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Time-travel Paradoxes!


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Guest Dr Light

A few words..


i just finished reading the whole two pages and i have come to this conclusion.


Pamela...your a champion...no really...and thank you for the links.


and Mr_0....good luck my friend...see you in 2036.


P. Light


Thanks you



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Guest Dr Light

You sold your 67' when you got here?


how do you expect to get back?!


Also, how have you overcome the problem of housing , food , job ,social security number , tax...or perhaps you are not here for that long.


Also how did you get on the net and have access to a scanner to reproduce your work on the net?


So many questions and things to do in this time..yet you have the time to post your C204 manual on the web.


I am not trying to disprove you Mr _0, but the people in power (pamela) urges us to ask relevant questions surrounding your existence in this time. This world is run on the economical side of things and i am just curious to how you happened to blend in to "our" way of living.


The way i see it..is that you MAY be a T.Traveller judging by your grasp on quantumn mechanics and your vivid picture of the future but......


This world is run on the basis of "guilty until proven innocent" Myself..i would like to believe and your diagrams and schematics seem to confirm this. BUT there are skeptics out there who might think your a looney as you have seen.


I myself believe in timetravel and as the theory goes.." if , at any point in history we will be able to T.T , we are being visited by others right now , from the future."


If it makes no matter that you are here telling us about your revolutionary new T.T device...what would happen if we SUPPOSEDLY built a prototype ...as my argument would state about the P3 and the 286..we would fast forward events in time.....36 years or so , with the development of a prototype c204 right NOW , using the skematics you have given us.But as pamela said..."..dont any of you people have an opinion?"


I am not out to shatter your reputation on this forumn.. but i just want simple answers.


Thank you


Dr Light



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To: Dr. Light.


(You sold your 67' when you got here?


how do you expect to get back?!)


The unit is portable between vehicles. It is very heavy and requires a "stiff" suspension. The unit is currently in a 4WD.


(Also, how have you overcome the problem of housing , food , job ,social security number , tax...or perhaps you are not here for that long.)


I am currently living with my parents on this world line. They know exactly who I am and how I got here.


(Also how did you get on the net and have access to a scanner to reproduce your work on the net?)


There are numerous ways to do that. Any local printing shop allows you access to a computer system.


(So many questions and things to do in this time..yet you have the time to post your C204 manual on the web.)


What suggestions do you have?


(This world is run on the economical side of things and i am just curious to how you happened to blend in to "our" way of living.)


You don't think you could blend into 1970? What difficulties would you expect to have that couldn't be overcome?


BUT there are skeptics out there who might think your a looney as you have seen.)


I have nothing to sell nor do I want anyone to believe in me or take some action. What other people think of me does not affect me in the least.


(If it makes no matter that you are here telling us about your revolutionary new T.T device...what would happen if we SUPPOSEDLY built a prototype ...as my argument would state about the P3 and the 286..we would fast forward events in time.....36 years or so , with the development of a prototype c204 right NOW , using the skematics you have given us.But as pamela said..."..dont any of you people have an opinion?")


What you do on your world line is your own business. I can't think of any better way to start a war than for someone to figure out how to make a time machine. Go for it.


(I am not out to shatter your reputation on this forumn.. but i just want simple answers.)


I will be happy to answer "almost" any question you have.



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Guest Dr Light

So Mr_0


Perhaps you would like to explain to me how your parents fully understand HOW you got here , since you are a T.T, you showed them you c204 and they believed you totally?


I do not know your age so i am assuming that you would be over 40 years old.


How would your parents react to seeing you in 2000 as a 40 year old man? That would surley be enough evidence to show you are a true time traveller...


What exactly does the year 2000 have for you?


If you say the year 2005 is the war where 3 billion people die..you only have 5 years left then you will merely whisk off to 2036 with your IBM 5100 p.c,leaving our timeline in ruins and you would only be away for a few seconds...


What we do on our timeline IS our own buisness ,but we would appreciate it if you do not jeopardize our position here by giving someone the information/skematics to build a time machine that you say would "start a war"


So what your saying is that the development of the C204 is the reason the "war" started?


So why are you trying to put us through your timeline and kill us too? Or are you trying to change history here and hope it will work on the parallel worlds theory and turns out well for you in the end?


As Pamela said you have an obligation to this world line. We may be in infintley spaced world lines but that does not mean you should put us through your problems too.


What if you never showed up and gave us the skemtics? Are you trying to AVOID or START a war of massive consequences?


Your argument is taken entirely out of context when i compare it to my previous argument about the P3 and the 286 processor


"What we do is our buisness" but you are here causing controversy and "hoping?" perhaps someone does create the c204?


So you are willing to sacrafice billions of lives and hope that everything is fine and dandy when you get back.


If events DO change here...they will change for you too.




thats my OPINION.


Remember just answers please..


Thanking you,


Dr P.Light


(p.s pamela ,your opinion please)



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Dr. Light,


There is a thin line between question and accusation. I'm pretty sure TT-O DOES NOT check in here seeking abuse or accusal.


The reason this board is here is to determine the the plausabiliy and possible usability of time travel. If there is no such thing, or even the perception that there is no time travel and no time travelers then we need to unplug this board and for all of us to 'go home'.


The point is not is Mr. TT-O for real but rather is what we THINK we are doing here for real.


As TT-O says how we take care of our own time line IS OUR BUSINESS. Doing so in stark ignorance can lead to problems for those who put a priority on getting through the day alive.



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All of the questions asked by Mr. Light have been answered in one way or another. I believe Pamela has that information if she has not released it already.


You assume I am here to start a war?


Consider this: You are a time traveler who wishes to go back in time to 1941 because your grandparents live close to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. You realize you can’t stop the war but you may be able to help them prepare for it. Strangely, December 7th comes and goes with no sneak attack. As the war in Europe rages on, Japan fails to join the axis power, there is no war in the Pacific and the United States remains neutral. Then, you watch as Germany begins to develop the atomic bomb… all by themselves.


For a change, I have a question for all of you. I want you to think…think very hard. What major disaster was expected and prepared for in the last year and a half that never happened?


As far as war goes, I have faith you are quite capable of starting one all by yourself. I am hard pressed to accept any criticism on my outlook on that subject. Growing up might have been a vastly different experience for me than it was for most of you. Personal responsibility, determination, honor, friendship and self-reliance are not just words we try to live up to or fantasize about. On my world line, life is not easy. We live in a world recovering from years of war, poison, destruction and hate. All of it, courtesy of the thinking and actions of people that live right now in the same world you do, worrying about which stocks to buy or whether or not a stranger is lying to them on the internet. I believe that hardship and challenge develop character and community. My first experience with war came when I joined a shotgun infantry unit at the age of thirteen. In the 4 years I served as a “rebel”, I watched hundreds of people get shot, burn and bleed to death. I know exactly where I was and every detail of the exact moment the first nuclear warheads began falling on Jacksonville. I know the pain and regret of not acting soon enough to enjoy a relationship as a loved one dies of brain cancer from a war that gained nothing.


How can you possibly criticize me for any conflict that comes to you? I watch every day what you are doing as a society. While you sit by and watch your Constitution being torn away from you, you willfully eat poisoned food, buy manufactured products no one needs and turn an uncaring eye away from millions of people suffering and dying all around you. Is this the “Universal Law” you subscribe to?


Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civicly ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that.



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Think, think, think, what major disaster didn't happen last year. No y2k computer meltdown! Are you intimating that your people fiddled with time and saved us from that one? If so how could I complain other than to say that MY y2k preperations in themselves have turned into a MAJOR PERSONAL disaster that continues to this day. Ky-sur-sur-rah, ay?


Reading your posts I get conflicting ideas about what effect our timeline has on yours. Didn't you say that "another you" was here now as a two year old child? Is the 'Everret Many Worlds' interpretation of quantum mechanics it the correct one then? You seem to look at us as represenative of your ACTUAL predicessors. There is something a bit unnerving about that. In fact the main reason why I think you might be genuine is that I have trouble thinking LIKE you do. I would expect this of an encounter with a "Chrono-alien".


It seems to me that there would be some effect from one parallel world to another. Therefore what you do in this time line would have at least INDIRECT consequences in all future lines. The idea of many time lines I can 'get', but infinite ones? Perhaps on the parallel axis they just keep getting more different until they are seen as completly different alien worlds.


Is it possible to communicate between times and parallel worlds without physically going to them? Im getting a little sick of talking to myself...ha ha ..(.I think).


So we are all lazy and selfish around these times. Not exactly a news flash bud. Oh, did I leave out ignorant too? Hey it fits the profile. The word you are looking for however is POWERLESS. That is why we now, in general don't give a flying crap about what goes on. There ain't nothing we can do about it aside getting out teeth kicked in for tyring.


Let me put it this way. The wrong people got all the money......already. The rest of us are mostly concentrating on not starving or freezing to death. What do you want anyway? The disaster you have suffered in your time (and ours to come I suppose) got its start long long before today. We were warned decades ago......yeah now I see your point.



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To: TimeTravel_0


Has the mystery of UFO's been solved by 2036? Crop circles? I figure it is all "paralell worlder" stuff but is anything specific been determined?




The one way questioning going on here is mosty because you already know lots more about us than we can ever know about you.


Let us know when you plan to check out.



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A.) Russia has "ALWAYS" been considered the first Country, to be suspect of a probable Nuclear Attack against the USA, and I, for one have NEVER relinquished the thought that inevitably, this will happen while I remain alive to witness this unfourtunate trajedy come to fruition.


*Why have they been stockpiling Nuclear arms purchased from their Diplomatic relations with China, and protesting our "Star-Wars" defense systems during this plot?


We never seen it comming?



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Guest Curious

To TT_0, How is it, that in the future they can produce and contain an artificial singularity, by complex computer systems, but can't reproduce a basic pc (IBM 5100). Or is it easier to just "borrow" these items from an alternate time line? Or did you use the lack of a computer system as an excuse to vist your family?





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Guest Dr Light

To T.T_0,


So if we are a bunch of sick lazy ignorant stupid etc etc's......what are YOU doing among us?


Do you like our artificial foods? Or is it the meaningless piles of "junk" we churn out year after year? Perhaps it is the choked atmosphere? And we also turn an "uncaring eye" away from the millions suffering too?


Perhaps this time is just like yours......


We still have war , hate and all the above.


Humph. I didnt know that what we think is so technologically advanced and superior ( myself excluded)is looked upon as ,for want of a better word, "Sh*t"


I agree with Shadow.


Can we help but to eat these foods , drink this water? Survival is the key word here.


But another question arises..


Do you think i am accusing you? I meerly went and posted a message about my opinions on the subject.I happen to strongly believe in Time travel and i also believe YOU.They are only QUESTIONS as i have stated Mr_0. I also dont think you are here to start a war, of all things. if it was for my family, i would go though time too.


Or else what would i be doing here?


As soon as anyone here on this forumn starts talking in terms of "not believing you" you get aggravated? I dont wish for that to be.


These are questions , and nothing more. Tell me if i have hit a soft spot. Im not trying to but it might seem that way.


Life here in 2000 is not at all easy for us here too. A handfull of people run this timeline....






Dr. P.Light


(P.S) There are a few questions (not accustaions as you out them) i would like to ask about the workings of the C204 unit before you leave us. I will post them up later.



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Guest lllllllll

What Can we do to help you here in this time line. Who is responcible for the disaster to come? Can you tell us if the world has been unified under one single goverment in your time. To you have the means to calculate interactions over the range of the universe so that to enable which alterations need to be made at which points in the present universe at given times in order recreate an optimal time period for yourself when you return. Remeber this no matter what generation one goes to their is alwas trechory for it is sin in the human race that enables such degradation. What do you think about our time period? Have you tried any of our fast food? What technologies were lost as a result of the war? Who won the war? My favorite junk food is M&M's. What ebergy source did you use for your traveling technique. Did you use acceleration or compression as a stabilizing force. How did you overcome the temperal turbulence caused by the affects of time dialation? Was topology a big part of it? Are you seeking to return to a parallel dimension? In the present. Has anyone actually created a true interdimensional device. Or has only parrellel frames past frames been abtained within the worldline of the negative universe? What do you need to fix your ship? Has your resurfacing in the past resulted in the creation of a parallel entity as a result of the transfer of a phantom point of entity equivalence across the intersimensional barrier resulting in the abstraction of an existant entity out of the fractional entity less then zero. Have you figured a way to counter this energy?



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11/20/00 - Mon/Tue


Guest: Dr. Eugene Mallove


Dr. Mallove, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Infinite Energy Magazine will discuss cold fusion and new energy technology. Dr. Mallove holds a Master of Science Degree and Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from MIT and a Science Doctorate in Environmental Health Sciences from Harvard University.


Book: Fire from Ice: Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor


Website: www.infinite-energy.com


(Click on the Windows media icon above, to listen to the pre-recorded broadcast.)


I posted this elswhere, however I wanted to ensure that TT_0 would review this, and post his comments accordingly...



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Pamela: 1.What exactly would an observer see as they saw you arriving in this


time? and exactly what would they see as you departed? would you just appear


suddenly or slowly? would you look like a heat mirage for awhile? any


light effects? or hazy misty shimmering distortion?


Time travel_0- The observation of time travelers "appearing" suddenly in a world line do not happen very often. There are two cases and two points of view to consider. In the first case, the time machine does not move as it goes from one world line to another and then returns. The people watching on the original world linewould wave good bye and watch as the machine is turned on.


There would be a static discharge and the air would appear to "ripple" as if it were getting denser. Then, it would stop and the machine will have appeared to have gone no where. If the machine doesn't move its position from world line to world line, the observer would not see it disappear at all. In the second case, if the machine is moved, it would disappear from the viewpoint of the observer and return in a different location based on where it was moved and turned on from the destination world line. In that case, the rippling seems to dissolve the machine and it disappears. If that happens while you are watching it leave and you expect it to return, you know it was moved or had a serious malfunction. It is actually quite dangerous to get too close to a distortion unit as it enters or leaves a world line. It vents radiation and has a very strong localized gravity field. Personally, I worry about that a great deal.


Pamela:2.What is the dimension of the field around the car? How many feet out from the car would you say it goes?


Timetravel_0-It can be adjusted to some degree. The CG (center of gravity) is adjustable within about 4 feet and the unit is effective about 10 to 12 feet in either direction from there. The vertical distance is quite a bit shorter and is determined by sensors in the unit.


Pamela:3.approximately in inches how much of the ground is taken with you in one trip?


timetravel_0-Depending on weather or not you are going forward or backward, the footprint of the unit is different. I wouldn't quite say it "scoops" up the ground cleanly. It sort of vibrates it loose and takes it along for the ride. It looks like someone raked the ground an inch or so deep with a small hand hoe or shovel. The negative ergosphere "scoops" up the front and back areas of the field. The positive ergosphere leaves a longer area near the center of mass. Its about a cubic foot of dirt spread out over six square feet or so.


Pamela:4.If they put the device in a house and turned it on what do you think would happen?


Timetravel_0-It might not be as destructive as you think. Depending on how close any object is to the field, it might not do any damage at all except for the floor.


Pamela:5.what would happen to a bird or small animal that ran across the field right when it was producing the field to travel?


Timetravel_0-It would be quickly spread out over the lateral length of the gravity field. Imagine being squished and stretched at the same time. I would imagine anything left after that would be vaporized and generate static electricity.


Pamela:6.how hot would you say the temperature gets on the outside of the car while in operation?


Timetravel_0-Very! hot. Depending on the power setting, 100 to 120 degrees is average.


Pamela:7.is the car in drive mode when the device is activated or is it totally turned off?


Timetravel_0-The car is off and the brake on.


Pamela: 8.has the device been tested on ships and airplanes?


Timetravel_0-Not that I'm aware of. Its important that it remain as still as possible so the gravity sensors can get a good lock. The divergence confidence would be way off if the vehicle was moving.


Pamela:9.do you wear special uniforms when you time travel? what do they look


like and does your group have a timetravel emblem or group name?


Timetravel_0-I wear a standard civilian service uniform during instruction and training.


Its sort of a cross between an army uniform and overalls. We do have a


quarter master who distributes clothing appropriate to where


ever we are going. There is a patch. It is round and has a graphic of a


Kerr singularity (sort of looks like an eye with gravity waves around it)


with two spiral paths running through it's center. One path represents the


"safe" way and the other is the path to God. The bottom of the patch has my


unit number along with "Temporal Recon" printed on it. However, we remove


any identification and patches before we go anywhere.


Pamela:10.Can you tell us what you know about the famous Philadelphia experiment?


timetravel_0-I am aware of the basic story but I don't have any other information to


prove or disprove it.


Pamela:11. How long do we have to talk to you before you leave?


timetravel_0-I'll be around for a while yet.



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I have been looking over your time displacement unit and find it interesting.


This is a list of the basic components as I see it.


1. Singularity drive houseing.


2. Singularity magnetic field coil.


3. Magnetic field generator / regulator.


4. Electron mass injection manifold.


5. Electron regulator.


6. Electron condenser.


7. Singularity ??? senser.


8. Singularity cooling housing.


9. Singularity cooling pump.


10. Singularity cooling supply.


11. Gravity senser unit.


12. Battery supply.


Can you verify these components?


What type of senser is number seven?


Why are the four atomic clocks not shown?



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(Can you verify these components?)


That looks correct. I must apologize for the poor quality of the information. There's a running inside joke about the technical issues. If the unit has a serious problem its not as if anyone can use those drawings to take the electron manifold off the singularity housing with a flat head screw driver.


(What type of senser is number seven?)


That sensor detects various parameters from the singularity.


(Why are the four atomic clocks not shown?)


There is another page that depicts the computer and clock systems. That technology is not new and not very interesting.


There is a cut-a-way drawing of the entire unit that I will probably post before I leave. I'll send it to Pamalea.



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To Shadow:


UFOs are as much as a mystery to me as they are to you. Would you be surprised to know that there are a great many people who don’t believe in time travel on my world line?


I do believe UFOs are a real mystery but I also know that chaos theory dictates that no matter what technology or knowledge we have, there are always unknowns.



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To: Dr. P.Light


It is quite difficult to get used to some of the communication patterns I have come across here. Confusing conversational conflict for anger seems to be a common and typical problem. Why does the expression of differing emotion seem to threaten so many people? I do not feel accused nor was I trying to accuse anyone. Your opinions are as valid as anyone’s and I do not suggest you change them because of anything I say. I never said I was here to start a war although I have strong opinions about what a war would do for you. I am not aggravated by words.


Imagine you are Jewish and you are able to travel back in time to Germany in 1935. All around you are the patterns of thinking and action that will lead to a great deal of harm, death and destruction in just a few years. You have the advantage of knowing what will come but no one will listen to you. In fact, they think you’re insane and the situations you describe could never happen.


What I feel is not anger, it is sadness that you can not see what I see.



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I appreciate your offer for help but I am quite alright. The responsibility for the “disaster” is your own but I do not consider it a disaster. Rebirth is often painful. My world line is not unified under a single government but I would say it is closer to a unified purpose. Isn’t that what you want anyway? No, I do not have the ability to make calculations that would effect world lines to my advantage. Besides the fact that manipulating people for personal gain is wrong, I am of the belief that it is best to make the world line you are on now better.


I like the incredible freedom you have on this world line but I see it as a trap and I fear the cost is the loss of your sense of connection with family and community. Yes, you can self actualize your ambitions but at what cost to the people around you…or yet to be born? The incredible availability of art, literature and limitless resources is hardly taken advantage of as I imagine the number of people sitting in front of their TVs.


No, I have not tried any fast food. Thinking about where the food came from, how it was shipped and treated absolutely terrifies me. I have tried to tell people about CJD disease and it seems to be “catching on” in Europe.


Technologies themselves are not lost but some of the older tools and techniques have been lost. I think there is more detailed information about the war posted earlier. The energy stored in the singularity is used to create the distortion fields. That energy is created in a particle accelerator. I’m not sure what you mean by “temporal turbulence”. What effect would that have that would need to be overcome?


When I leave, I will return to 2036. The computer I have is expected there. I am unaware of any “true” interdimensional device available on this world line now. I would image the effects of such a device would be hard to hide.


My “ship” is not broken. I am here by choice. Don’t you find current events interesting? Again, I’m not sure I understand your last question. Perhaps we should agree to the definitions of a few terms and basic physics before I try to answer that.



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