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Hi all, I didn't see an intro board so I just started this to be polite and say hello.


I live in the UK; I have been interested in time travel for a few years and am currently writing a time travel SF novel. So sometimes I like to talk with like minded people about the various theoretical paradoxes that arise, and their theoretical solutions.


As far as my novel goes, I like to keep my science as plausible as possible, but it is subordinate to the plot.


I like to hear different opinions; I don't get offended and I don't get angry. It's just a forum.


I will say at the outset I don't usually comment on John Titor discussions. Life is too short.


The things that interest me most at the moment are:


The Grandfather Paradox


The Bootstrap Paradox


The Novikov Self Consistency Principle


the concept (and consequences) of creating multiple versions of the same individual(s) by time travel .


Stories where a person travels only in their own timeline (ie The Time Traveller's Wife, The Victorian Chaise Longue, Peggy Sue Got Married) I don't really classify these as time travel at all; rather I consider them Strange Loop stories.


Anyway thanks for reading.



Debunker In Training-not yet evil



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It does indeed. After a Desert Storm Marine Corps. Sergeant receives a head wound, he finds himself in Vermont. An unfortunate incident lands him in an institution for the criminally insane for a crime he didn't commit. The year is 1991 - 1992. He ends up making trips to 2007 through an unlikely temporal anomaly. The Jacket was released in 2005.



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Hi there. I'm not sure where to post this as the Introductions thread is coming up not available for me, so I will post it here and introduce myself.


I am 25, from Toronto. I have been interested in time travel since I was a young child and have only just come across this forum today when I was reading about John Titor on another site. I spent a few hours browsing the threads and reading what members here had to say, and I am positive that I will fit in.


Currently, I do not have access to a computer and am viewing this site from an Android phone, so it is a little difficult to type properly or to view everythimg 100%, so please bare with me.



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As a new member, a quick introduction might make a good test post.


I thought I knew it all when I was a bit younger. Nothing existed outside my perceived reality and all paranormal topics were figments of over active imaginations and/or insane rantings of crazy people or even attention seeking hoaxers.


Several things have happened around me in the last 15 years or so which have completely altered my perspective on just about everything. Even a clear daytime sighting of a large aerial object which should or could not exist in the world we call our reality. It raised far more questions in my mind than it could ever answer and at some point I will get around to putting it on record here. I also saw something very strange in the sky as a child but probably filed it away in my mind for years as boyish imagination. I remember it with great clarity and have never heard or read of any similar sighting, so I'll put that up soon as well. There may even be someone here who has seen something similar or can offer some thoughts or input.



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Hello everyone!


Let me introduce myself, my name is Andreas and I come from the province of Bolzano (Italy). It been so long that I am passionate about these things, and I wanted to know more. You tell me if there is any news concerning the guy that has to be searched from the future?


Thank you,





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Hello and welcome to the forum Andreas. There have been numerous time travel claimants through-out the years. Which "guy" are you referring too ? John Titor ?



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" While my book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is entirely a work of imagination, my conviction is that all I said in it will come to pass. " ~ Jules Verne

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