening! And I hope to hear back from you!


-The Zeppo



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