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Movie - LESS THAN ZERO - Mind Control? Illuminati?


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We talk about the movie, LESS THAN ZERO, with Robert Downey...


But its 'too horric' to talk about really...


It starred Robert Downey, Jr... And others...


But it seemed more of "warning" or a "report" of what the Illuminati/Masons and NWO crowd were "doing in America in the 80s and 90s"...


FOOTBALL PLAYERS dominating 'people' IN GROUPS forcing them to perform 'sex acts' because they were extorted by DRUG DEALERS and/or gambling debts of the THE MAFIA.


It's a very very creepy movie...


This goes along with 9 1/2 Weeks and the Jewish Banking and Jewish Hollywood Propangda promotion of ITALIANS (as 'cool macho italians mobsters and cops' and/or DRUG DEALING HIP HOPPER GANGSTA RAPPERS (my MTV and the music industry) are the "2 cool groups" for women to have sex with IN ALL OF AMERICA.


There are other key movies... With creepy "instructional" scenes like CAPE FEAR with Robert DeNiro, OTHER PEOPLES MONEY with Danny DeVito, JADE with CHAZ PALMINTARRI and our all time favorite SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER with John Travolta...


It's so so obvious now...





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