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Proving a time traveler is real?

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Naturally, we would have made numerous great scientific advances between now and the moment if and when we achieve time travel. Such advancements would include finding solutions to exceedingly difficult mathematical problems that we have identified but have thus far been unable to solve: chiefly among them, the six as-of-yet unsolved Millennium Prize Problems. While we ourselves have not currently solved such problems, our modern day mathematicians would be able to verify the validity of a proposed solution. Having a time traveler present one or more such solutions would represent a greater level of "proof" of being a time traveler than predictions of future events or the presentation of future technology that could be faked (although such fraud eventually wouldn't hold up to vigorous scrutiny by modern day science).



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It's quite difficult for me to be able to prove if someone is indeed a time traveller or a fake just by asking questions. Sure it can be one proof but maybe I would need a physical proof for me to be convinced. I would have to go with being able to physically travel through time with that person.



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Just a thought: WHY would a time traveller prove he/she is a time traveller? I get that if they don't care at all, there is no need to come to a place like this. But when I travel (normal travel!), I just say "oh, me, I'm from Denmark", and nobody asks me for proof. If someone came to me and said "hi, I'm from the year 2294, could you tell me how this [whatever] works?", I don't know if I would even start asking for proof. If something dire was asked of me ("could you please hold this loudly ticking piece of unrecognizable machinery for me while I run the other way?"), I'd simply refuse to have anything to do with that person. The argument "don't worry, I am from the future" would be no better than "don't worry, I am from Canada" or "don't worry, I am an engineer". Proof of what the person is would not matter. So if someone says "I am from the future", I may not believe the person, but the first thing I would jump to would probably not be undeniable proof. I'd ask a lot of othe stuff first, just like I would of someone saying they were from a very foreign land or an unusual religious belief.


So what level of proof really makes sense to ask from a supposed time traveller before asking a lot of other stuff?


EDIT: Just dawned on me, does anyone in movies ever truly grill someone about being a time traveller? I don't think the issue ever really comes up (of thorough proof, that is) in either Back to the Future, The Terminator franchise, Dr Who, or any other such stories I can think of.


(I may be phrasing this poorly, it just fell into my way too open mind)



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