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We have discovered the 'real use' of YMCAs in America...


They are usually 'managed' by members of the Italian Mafia and corrupt crooked cops and/or state troupers.


As we have discovered, some people of Italian heritage are 'psychic' listeners and/or broadcasters..


They fill these YMCA's with them.


Then they add 'disturbed troubled' and 'menally ill' and 'sex criminals' in with the 'psychic Italians'...


The buildings are of MASONIC ARCHITECTURE.


It broadcasts the 'Psychic Energy'...


Who does it 'broadcast the psychic trauma'...




In 'day care centers'....


The children become SUPER EVIL NUTS.


Any child who attended a YMCA day care center needs to be 'isolated' and 'treated' if at all possible.


All Italian Mafia members in 'management' and 'psychic Italian mafia members' in residence are to be IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED and removed from the buildings. And permantly 'injunctioned' from going near a YMCA or SRO (Single Residence Occupancy) building near children or a school.


All 'corrupt cops' and/or 'state troopers' who have any contact with YMCA managers and/or employees are to be 'suspended immediately' and/or 'investigated' and/or 'prosecuted'.


We hear that these 'corrupt cops and/or 'state troopers' have FREE MEMBERSHIPS paid at 'the expense of the residents' and have private workout sessions between 5:00AM - 7:00AM. VERY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY that needs to be investigated IMMEDIATELY.


All parents who "enrolled" their children in YMCA day care centers are to be and/or 'investigated' and/or 'prosecuted'. IMMEDIATELY.


Any connection to 'public and/or private school system'


are to be and/or 'investigated' and/or 'prosecuted'. IMMEDIATELY.


Any connection to 'local city governments'


are to be and/or 'investigated' and/or 'prosecuted'. IMMEDIATELY.


Any connection to 'state governments'


are to be and/or 'investigated' and/or 'prosecuted'. IMMEDIATELY.





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