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"John J. McMonagle" Coicidences?... :)

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\"John J. McMonagle\" Coicidences?... :)


This thread is too highlight some of the "strange" coincidences of the "John J. McMonagle" guy...


It's going to get a little weird.. :)





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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St. Peter's College - Illumanti University? :)


Saint Peter's College, New Jersey




From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Saint Peter's College is a private, coeducational Roman Catholic college in the United States. Located in Jersey City, New Jersey, it was founded in 1872 by the Society of Jesus. Today, Saint Peter's College is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. Saint Peter's College offers over 33 majors to more than 3,200 undergraduate and 500 graduate students. Its college mascot is the Peacock (the women's sports teams are called the Peahens), and its sports teams play in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference.


The school is located on a 15 acre (61,000 m²) campus 2 mi (3 km) west of New York City. Evening and weekend classes are offered in Jersey City, Englewood Cliffs, and South Amboy.




The college was chartered in 1872 and enrolled its first students in 1878 at Warren Street, in Jersey City, on the present site of the St. Peter's Preparatory School. In September 1918, the college was closed, along with several other Jesuit colleges and high schools, because of declining enrollment in the face of World War I. Although the war ended only two months after its closing, and despite clamoring from alumni, it took until 1930 to re-open the college. The college was temporarily located on Newark Avenue, before moving in 1936 to its current location on Hudson (now Kennedy) Boulevard, between Montgomery Street and Glenwood Avenue.


Civil rights have had a long tradition at the college. It was first desegregated in 1936, when the college admitted its first black student. The college granted an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree to Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1965, and the next year it became coeducational.


The college has made an effort to reach out into the New Jersey suburbs, with a satellite campus at Englewood Cliffs opened in 1975 and an extension at South Amboy's McCarrick High School opened in 2003.


Recent years have seen much construction for the college. In 1975, the college constructed the Yanitelli Recreational Life Center, a sports complex. Beginning with the 1983 acquisition of its first residence hall, the college has converted four apartment buildings to dormitory use, and constructed two brand new dormitories.




"Mr. McMonagle" attended St. Peters College... He worked and paid for the tuition mostly by himself


But there is an amazing statistic not talked about by Wikipedia...


More graduates work for Fortune 500 come from St. Peters than any other college...


Everyone knows the truth about school like Havard and Yale... Dummy Diploma Mills... The "A" factories...


One of his professors he recalls for a COBOL programming class was a "Rocket Scientist" who designed guidance systems for missiles for the U.S. Military...




But one should look at the Alumni list... And look for connections to the secret societies and government organizations....


He also approached the head of the Computer Science department to help him develop and market a concept called an "interactive ASCII based book" with "computer interface navigation options" he wanted to call the company "EDUSOFT"....


He suspects this might have become the U.S. Military's HTML...








Notable alumni




Keydren Clark Two-time NCAA basketball scoring champion and seventh all-time leading scorer in NCAA history.


Lawrence R. Codey New Jersey businessman and brother of former New Jersey acting governor Richard Codey.


Joseph V. Doria, Jr. Mayor of Bayonne, New Jersey.


Will Durant Philosopher and author. He and his wife co-authored the 11-volume history known as The Story of Civilization.


Thomas P. Mac Mahon President & CEO, LabCorp, Inc.


William J. Marino President & CEO, Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey.


Senator Bob Menendez Junior Senator from New Jersey


Charles F.X. O'Brien Represented New Jersey's 12th congressional district from 1921 to 1925.[1]


Judge Peter Sheridan Judge for the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey


Congressman Albio Sires 13th Congressional District of New Jersey, former New Jersey Assemblyman and Mayor of West New York


Joseph Patrick Tumulty Chief of Staff to President Woodrow Wilson.


Jason Sansone Banc of America Securities


See also: Category:Saint Peter's College, New Jersey alumni






Is it Roman Catholic College?


A Masonic University?


A Political Machine member generator? :)


A Think Tank for Military Industrail Complex...


A Massive Conspiracy to takeover Fortune 500 Companies...


A Jesuit Conspiracy... >


Or even more CREEPY stuff...


You decide...



Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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\"John J. McMonagle\" Coincidences - TC Factor :)


"Mr. McMonagle" just informed this morning of a strange thing...


He has been reviewing all his documents and evidence...


He noticed in his High School yearbook...


A person codenamed Agent TC...


Wrote in code "FU MF Maybe I'll see you at Saint Peter's College"...


"Mr. McMonagle" never intended to go to "St. Peter's College"...


He wanted to go to "Boston Unversity" or "Miami University" or "Art School"


How did Agent TC know this was going to happen?


We saw Agent TC say hi to "Mr. McMonagle" and "Try to stay safe"... from across the street.. Just the other day...


"Mr. McMonagle" has always kind of known the truth about Agent TC :)


Agent TC once jumped on "Mr. McMonagle"s leg once during an altercation...


His leg and knee is permanently damaged... And walks with a limp... For life...


Agent TC also had a incident regarding the his prom and a limosine...


The Agent TC gave away his seat away at his first HS REUNION...


There was also incident at a railroad bridge where AGENT TC was above him...


Agent TC's sister goes to a house across the street from "Mr. McMonagle" for years and years probably spying and slandering him :)


But AGENT TC made a tragic mistake... He doesn't realize he currently under surveillance by GOVERNMENT AGENTS and some FANTASTIC TECHNOLOGY... :)


"Mr. McMonagle" stated calmly IT WAS NICE KNOWING AGENT TC :)


And AGENT TC should CEASE & DESIST ALL CONTACT IMMEDIATELY... And that goes for the rest of family too...


They obviously don't know about UNAUTHORIZED SURVEILLANCE LAWS... :)





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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The Phiadelphia Brief - \"John J. McMonagle\" Wrote


"Mr. McMonagle" is also concerned about the disappearance of the "Philadelphia Brief"


It is a conspiracy theory about an attempt to assassinate 3 Supreme Court Justices and Arlen Spectre.


I'll summarize for "Mr. McMonagle"...


It was written as "conspiracy theory"...


The Premise...


Agents of Skull&Bones on behalf of the President of the United States of America - George W. Bush


Conspire to kill the 3 Supremes...


Who support States Rights...


With them out of the way...


It would be easy to setup a dictatorship in the U.S.A.


Arlen Spectre was to be killed as well...


Because he is the last credible link to the coverup of the massive conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy...


It was apparently attempted at Sandra Day O'Connors award at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA...


"Mr. McMonagle" dumped it all over the web... and mailed it intelligence agencies...


But no one ever said anything or contacted him...


But others were watching "Mr. McMonagle"


We have have the originals and the copyright.


Since publishing the "The Philadelphia Brief", "Mr. McMonagle" has been on the run for years and years and years... from everybody.


ATTENTION EVIL OPERATIVES AND AGENTS: Do not approach "Mr. McMonagle"... You will... Disappear...





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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The Spy Who Didn't Love Me - Movie Pitch


As "Mr. McMonagle" tells me...


There is another person who keeps popping up in his life...


We will this woman AGENT LG...


When "Mr. McMonagle" worked for Barclays Bank in New York City...


He was asked to work on a special project involving "documenting imaging" systems....


AGENT LG was supposedly a "technical sales rep" to advise "Mr. McMonagle" during the project...


During the project in which AGENT LG spent along side "Mr. McMonagle" he developed a work-load distribution system for TELEX and financial instrustions investigation system.


AGENT LG was supposedly of Jewish Heritage... And married to some guy with a French sounding name...


She once was taken to a local bar near the BARCLAYS BUILDING in LOWER MANHATTAN where she meet his one of HIS BROTHERS who was also a WALL STREET TYPE for awhile...


Following the successful launch of the project, "Mr. McMonagle" travelled to California to the DOCUMENT IMAGING TECNOLOGY company... For meetings, training sessions, and conferences etc...


From time to time, AGENT LG would introduce "Mr. McMonagle" as the guy who wrote the Barclays Code.


He always found this strange...


In IMAGING SYSTEM COMPUTER ROOM, "Mr. McMonagle" was suspicious of a dedicated phone line to the DOCUMENT RESEARCH IMAGING SERVERS of TELEX like financial messages and letters...


He knew the company was claiming that it was for "technical support only"...


But "Mr. McMonagle" suspected the were STEALING CODE for use in other BANKS or APPLICATIONS...


They might even have been accessing the documents REMOTELY...


After a period of time, "Mr. McMonagle" informed BARCLAYS BANK management about the situation...


They had a "we don't care attitude"....


So "Mr. McMonagle" left and resigned...


Years later, AGENT LG showed up at CHASE MANHATTAN BANK...


Claiming to be a "consultant" in a JERSEY CITY firm that sounded like it was run by PEOPLE from INDIA..




She was always FLIRTING with HIM...


Taking HIM out to LUNCH...


Meeting HIM in the BREAK ROOM...


Since she was married, he just assumed it was HARMLESS FLIRTING...






and encouraged to have MORE INTIMATE COMMUNICATIONS...


But "Mr. McMonagle" suspected she was spying on the extensive DOCUMENT IMAGING SYSTEMS and SIGNATURE VERIFICATIONS he had designed for CHASE and supervised for OUTSIDE COMPANIES that do business with CHASE MANHATTAN BANK and THE NEW MERGED ENTITY JPMorgan Chase.


She was trying to setup "Mr. McMonagle" up for inapporiate behavior charges or sexual harassment claims...


To get him fired or maybe BLACKMAILING purposes.. Or other UNKNOWN REASONS...


"Mr. McMonagle" was not fooled by AGENT LG... was very leary but played along as much as possible...


The DOCUMENT IMAGING TECHNOLOGY had rumors of massive government contracts... and massive underground installations for "government purposes"...


As for BARCLAYS BANK, "Mr. McMonagle" used to hear a ongoing folk lore in the bank about the MIAMI BRANCH... It was just a BRANCH OPERATION...


But during the MIAMI VICE ERA, there were stories of people lining up in the morning with 9,999 DOLLARS filled paper bags...


And how the MIAMI BRANCH took in MORE MONEY... Than any other branch IN THE COUNTRY...


He didn't know if they were just talking about BARCLAYS or ALL OF BANKING...


Who is really AGENT LG?




Does she work for the MILITARY INDUSTRAIL COMPLEX?...


Why does she remind "Mr. McMonagle" of a MARILYN MONROE type with REDDISH BROWN HAIR... :)


Why does she keep popping up in his life?...


She must be INVESTIGATED and INTEROGATTED as soon as possible...


Does she have contacts to FOREIGN INTERESTS such as ISRAEL...




I will give this copyright to "Mr. McMonagle" as well... It is his life...


Copyright © 2007 John J. McMonagle All Rights Reserved.



Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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\"John J. McMonagle\" Not So Secret Bunker Not Safe


The alternative sleeping quarters located in near church in Bayonne 20's is NOT SAFE...


Claiming he stopped paying in July multiple times in person and on PHONE...


"Mr. McMonagle" has this month's receipt PAID IN FULL...


"Brother of McMonagle" was paying and then "John J. McMonagle" took over in cash...


Giant Garbage Unit blocked door to room and emergency fire exit...


Had to sit in front of building all night...


Garbage never moved...


Room doesn't "feel" safe...


24 Hour security cameras should be able to prove existance of garbage can...


Vieled threat of "entrapment" or "we are going to sneak you out in garbage can"...


"Fire Department" never called... never came...


No one asked "Mr. McMonagle" why on steps all night...


Alternative City Public Housing... Big Trouble there...


Want all copies of his "Federal Aid"...


Want him to change downtown address to uptown bunker address...




No one can be trusted...


Alternative City Public Housing... Has original award letter.. given by brother of "Mr. McMonagle"


City claims 2 week delay...


Oldest brother warned to stay away...


Showed up anyway as "Mr. McMonagle" entered building...


Insisted on handling "official documentation"...


Suspect TWIN CLONE of Oldest "McMoangle" with "John J. McMonagle"




"Mr. McMonagle" considering abandoning Bayonne... Serious Situation... No Official Contact has occured...


Strange Sting operations happening in real time coordinated with current event news programming




Awaiting new information...





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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\"John J. McMonagle\" \"CMB FUNNY MONEY SCAM\" :)


"Chase Manhattan Bank" and "JPMorgan Chase" strange financial events happened...


o Did not process last raise...


o 401K plan mysteriously lost money as "Mr. McMonagle" planned to end corporate career - Never followed investment instructions as dictated by "Mr. McMonagle"


o Social Security Number was obtained from pension statement by Michael who reported to Terry H at 55 Water


o Threatened By Eileen F of HR because of Thomas C disagreement while Barbara H of HR tried to squash


Maybe "Work for Hire" document worthless... :)





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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The Bankers Trust Heist of Personal Software... :)


While in college and working for Bankers Trust in Jersey City...


"Mr. McMonagle" developed a DOS BASED menu system for PERSONAL COMPUTERS...


"Mr. McMonagle" caught friend of Carol W of BT... In action... Looking at code near Jay W office


Name can not be recalled...


"Mr. McMonagle" called him multiple times to explain himself... Would not return call...




Carol W had supposedly fake marriage with Duncan P


Duncan P admitted to "Mr. McMonagle" he slandered him after he left... Something regarding "modems"


Duncan P most likely a British Spy... Brother of British Special Forces Operator... Specializing in killing "IRISH PEOPLE"...


Head of unit was Jay W


Jay W ended up at "Chase Manhattan Bank" "JP Morgan Chase"...


Charles K may be relative of NJ State Political operative "Charles K"


"College Buddy" Kevin R ended up at 55 Water with "John J. McMonagle" at DTC?


"Bayonne Machine Favorite Son" Legally Blind QB ended up at 55 Water with "John J. McMonagle" father Football Coach...






I will give this copyright to "Mr. McMonagle" as well... It is his life...


Copyright © 2007 John J. McMonagle All Rights Reserved.



Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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Re: \"John J. McMonagle\" \"Federal Aid\" Stopped




"Mr. McMonagle" s "Federal Aid" has stopped coming to "downtown" not so secret bunker


September check never came.


Funds Limited.


Human Verbal Contact Official contact must be made IMMEDIATELY.





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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The Vice Chairman Incident :)


As a young teen in grammar or early high school...


"Mr, McMonagle" was jokingly playing "throw ball tag" with friend...


Then mysteriously a business town car stops...


A tall man in suit gets out...


Enters Henry Harris Schoolyard...


Points finger at "Mr. McMonagle"...


As says "Don't you ever throw anything at my daughter again... Understand?" as best as "Mr. McMonagle" can recall...


Man reenters black town car and proceeds down the street apparently to his nearby home.


Daughter leaves or walks home... "Mr. McMonagle" can't remember...


But "Mr. McMonagle" does remember the individual in the black town car apparently used for work purposes...


The occupant was Anthony Terranciano...


The daughter was Karen Terrciano


Vice Chairmen of Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City, NY.


October 06, 1997






CHARLOTTE - First Union Corporation (NYSE:FTU), the financial services and banking company, announced today that Tony Terracciano, the company's president, will retire at Dec. 31, 1997. Terracciano became president of First Union on Jan. 1, 1996, with the merger of First Union and First Fidelity Bancorporation, of which he was chairman, president and chief executive officer.


I stayed longer than I originally expected following the combination of the two companies because things were going so well," Terracciano said. "I really liked the way we smoothly integrated the two companies and the wonderful people throughout the First Union system."


Edward E. Crutchfield, First Union's chairman and chief executive officer, said: "We knew at the time we announced the First Union-First Fidelity merger that this combination would be terrific, and it has turned out even better than we hoped. Tony and his team made it happen. All of us associated with First Union - employees, customers, shareholders - owe Tony an enormous debt of gratitude. We wish him happiness in the years ahead."


Terracciano's retirement marks the end of a distinguished 34-year banking career during which he served in executive leadership positions in four of the nation's major banking companies. He spent the first 23 years of his career at The Chase Manhattan Bank, reaching the level of vice chairman. From 1987 to 1990, Terracciano was president and chief operating officer of Mellon Bank Corporation, Pittsburgh. In 1990, he joined First Fidelity, where he was credited with executing one of the banking industry's most successful turnarounds.


A native of Bayonne, N.J., Terracciano received a bachelor's degree in economics from St. Peter's College and a master's degree in philosophy from Fordham University.


First Union, the nation's sixth largest banking company with $143 billion in assets as of June 30, 1997, serves 12 million customers along the East Coast and throughout the nation.




Wife of Tony T is in or head of the PTA of Henry Harris School...


Daughter Karens ends up be the top person in her class...


"Mr. McMonagle" tramautized by incident.


Tony T and Chase Manhattan Bank should have realized they were liable for actions of someone during work hours.


Tony T was still working until he reached and entered his house.


Adults, Organizations and Churches are liable for their actions to MINORS.






I will give this copyright to "Mr. McMonagle" as well... It is his life...


Copyright © 2007 John J. McMonagle All Rights Reserved.





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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College Buddies? - Interesting Coincidence?


One of the people at "Chase Manhattan Bank" "Mr. McMonagle" worked with a person will call CHASE AGENT TC


They worked together on the CHECK IMAGING SPECIAL PROJECT...


But CHASE AGENT TC always mentioned the following:


"You know I went to college with Rudy Guiliani..."


"Mr. McMonagle" was always puzzled by these repeated statements...


It seemed Mayor Guiliani was mayor during the time "Mr. McMonagle" was at "Chase"


Mr. Guiliani also lived in Garden City... "Mr. McMonagle" worked on many imaging special projects in "Chase" s Garden City offices...


"Mr. McMonagle" had a nyc associate friend he socialized with in local establishments who claimed he friend who a aid to a "NYC Mayor" but "Mr. McMonagle" can't remember the exact timeframe or mayor...


I'm sure there are other "strange coincidences"... if you look hard enough...







Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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\"John J. McMonagle\" Coicidences? Stalkers? Threats


You should "Mr. McMonagle" and local law enforcement (Local, State and FBI) of the following coincidences with "acquitances" and "family" members... It also includes "associates" of childhood friends who also may be danger...


We have been watching "Mr. McMonagle" go about his day...


And strangely, the same people seem to show up over and over again...


Violating the beliefs of "statistic probability" of running into each other on a regular basis ...


May indicate stalking, criminal activity, harassment or conspiracy...




Category: Subject Target Name - The Deluditudes


o Tommy Kane - Owner of local establishment may have been used in 1-2 sting, information gathering or harrasment operations by "local groups". A person believed to have an "alternative lifestyle" was seen wearing a t-shirt advertising Mr. Kane's bar/restaurant lives in a McMonagle residence appearing in the last 2-3 days. Person claims he found it in the a lobby area? A "message" is being sent to Mr. McMonagle or "Mr. Kane" is being setup some way... We tend to believe the former. Mr. Kane joined/belonged to gym Mr. McMonagle belong to. Owned by the Staten Island FF. Associate with McMonagle high school classmate. She is married to a Bayonne FF. They both seemed to be targeting a younger Irish Girl who sometimes talked/hung out with high school classmate. The targeted girl seem to begin having "mental" duress or anxiety. Mr. McMonagle has never seen her agian. Concerned. - UPDATED 10/2


o Michael Waldron - Former Childhood associate, Assaulted Mr. McMonagle on a football field in Early 80's, Bayonne Fireman, Works with estranged Firemen Brothers of Mr. McMonagle, As been heard to say in local video rental establishment "Is that John McMonagle?, F*** Him" to his wife/finance, Just Happens to have "babysitting" arrangement across from one of Mr. McMonagle's residences, Observes him coming and going along with Bonnie McGrath (who is believed to have fired by influencing boyfriend/finance/husband im in late 70s/early 80s from a supermarket job while in High School), A Female Member of Cotter family who routed for another person to "beat up" Mr. McMonagle in the late 70s/early 80s near his home at the bus stop in front of the local supermarket across from his childhood home and other unknown customers of an apparent illegal day care center across from a McMonagle residence.


Waldron and Kane may participate in a body buidling alternative lifestyle independent, in a group and/or cabal.


Bob Glenn - Currently under a verbal Cease&Desist Order that was asked to be conveyed by the Clarke couple. A former "althete" Works out. Harasses, Yells, Screams, Confronts Mr. McMonagle in Jim Clarkes Bar and Gallery 07002. A few others instances to be named later. Constantly runs into Mr. McMonagle at his current residence and downtown near the other residence. Appears to be "commuting" from some nearby parking location. Used to drive to same work location when Mr. McMonagle was familiar or "friendly" to him and Mr. Clark. Has brother-in-law and brother-in-law has female couple acquitance, a blond who works in NYC, that "verbally" harass Mr. McMonagle in public in a "Mark Smith" manner.- UPDATE 10/2


Brian Braden - To Be Updated. Obsessed with 'McMonagle'. Associate of Eddie Williams cousin to Harrington. Had shore house together. Braden invites 'McMonagle' Braden/Williams/Shore. In a horriying experience, Braden invites 'McMonagle' upstairs to attic and proceeds to 'change' in front of him. 'McMonagle' suspect Braden of trying 'seduce' him. 'McMonagle' leaves as politely as possible. Braden asks to take 'McMonagle' to Fran Fleming shore house. 'McMonagle' declines. Before this incident, 'McMonagle' did visit while on a bike ride meeting up with Braden did visit Fran Fleming shore house. Fran Fleming has 'Toga Party' invites 'McMonagle'. 'McMonagle' arrives later in evening with brother 'Kevin'. Upon arriving half dressed Una Fleming hits on 38 or so year old 'Kevin' McMonagle by saying lustfully 'Who do we have here?...' with her underwear was clearly visible. 'McMonagle' horried. Party is broken up over fight over apparently Fran Fleming. Fran apparently distraught. 'McMonagle' says "Fran, we can't stay... we can't get involved in this"... From the crowd, someone yells "Fran.... You are slut". "McMonagle' brothers leave. Braden goes on from Hudson County Sheriff officer to 'Insurance' salesmen on Wall Street asking 'McMonagle's advice. Braden complains of 'crack' people and afraid of dying of a disease. 'McMonagle' suggests sales profession with Braden outgoing personality. Braden then takes Bayonne Ferry. Braden believes himself to be king and 'stud' of the Bayonne Ferry. Apparently, Braden has affair with Nora Fleming. Both of their cars seen on Saturday late afternoon. Apparent NYC Hotel action. Braden constantly talks about 'McMonagle' on ferry. Either says he is a "programmer' or 'some gay slur'. Braden stalks 'McMonagle' in variety of ways. Braden goes to Exchange Place bar in Jersey City. Safe haven for 'McMonagle' from Bayonne 'people'. Braden basically ignored in bar. Upon leaving, 'McMonagle' 'asks' Braden to never return. Braden also goes to JDs/EJs in apparent attempt to meet/stalk 'McMonagle' Upon hearing about Braden, 'McMonagle' stops going to JDs/EJs. Other behavior to be detailed.


Category: Subject Target Name - The Cops (and we use that term loosely)


Mark Smith - Protege of Jimmy Sisk - Current Public Safety Officer - Rising "Caption" on the force due to organizational changes. Has slandered or labeled Mr. McMonagle as "Gay" because he isn't a Firemen like his brothers to a curly headed short person at the Chandelier Restaurant in the 90s. Chandelier is owned by friend of Smith. James Mahoney was mostly likely present in the bar when this occured. Smith was in the pharmacy recently when Mr. McMonagle went to pick a prescription in the early afternoon. Obviously, Mr. Smith was "off duty" apparently. In the past ten years, has pointed him at to his wife as they have passed the house as Mr. McMonagle exited and said "There. That's John McMonagle". Mr. McMonagle had an altercation with Mr. Sisk's former police partner.


James Mahoney - Friend and Hangout Buddy of Mark Smith - Seen recently greeting Mr. McMonagle in a local Hispanic or Latino bar. Was present when a local pizzia maker slandered Mr. McMonagle as "Gay" Beat up an associate of Mr. McMonagle at Hoppe's Bar in late 80s/Early 90s after Mr. McMonagle left associate. Supposedly, to settle a "childhood" score. Notice, he waited till Mr. McMonagle left. Brother of James, Timothy, is was known to be a member of the State Police. Had room in Jersey Shore summer hotel that Mr. McMonagle had stayed in.


Timothy Mahoney - last known to be a State Police Officer - Formerly known to be a "bodybuilder" Maybe a member of the "Delutitude Cabal"


James Sisk - Someone appearing to a "washed out" faded version of Jimmy Sisk keeps appearing around Mr. McMonagle. A rider on a local bus line. Apparently to appear as a mentally disturbed or challenged person. Former Police Cheif and Public Safety Official.


James Ash - Always around Mr. McMonagle. To be updated later. It would take 2-5 pages to detail what Mr. Ash does around Mr. McMoangle. Appears to be a childhood friend of Mr. Sisk's former partners son.


The Contractors - But we think the most powerful Masons in Bayonne - But we are going to find out


o Brian Baran - Works on family residence. Constantly driving past Mr. McMoangle on B'Way and Avenue E. Uptown and Downtown. Recently, went in to barber to speak to Mr. McMonagle in a bid to embaras him. Recently, offered a ride in a strange car Mr. McMonagle has never seen him drive before. We believe to be a very dangerous man.


o "First Name Unknown" (Ritchie) Torres - Electrical Contractor. Worked on Mr. McMonagle's residence redoing wiring. Mr. McMonagle is constantly running into him on B'Way uptown and downtown. Working and not working on electrical contracting business. Mr. McMonagle went to school with/sometimes associated with in high school his brother Roland.


o Michale Aiello - General Contractor - Runs into occasionally. But suspicious because of family brother links and firemen links.


o Marshall Pravano - Landscaper - Works on back and front yards. But never trims the "crazy pool outback" in the yard Very Strange. Family brother links. Firemen Links. Childhood Acquintances Links. Not very friendly to Mr. McMonagle. Supposedly, close friend of brother Brian McMonagle, State of NJ FMBA Treasurer, or that's his official cover. :) Former head of the Bayonne Fire Fighters FMBA who had direct connections to Mayor, City Council and James Sisk.


o Nicky "The Pumbler" Iadanza - Plumber - Heating Specialist - Worked on home installing new "heating" and "hot water" system. Is always jogging around Mr. McMonagle uptown and downtown. Occasionally running into him around town. A Firemen. Possible Mason. Links to his Brothers. - UPDATE 10/2


The Old Childhood Girlfriend/Acquitances - (We would say more but this is public forum)


o Nula O'Keefe - Recently saw Mr. McMonagle on Light Rail Train and Irish Festival did not say hello. Very Strange. Weeks/Months early made a point of saying hello to Mr. McMonagle on the Street. Married to former "enemy" of a McMonagle Brother. The "11th Street" gang in which Pat McMonagle assaulted and/or defendeed himself against 5 attackers. Local Folklore. No one knows if it really true. O'Keefe makes strange comments regarding her sexual reputation at a past St. Patricks Day celebration. Is apparently obsessed with some night in Seaside Park, NJ where her and Mr. McMonagle spent some time. Nothing happened as far as we know. Always mentions the song "Under The Boardwalk".


The Fleming Family Sisters


We consider them to be extremely dangerous to Mr. McMonagle:


o Una Fleming - Apparently seen in a library with Mr. McMonagle recently watching him.


o Fran Fleming - Apparently seen in Bayonne Emergency Room with Mr. McMonagle present


o Nora Fleming - Apparently seen in Jersey City at hotel Mr. McMonagle was trying to check into but had to leave because of her disturbing presence.


(o The Fleming Brothers - One we know VERY WELL and should stay away from Bayonne, Jersey City, NYC and Mr. McMonagle)


(- The other is supposedly living "the family" life in a nearby state.)


Mr. McMonagle HAS NOT SEEN these people in 10-15 years. No longer sure of what they really look like. Either someone is impersonating them to confuse Mr. McMonagle or they are "visting" Bayonne recently. They are all supposed to be married and have children and/or careers?.


The Lawyer(s)


o Judy Beilan - Local Lawyer - Friend of John's high school classmate - Was at Tommy Kane's Bar/Restaurent once with Mr. McMonagle. Appears when Mr. McMonagle visits nephew's sports games. Has a Law Office directly under Bayonne City Attorney / Advisor - "Jay" Coffee. Strange place to have an office under/above lawyer adversary. Believes Ms. Beilan to be threat to high school classmate. Has husband that is a Firemen. Believed to be Staten Island - NYC Fire fighter but not sure. Another Staten Island Fire Fighter, or former ff, owns Bayonne's premier gym which many of these individuals were members/associates/lovers/family members of individual mentioned here along with Mr. McMonagle.


o The McMonagle Brothers - Patrick, Kevin, Peter and Brian


Mr. McMonagle is ESTRANGED from his brothers. He wants no further contact from them. The are Bayonne Firemen and Bayonne Political Machine Active Members. They have been involved in apparent scheme to ILLEGALLY EVICT and HOSPITALIZE Mr. McMoangle at the request of his very disturbed MENTALLY ILL MOTHER. The brothers have little or nothing to do with Mrs. McMonagle. It's not a secret. We are now counting at least 3 occasions where they have physically participated in eviction schemes. The latest involves Kevin McMonagle who showed up at Bayonne's Emergency Room after given a verbal Cease&Desist request with witnesses at Bayonne Library.


You should tell Mr. McMonagle that he should pursue written "Cease&Desist" requests, file Police Reports, immediately and hire private investigators to remedy the situation.


More people will added in a reply to this message if need be.


We are not kidding around people,





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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\"John J. McMonagle\" Coicidences? Stalkers? More?


We are also noticing many others who may be stalking or involved in "gang stalking" or some 'unknown' conspiracy regarding "Mr. McMonagle"


o Bobby Stack - Former Wall Streeter - Staying at the 'Grand Hotel' - Has friends who are multi-multi-multi millionaires but recently moved in with 'McMonagle' (No Help from your Good Friends?)


- Recently avoided getting on train with 'McMonagle' along with other 'unknown' individual - followed him to 'Irish Fair'. Stack reportedly has 'straws' found repeatedly in suits at local dry cleaners. Member of the 'Parks' group head by Davey Parks - "Arch-Enemy" To the McMonagles. Involved in 'sending over drink' incident with Bobby Park at St. Maggies on Wall Street in the late 80s/early 90s. Bobby Park, apparently dead in 9/11. Husband to daughter of Sisk partner. (We don't believe he is dead.) Parks sister allegedly works for 'Chase Manhattan' appears in lunch room of MetroTech, Brooklyn offices. "Parks" Group is intersected by 'friendship' of brother Kevin McMonagle with 'Super Salesman of Wall Street' Patrick Boyle. Bought out by Goldman Saks for apparent 50 million dollars. We hear he is 'anxious' to return to Wall Street after 10 year non-compete clause. (Good Luck Pat!). We suspect his sales were 'aided' by 'drug use' and 'female companionship' with clients. McMonagle brothers Patrick and Kevin supposedly kick down Parks door at low rent government apartments on 1st Street. Drag out Davey and/or Bobby Parks and beat them up in hallway. Starts lifelong supposedly family feud. Feud expands years later then bring in Harrington Family Feud. Mark and Danny Harrington supposed become allies with the Parks. And other FIRST STREET ASSORTED DIRTBAGS TYPES. EXAMPLE: Dick Joyce. Supposedly, McMoangle brothers and friends attack beat up Dick Joyce. 'McMonagle' later his befriended / then attacked by Dick Joyce in Jersey City in the 90s. 'McMonagle' stops Joyce. Peter Redling apparent associate of Dick Joyce. Peter Redling apparent member of 'Bayonne Wall Street Geniuses' including Parks and Patrick Boyle. We believe they were front operation for Bayonne Masons/Political Machine/Army/MIC/NSA/CIA. First streeters who hang out near 1st Street Park. Taunt child/infant Peter with pys-op song probably from Army/MIC/CIA types called "Cross Eyed Pete". Peter suspected of being 'insane' by 'McMonagle' since mind-control song administered on Peter. As for mind control songs, brother Brian is taunted by 'sisters' Bayonne Bridgemen Friends called 'Tomato Head' Nickname or Cabal psy-op song not confirmed.


o Mark Noblis (Phonetic Spelling) - Believed to be Rockefeller/Army/MIC/Political Machine type stalker 'spy' 'operative'. Shows up at Bayonne Hospital. Visits and Harasses 'McMonagle' Moved into the 'Grand Hotel' Noblis stated at Bayonne Hospital 'My boss is not very happy' and ran out. 'McMonagle' confronts Noblis about statements at 'Grand Hotel' Noblis responds 'His on Xanax and other medication' Consistly says 'hello' to 'Mr. McMonagle' harassment tactic. We believe Mr. Noblis may be in danger or blackmailed. or coercised.


o Fake Homeless Man - Now there is a 'Homeless' type person harassing 'Mr. McMonagle' Maybe undercover Bayonne Police or Intelligence Agent. Hits 'Mr. McMonagle' up for money although claims to get 70-100 dollars a day 'obtaining' copper. 'Mr. McMonagle' refused the other day 'Homeless' Guy get agitated and hostile. 'Authorities' are notified. Nothing Happens! It's Bayonne! People! (Has bicycle and milk cart on front of bike)


o Jerry Hogan's Wife - Appeared in the apparent 'Gallery 07002' harassment/embarassment/sting operation. Apparently head of local neighborhood 'business' advocate group. 'Fees' are required.


Although 'Mr. McMonagle' is in that area she seem to be 'buzzing' all around him with the local businesses. Mr. Hogan known member of the Bayonne Political Machine. Son, Accountant does Mothers taxes. Son tried to obtain 'all stocks' from Mrs. McMonagle for 'investment purposes'. Wanted 'McMonagle' to see 'Fee' book of local business advocate' Some sort of stupid trap at the time to see if 'McMonagle' was leaking infomation.


o John "No Lose" Hughes - Father-In-Law of Una Fleming - Long time Lawyer of the Bayonne Political Machine. Friend of Dennis Collins. (Who we beliieve is STILL MAYOR) Currently, Public Defender for Bayonne Municpal Court System. If 'McMonagle' framed/arrested, Hughes/Finnerty firm has serious conflict of interest. 'McMonagle' inquired/dropped Hughes/Finnerty firm after Sisk Partner Incident. Has been in 2-3 recent weeks going and going out of businesses as 'Mr. McMoangle' passes. Most likely lawyer for owner of 'Foley's Tavern'. Previous frame up / slander operation most likely pressed by nephew of Sisk partner. Son romances underage Una Fleming in a 'BMW' daddy most likely bought for son.


o Adam S. - New Library Friend. Appears when 'McMonagle' appear at library. Appears 'Zionesty'.


o Codename: Laurel and Hardy - Heavy Set Male and Thin Female - New Library Friends - Appears when 'McMonagle' appears at library. Most likely town, Bayonne School System 'spies'.


o Codename: The Pop Out Neighbor - A neighbor continiously 'pops out' of house when 'McMonagle' in front or passing. School System Secretary mostly like reporting to Ms. McGheean, School Superindendant, former girlfriend of Edward McMonagle. Uncle to 'McMonagle'. Claims be someone named "Jenny" but 'McMonagle' thinks it's "Ms. Amato" from High School Days. Guidance counselor or teacher. Could be mistaken about her identity. Has strange child who 'talks' to computer screens as if someone is on the 'other side'.


o Glass Wearing Professor Guy - New Library Friend. Appears when 'McMonagle' appear at library. May have a had a 'bug' or 'trace' on computer recently. We think he tried to obtain 'password' waited for 'McMonagle' to log on and asked to retrieve left over 'floppy disk'.


o Original 'Beth' 'McMonagle' friend - McMonagle's brother Pat originally involved with different 'Beth'. New 'Beth' steals Pat from 'Old'. We believe beginning of Masonic/Political Machine operation to entrap family. Friend hangs in Chandelier. Friend of Jersey City associate and now political powerbroker Betty Spinelli. Runs into join at '7-11' and 'Pizza Joints' and


laughs at him.




New Tactic Begins:


o Dennis Wright - Updated.


Last night, a person 'McMonagle' has not seen in 15-20 years shows in '7-11' store. Makes 'strange' statement or threat barely audible. Himself and Brothers are well known 'Black Belts in Kung Fu' Father to have known or studied under BRUCE LEE. Believe veiled threat since 'Delutitudes' and 'Cops' being 'observed' may have been temporaly stopped for the time being. Asks about brothers and current residence. 'McMonagle' neutralizes him. At end of conversation, 'McMonagle' offers to shake hands. Man has poor grip 'untrustworthy' handshake like brother Patrick McMonagle. Dennis apparently not aware of his brother's dojo is downtown not where 'McMonagle' described.


To Be Updated:




You people can't seem to mind your own business or LEAVE TOWN and HAVE YOUR OWN LIVES


So now you will all be ANALYZED by our people.









Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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The Bonnie McGrath Operation


As you know, we have mentioned Bonnie McGrath has some of sort of DAY CARE OPERATION going on across from the main 'McMonagle' residence. Probably a POLITICAL MACHINE STASI SPY/SLANDER OPERATION. Because it could be the "I don't like 'McMonagle' anti-fan club'.


Please Note: She had 'McMonagle' fired from supermarket by her boyfriend/husband


Boyfriend/Husband fires 'McMonagle' over the phone!


Please Note: She moves ACROSS THE STREET FROM HIM! Can you believe this nonsense!!!?




College Buddy picks up in a car, McGrath on street with neighbor says "Oh... Now I understand..." somehow implying an alternative lifestyle because he is carpooling to a party with a college friend. circa 1989ish. Thereby, slandering him to his other neighbor.


Then starts a "day care center"...


Who shows up:


o A Cotter family female who routes for 'McMonagle' to be beaten up in high school and brother to AGENT TC - Thomas Cotter - The Evil 2 faced Munchin. That's right AGENT TC is TOMMY COTTER. He tries to run for Bayonne City Council! Everyone seems to like this height challenged individual. Brother Patrick McMonagle develops friendship Tommy Cotter with in recent years.


o Michael Waldron - Who assaults 'McMonagle' in 80s, Verbal Assaults 'McMonagle' in Video Store in 90s, Stares at 'McMonagle' in 2000's, Watches his coming and goings from McGraths, Stretches as if a 'prize fighter' as he comes in/out of McGrath's House when 'McMonagle' is leaving. (Mr. Waldron who should GO FOR IT like Mr. Mueller - Or do you need a MAGIC ELIXIR? :) )


o A Female from the Hoppe's Incident - Spends time with Bonnie with kids - Female was supposed to testify on 'McMonagle's behalf but never does.


o A Gill Couple - Gills are related to these people. But recently has not been seen.


o Another Gill Female with child uses services.


o 3-6 other females with children patronize the McGrath Day Center




o Brother-in-Law to Bonnie McGrath comes and goes in early years. Picked fight with 'McMonagle' in EJ's bar.


o Other Bayonne Firemen including the Cotter Firemen use "McGrath" service. Always seem to be coming/going as 'McMonagle' leaves house. How do they do that? :)


This is just The Beginning People!!!





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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Send In The Clowns - Bobby 'Gork' Mueller - New


So 'McMonagle' establishes 'new routine' to see how the 'Political Machine' and thier 'Allies' react...




And who shows up?


Bobby Mueller or Meuller also known as "Gork"


Friend of the Parks, Gills, Harringtons, Sochas, Ververkas, Curtis's, Serpes, Williams, Colbaths, Boyles, Kilners, Beebes, Caseys, Flemings, Spumas, Downys, Bradens, Ryans, Davis's, Murphys, Hartnets, Defagios, Stacks


Confronts 'McMonagle' along with 'long haired hippie' type with lots of tatoo's who may be a celebrity, assassin, cia agent, Hell's Angel who knows...


"So you are a McMonagle?"


"Are you Michael McMonagle?"


We now believe this "Michael" business is a "secret message" from Anthony Terracanio, "The Godfather of Bayonne" and the former Vice Chairmen of Chase Manhattan Bank. CEO of other banks. Board Member of Many Corporations. Previously, the only ones to refer to him as "Michael".


All the 'crazy' 'evil' nuts in that town think his name is "Michael" for some strange reason.


"So how come you not a firemen?" is asked three to four times... In a loud demanding tone...


(They think they have some 'magic' voice technique to make him do 'things' It's Hysterical...)


Even says "I want to know why you are not a firemen" Like it's anybody's business?!!!


This is apparent 'harassment' technique by the Bayonne Political Machine and/or Cops. We believe the other 'McMonagle' were manipulated into becoming 'Bayonne Firemen' just so they can do this 'crazy' harassment technique.


"I'm Bob Mueller... Remember me?"


Turns to 'long haired hippie tatoo'd' 'person' and says...


"He used to call me GORK"...


Everyone used to call him gork. 'McMonagle' called him 'gork' because he was older friend of his brothers. So this must have 'life long hatred' of 'McMonagle' because he called 'Gork' like everyone else including The Parks, The Gills, The Harringtons, Etc...


"So how are your brothers?"


"Your brother Pat is working on house down the block?"


"We are neighbors... We are on Humphrey's Avenue..."


To review his past:


Was involved in the Harrington / McMonagle feud when 'McMonagle' 12-13 years old. 'McMonagle' is asked to be a 'look out' for the Harringtons, Tommy (the younger) Gill, The Parks and Bob 'Gork' Mueller on 4th Street near Shop-Rite.


Confrontation happens later that evening between Yuppie Harrington and Patrick 'the father' McMonagle in car in front of Shop-Rite.


'McMonagle' dates friend of New Beth called 'Debbie'


Bobby 'Gork' Mueller has to have sex with 'Debbie' so after. 'McMonagle' find out about hook-up between them. 'McMonagle' never pursues or dates Debbie seriously again.


Bobby 'Gork' Mueller confronts 'McMonagle' in Hoppe's Bar in the 80's and says "I can kick your ass" So Mr. Mueller if can kick 'McMonagle's ass - DO IT.


Bobby 'Gork' Mueller is seen recently around house on 4th Street. Says 'Hello' to Mrs. McMonagle. Maybe confere with neighbor 'Jenny' from Bayonne School System and Board of Education.


Mueller is seen around 'McMonagle' all over. Uptown and downtown. Inside heath clinic's and out.


'McMonagle' see Mueller at 'Danny's Boys' the old 'O'Donnells' pub all the time...


Mueller marries grammer school and high school friend of 'McMonagle'. Who has indicated an interest in 'McMonagle'. Apparently slept with brother 'Kevin'.






So after 'McMonagle' on the street who shows up?


o Judy Beilan - apparently 'arrives' to mail a letter at Post office. In a Rolls Royce we think? :)


o AJ Ward, apparently invovled in Gallery 07002 sting, comes out of Realty Office to 'hang out' on street 'pretending' to be talking business with someone.


o Whitney's Wife - apparently 'arrives' to mail a letter at Post office. 'McMonagle' see these two all the time. She is always walking by as he goes for coffee and papers at the store. Whitney is a Bayonne Fire Fighter. He is coming into the "grocery/corner" store when he does... Runs into him at the "supermarket".


See how twisted and stupid this Bayonne Political Machine/MIC/MOT/NSA/Illuminati stuff is?


Its going to get worse and worse for these clowns,





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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Send In The Clowns - The Speedo Guy - New


So we mention Bobby "The Gork" Mueller, and who shows up the streets the next day to "harass", "embarass" or "make uncomfortable" for "McMonagle" is the...




"Mr. McMonagle" belonged to a gym or two in Bayonne.... He was so stressed and "depressed" by the BAYONNE/MOT/MIC/NSA/ILLUMINATI harassment and was alittle 'down'... A 'health worker' suggested working out with weights to help his 'mood'... She was also probably ILLUMINATI/MOT/MIC/NSA...


So he goes to the gym...


And when he changing or sitting on the bench getting changed:


A strange guy comes in and gets undressed and stands in visual range in a 'BLACK SPEEDO'...


He just stands and stands here... Pretending to be looking stuff in locker or combing his hair or trying to engage people is 'small talk'


He is tall thin guy with 'weird' slick back sandy hair...


'Mr. McMoangle' realizes this 'weirdo' behavior... But what are you going to do 'Start a fight in the gym locker room every time the guy tries this stuff?"... Come on People, Really...


So he is looked away from and ignored. What else can you do?


But we didn't think it was ILLUMINATI/MOT/MIC/NSA/CIA/ARMY harassment UNTIL TODAY!.




So this indicates a couple of odd thing may be occuring...


o They want to harass him with GAY IMAGES


o They want him to be 'gay' because the leader of these groups ARE GAY


o They are slandering/destroying him with PHONEY IMAGES or PICTURES


o It is a threat to do so in the future...


And who else belonged to the gym?:


o Tommy Kane - Enough said about him... For Now ;)


o Karen McFadden - "Special Friend" to the Fleming Family Females and former grammar/school high friend of 'McMonagle'. Karen a 'crazy dirtbag' party animal 'chick' with a foul loud mouth constantly makes comments about 'McMonagle' in the gym. Talks about Dave Butler's hand being down her 'pants' in front of his house at volumes the entire gym can hear. 'McMoangle' puts up with Karen McFadden in hopes of SAVING NORA FLEMING from all the 'crazy' dirtbags like KAREN and JOE SISK around her. Seems NORA FLEMING went on to be EVIL SECRET AGENT SLUTTY CHICK under the direction of JOE MCMONAGLE/JOE SISK (probably unknown to Nora ironically). Karen and Vinne Serpe have seriosu intercouse sex in her basement as a tween/teenager as told to 'McMonagle' by Vinnie Serpe as Karen McFadden pretended to be playing 'first base/second base/third base" teenage dating scene with 'McMonagle's friend. Some sort of 'Italian' 'I did your women thing message' 'McMonagle' laughs and says 'I'm not surprised' Mr. Serpe probably allegedly guilty of 'Statutory Rape'.


o The Frasier Twins - One twin used to date 'McMonagle's italin friend from high school. The other twin slanders him as "gay" to another, a small black haired cheerleader/aerobic type woman, because he out of his gym clothes and has wear something clothing that is not loose fitting that day. Frasier twins often work out in the same gym room same time as 'McMonagle' Frasier 'commute' with him from the Jersey City NYC ferry. Frasier Twins mother is girlfried/wife to Bayonne Firemen, "Butchie?" who is often with Patrick McMonagle. Managing, Spying or pretending to be friend of Patrick. McMoangle accidently walked on Italian Friend/Frasier having during party at an apartment rented in High School by Joseph Sisk and his future wife Nora Fleming. 'McMonagle' probably became 'enemy for life' of Doreen Frasier. 'McMonagle' hardly ever mentioned this incident in his life due to its embarassing nature for Dorreen. Joe Sisk strangely interested in playing 'McMonagle' in chess. 'McMonagle' beats him. (We know suspect Joe Sisk to be Joe McMoneagle :) Sounds crazy... We know! ;) ) Because Joe Sisk appears to 'fetal alcohol' baby with serious drug and alcohol in young adulthood. Joe Sisk doesn't amount to much. Can't hold a job. But has wife who 'mysteriously' get a job at NYSE with little or no skills. Fleming father rumored to be 'painter' of homes for NYSE executives.


o Donna Prescow - Special Friend of Tommy Kane. Former Teacher down the block from 'McMonagle's home. Wife of Bayonne Fire Fighter Brown. Brown is nephew to Sisk partner. Prescow and 'Irish Girl' are present at Bayonne High School when 'McMonagle' goes to find brothers playing hockey to tell them 'Father' is dying that night and won't be alive in the morning. Brothers don't seem to care and go to FIREMEN BAR and ask 'McMonagle' to go... 'Not a firemen' incidents ensue... Other 'Cotter' family incidents ensue... Nora Fleming is THERE and LEAVES with man-boy new husband. We guess in attempt to make 'McMonagle' jealous. That night or night soon afte Una Fleming is there and DOESN'T SAY HELLO. 'McMonagle' disappointed in Una. Prescow fomer CHEERLEADER under DONALD AHERN FOOTBALL TEAM.


o Brian Braden - 'McMonagle' and 'Braden' have 'staring' matches. Braden apparently tell John Murray in LOUD VOICE that 'McMonagle' "IS A FAG". 'McMonagle' hears and gives BRADEN 'number one' sign. Mysterious circumstances occur over next few years. BRADEN leaves town.


o Una Fleming - Fleming female sees John in gym rejoins after period of time. Doesn't say hello. Another time believed to have 'whispered' his name from behind 'gym' equipment. Strange girl. Apparently drops Gym membership.


o John Murray - Didn't seem to be bother 'Mr. McMonagle'


It's is so weird, terrifying and INTER-CONNECTED...


It boggles the mind!!!





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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Vinnie Bottino - Burnt Van Incident


In a time right before the Harrington and unknown time relating the Parks feud.


Patrick McMonagle's van is set on fire and destroyed outside Shop-Rite on 4th Street.


'McMonagle' unsure who is really responsible.


Bottino is mentioned as possible culprit.


Years later, 'McMonagle' finds out about fight between Vinnie Bottino and Patrick McMonagle.


Vinnie Bottino brags about hitting Patrick with 2x4 wood plank and breaking it in 2 over his back.


Patrick goes to beat up Vinnie Bottino.


'McMonagle' asks why did you hit with a '2x4' wood plank.


Bottino responds 'Because I felt like it... And was a big f*cking guy..."


'McMonagle' doesn't say much.


'McMonagle' often see Bottino around town. Bottiono 'apparently' friendly.


'McMonagle' rarely and almost never goes to his establishment the "The Big Apple"


'McMonagle' not thrilled with the clients and 'round' bar 'staring' atmosphere.


Mr. Bottino is ITALIAN.


'McMonagle' years later is in Point Pleasant. Bottino mysteriously shows up. Mr. Bottino may have been 'visiting' some Irish girls down the shore. Or has some unknown business in the Point Pleasant area.





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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The Slashed Tire Incident - Socha, Williams..


In what was the flashpoint for the Harrington family feud, was incident where the brother Kevin or Pat had the 'McMonagle' family station wagon. The tires were slashed at Veteran's Stadium.


Eddie Williams is believed to be the culprit. Cousin of Danny and Mark Harrington. He may / may not of participated. It is unclear. Williams goes father Patrick McMonagle's funeral. Believed to have put his life in jeopardy.


Williams sister is special friend to Dave Ryan's sister. Williams sister is often found standing near 'McMonagle' at local bars. In one encounter, Williams sister with Ryan sister says "I'm a Harrington" 'McMonagle' "You have my condolences...".


Danny apparently allegedly goes to be 'Bayonne's' biggest middle level cociane dealer according to Currici. Covered by City and Police Department. Mark goes to have the 'Ruskowski' brothers 'hired' as his 'bodyguard' against 'McMonagle'. Heard in Parentes saying to one Ruskowski brothers "I want you guys to be my bodyguard" since he erronously believes the Ruskowski brothers 'beat up' 'McMonagle'. 'McMonagle' hears this and since taunts Mark Harrington asking where his 'bodyguards' are?...


In later years, Steven Socha confesses to slashing tires and causing incident.


A few years later, father Patrick McMonagle is making small talk with mother Mrs. Socha, to Steve, and interupts conversation and says "You better watch it.. Or I'll have your tires slashed."


Steven is brother to Lorraine, 'McMonagles' friend, wife of Bob Mueller.


Lorraine is rumored to be hospitalized for 'mental stress' in the late 80s.


Steven brother is a Roman Catholic priest.





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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The Tree Guy - Fire Fighter Curtis


In another apparent Stalker is "Fire Fighter Curtis"...


Has red jeep parked in lot of BCB across from 'McMonagle' at various times.


Many times seen driving past 'McMonagle' and again occasionally on foot.


Curtis 'has adopted' the 'McMonagle' trees on his on behalf.


Had trees trimmed certain way... Later we believe so it does not obscure 'viewing points' from across the street for POLITICAL MACHINE / COPS / ARMY / MOT / MIC / NSA post.


'McMonagle' realizing this comes out to confront Curtis and other neighbor. Curtis is discussing the trees with neighbor.


'McMonagle' says 'You know we own these trees..." meaning "get the hell away from the house the trees you crazy freak fireman moron"...


"McMonagle" doesn't see Curtis that much afterwards and Jeep disappears until recent STING ACTIVITY against 'McMonagle'


Curtis believed to be a 'Mason' and Political Machine (Fire Department) Flunkie.


Married to a sister Socha. Who once stated "Why would you want to marry a McMonagle?..."


She shows up and hangs at father Patricks funeral.


Mr. Curtis CEASE&DESIST all contact with John McMonagle. Stay away from trees. Stay away from the house. Stay away from Mr. McMonagle.





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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Coffee for 2 - Coffee and Beilan Office Building


One can't help but notice the strange office arrangements for John "Jay" Coffee and Judy Bielan's firm.


The door for Coffee's office is tinted. If you look inside there is courtsey 'door' that connects to the stairs up to Coffee office....


Judy and her female lawyer corp are downstairs... (Plus one guy for legal and appearance reasons we guess)


So does Jay just pop on downstairs for "coffee"...


Or do the ladies in Judy's firm "pop up"...


Do they discuss future and on-going cases in the building?...


I guess if one wanted to allege or prove CONFLICT OF INTEREST all you would need is a...




Never mind the potential for allegations of espionage with pin hole cameras, thermal imaging or listening devices...




If you were interested in that sort of thing...


But we know Jay conducts himself with such "professionalism" and "respect" for the City of Bayonne none of this will most likely come to pass...


What A Town!





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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The Alleged MURRAY assassintation Attempt


After altercation between 'McMonagle' and John Murray (The Senior, Partner of James "The Protector" Sisk), a rumor or report gets back to the 'McMonagle's specifically Cathy McMonagle.


It is reported by her friend Chet that Bobby Murray and/or John Murray (The Senior) are looking to 'hire' a group of guys to beat/mame/kill John J. McMonagle. Bobby Murray is the nephew of John Murray. The Murrarys are also cousin to the Browns.


It is to be a baseball team. We assume they were going to use bats. Most likely kill 'McMonagle'.


Or a motorcycle gang. We assume they were going to use MOTORCYCLE CHAINS. Most like kill/Mame/Scar 'McMonagle. There was one motorcycle gang prominent in the area and they are THE EAST SIDERS. EAST SIDERS used to have their CLUB HOUSE across from the RUSKOWSKI GAS STATION.


Cathy 'McMonagle' get involved and stops ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT.


Reports come back that BASEBALL TEAM and MOTORCYCLE GANG both refuse request/payment to GET 'McMonagle'


However, years later the RUSKOWSKI incident occurs at EJ's (Just across the street from HARRINGTONS GAS STATION) and the HOPPE beating incident occurs few years later...


In the RUSKOWSKI incident, 'McMonagle' prevents one RUSKOWSKI brother from serious injuring or killing his friend after hitting with a BAR STOOL. 'McMonagle' bear hugs him and drags him out of the bar. But after getting outside, he realizes 'no one else' in bar is getting involved including JOHN PRIOZZI (ITALIAN) (SUPPOSED FRIEND) and senses a TRAP. He then fights his way back into the past 2 RUSKOWSKI and A THIRD RUSKOWSKI gets in involved. The RUSKOWSKI brother who hit the guy with the bar stool is target forward through by 'McMonagle' They end up on the floor. 'McMonagle' on top. 'McMonagle' throws a punch, his first, after being hit 20-30 times by the other RUSKOWSKIs. And then is allegedly kicked in the head by JOE WARNOCK, found out years later, thereby giving him on his 'eye' scars... COPS arrive and take John J. McMonagle away... To the hospital... One of the copys is MCFADDEN. A former SHOP-RITE employee. and friend apparently to JOHN MURRAY the senior. Apparently the RUSKOWSKIs are NEVER CHARGED for anything by the BAYONNE POLICE DEPARTMENT. 'McMonagle' presses charges. A HARTNETT tries to talk him out of it. 'McMonagle' refuses. This 'negotiation' is encouraged by ALEX BOOTH, lawyer, of Jersey City and North Hudson County fame. Who apparently does NOTHING when 'McMonagle' asks him to investigate FOLEYS TAVERN SLANDER incident. Does not accept money for 'investigation'. 'McMonagle' always suspects ALEX BOOTH from this moment forward.


RUSKOWSKI brothers 'plead' guilty. JUDGE asks 'McMonagle' to eloborate on assault, damages and medical bills. ALEX BOOTH advises him to SAY NOTHING. Suspect CONSPIRACY with BOOTH, CITY, MURRAY, RUSKOWSKI and HARRINGTONS. A LAWSUIT never develops by MCMONAGLE/BOOTH legal engagement.


The friend being saved at EJs was PAUL HARTNETT. It was supposedly over him taking money off the bar. 'McMonagle' ALWAYS suspects PAUL HARTNETT of being involved. He refused or reluctantly came to court when many of 'MCMONAGLE's friend where there in force. BOBBY MURRAY is suspected of being at the MUNICIPAL COURT CASE for MCMONAGLE/RUSKOWSKI.


Interesting town? Isn't It?





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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Neil DeSena Incidents/Encounters


In a series of encounters with Neil DeSena the following occurs:


'McMonagle' and James Clark go to the Norwood Inn...


Upon arriving at the bar, Clark introduce 'McMonagle' to a drunken guy slouched over the bar..


Clarks "John... This is Neil DeSena..."


DeSena turns around and say "Your father was a crazy f*ck..." in a rather loud voice...


'McMonagle' stunned... and the 2 stare at each other...


DeSena returns to his drink...


Neil DeSena owns a house in Avon, New Jersey. A mostly irish vacation community. Domenico, a former bus operator, also owns a house in Avon. What are these 2 Italian guys doing hanging in Avon when its mostly Irish?


A woman staying at the Norwood Inn tells 'McMonagle' 'Someone told me to stay away from you and brother (Kevin)"


'McMonagle' asks who? She says she can't tell...


'McMonagle' always suspects NEIL DESENA mostly and maybe those who come to the Norwood from Bayonne like FRAN FLEMING, CHUCKIE HARRINGTON, VARIOUS BAYONNE WOMEN or THE BROWN FAMILY or LEO SMITH (Mark Smiths brother) or other people from BAYONNE or ST. PETERS COLLEGE who may not like him.


Hey, Ever notice that Neil DeSena in always in the row in City Hall Room on Cable Access. Why does he want everyone in BAYONNE to know he is still around?... Is he sending a message?


We'll post the 2nd Encounter soon... :)





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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Neil DeSena - The Funeral - No. 2


In the second incident, 'McMonagle' goes to Jim Clarke's fathers funeral.


Jim Clark leads John downstairs to the 'Smoking Room' in the Migliaccio Funeral Home.


Who is standing there with his back to him but Neil DeSena...


He turns around...


Neil DeSeana and John McMonagle are face to face...


Jim Clark says "I believe you two know each other..."


Jim Clark leaves room...


Staring match ensues...


McMonagle quiet stares back at DeSena...


They are less than a 1 or 2 feet apart...


DeSena gets anxious...


DeSena leaves...


McMonagle laughs to himself...


'McMonagle' has been to many funerals at this death palace in Bayonne...


They are usually Italian...


The men dressed in black...


The Vinnie, The Tonys, The Anthonies, The Bobbies...


Kissing each other on the cheek with the hand shake or hug...


Its just THE MOVIES... :)


But recently he feels some of these WAKES are FAKED. :)


You can't believe what you see... Especially when it comes to him... :)





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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The Doria Email Deposit


'McMonagle' starts ShopBayonne.com to help promote dying Broadway and City Business...


City responds by initially copying and stealing website by Police Office Augie Caamano.


'McMonagle' complains... Eventually, it morphs into something that doesn't exactly look ShopBayonne.com


The new 'Bayonnenj.org' website inspired out of fear and competition with 'McMonagle' includes a 'Business Directory' thereby competing with a citizen's and private effort to promote the city.


However, 'Super Website Deveoper' Caamano does NOT understand HTML and Website spider rules. 'City' Website 'Business' directory useless not access via search engines such as Google. Wasted effort on their part.


The business 'McMonagle' retains after 'city website' enjoy a strong increase in out of city business patrons.


As the 'soap opera' goes on with 'city website' and P.O. Caamano, 'McMonagle' develops political page for upcoming 'Mayor' election.


'McMonagle' thinks I raise issues and expose some 'stuff' without every going to city hall (face Police Harrassment in City Hall Chambers with cops along the wall) and DEFEAT THEM.


'City Hall' and 'Political Machine' flunkies are livid over page.


'McMonagle' receives 'email deposit message' through website.




'McMonagle' contacts FBI.


FBI refuses to get involved. Or give names of Special Agents answering phone.




JUSTICE DEPARTMENT writes back saying they can't GET INVOLVED.


PLEASE NOTE: Augie Caamano goes on to create PAGERIPPER.COM. The biggest site and software sales for COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AND THEFT in THE WORLD.


CAAMANO probably does not recall searches that say 'Could you develop some software to help me steal website code like you did for this one (Bayonnenj.org)" or words to that affect :)


After stealing form ShopBayonne.com, Mr. Caamano was truly inspired to help DESTROY THE WORLD WIDE WEB.


Some inspiration Eh Augie? :)


Mr. Caamano IS ITALIAN.


Or did they?





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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Militello- The Dating Game? - Another 'Godfather'?


So in his teens, 'McMonagle' has minimal success dating his peer girlfriends from Mary J. Donohue, St. Andrews, Henry Harris and Bayonne High School.


Many of these girls hang out and date 'McMonagle's friends in and around Henry Harris School Yard and 4th Street-Kennedy Blvd.


However, someone comes from the 'North Country'... Uptown Bayonne...


Guess who finds 'McMonagle' attractve and wants to date him...


Sue Militello... Daughter of the Architect Militello... Who has a 'mansion' near Hudson County Park (Stephen R. Gregg Park)...


'McMonagle' near 6' 'relatively good looking' Well Built Football Player is frustrated and can't get a date with his peer girlfriends but SUE MILITELLO comes from uptown to DATE HIM?


'McMonagle' finds this very strange and makes an excuse not to date her.


Was Militello's father trying to create an arranged marriage?...


But this seems like a very 'strange' coincidence... Knowing what we now know...


It is also rumored that his is big in the local Masonic lodge?


It is also seen on the same day a white panel van with an 'all seeing eye' triangle emblym near 'McMonagle's house, a military helicopter painted WHITE AND GREEN is seen landing and/or approaching HUDSON COUNTY PARK.


It also rumored that the head of Masonic Lodge No. 1 in New York City, lives IN BAYONNE.






Which one is he? Does he report to anyone? Does anyone report to him?


You just can't make this stuff up!!!





Inspired by the "Cigarette Smoking Man" of the X-Files Series and Mark Felt No. 2 of the FBI.


Part Parody, Part Online Roleplay and maybe All Truth :)


Satire and Parody are FREE SPEECH protected by the 1st Amendment



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