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A spare option for forum hard times

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When the TTI forum was about to be closed, I thought seriously about the idea for the existence of a legally free forum, which (since is legally free) is money independent. I also suggested that idea in the Mop's topic here:




(Replies 3 and 4)


The TTI didn't move to a free forum, but fortunately, thanks to Cosmo, the it is back again. Thousands thanks Cosmo !!!!


Even though, I decided to develop the idea as a spare plan and to register a free forum for time traveling just in case something happens again with the TTI. I just wanted to say you, that if, for example, some day again the possibility of this forum to be closed appear, you are welcome to move temporary or permanently whatever you think of: topics, people or whatever at the registered from me legally free forum:




Future time travelers may also use the free forum to make their claims during hard times.



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Nice failsafe to have, seivtcho - thanks! I'd recommend posting it to some other sites like paranormalis or Curious Cosmos just in case, as I think some members here may have accounts there.



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Always too little.


Always too much.


Time the Enemy.



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