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Between The Spirals.......A Stable, Closed Loop

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Re: Between The Spirals.......MASS


There is an interesting aspect to the above discussion which I touched upon briefly in "Where Is Mad Man (Michael) Markham" in Time Travel Claims (07/27/06).


Markham, an inventor with just enough training to make him dangerous to himself, thought he had invented a time machine. He had set up a jacob's ladder--the standby zapping effect in Frankenstein films-- and was using a low powered (CD)laser to ionize the air and get the ladder started.


He noticed a barely perceptible "bubble" that was so produced and chucked a few small screws at it. The screws disappeared.


Now I will bet you a cat's pajama that he had the laser set up at right angles to the electron flow between the anode and cathode of the ladder.


It is known that circular motion can be resolved into two Simple Harmonic Motions at right angles to one another.


What I think Marham might have produced was a phase-shifting device. In the other three phase rooms, the time dimension corresponds to one of our spatial dimensions, so the electrical and magnetic components of EM each have a different time dimension


(space becomes time and time becomes space in an endless cyclical spin).



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Re: Between The Spirals.......MASS


mr. rainman have you ever tried linking your ideas with mr. einstein? both of you have the same ideas but different points of view. if only you two would work together and tie those ideas with length contraction you would start to understand the non-newtonian fluid properties of space.



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