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for example.


the wingmaker's caves. where in predictions have been made of near future events. certainly were this information to be found truthful, this would bring into the area of investigations questions that should be asked to one whom reports to have come from or has first hand knowledge of those described events in this alleged near future predictions/prophecy's arena.


as for my self i would ask of a future personage some very hard fact finding questions in relationship to my research and with its inevitability of publications. positive results of that research are known to me now and i would seek to confirm the use of such a bio-chemical product for all man kind as has been predicted. in that the product will be in full swing between the next 8th or 4th generations from now.


it is not that i wish to know if the product is well know by then. there are some contentions with my colleagues weather or not it is the 4th or 8th generation from this time when this will be known.


a universal medicine.


given my knowledge base and that of my colleagues i highly doubt any purported time traveler could possible answer this question. however if one dose answer correctly? i would cast aside any hesitations of doubt.


just remember you that alleged to be from the future. i will know if you fib or tell a truth. so chose your answers wisely.



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This person could make a great book or maybe rewriting one he has already read or some show maybe to many twighlight zones they claimed to be from the United Kingdom but in no way did he speak or type as a Brit to many back slides here and them just keep repeating over and over that they know nothing Of John Titor is a bit strang but yet they both claim to use the same time machine hummmmmmmmm



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Timelines ... Freak happenings of chance. The problem is the proof is in the pudding. And actually travelling is the pudding. A one way trip. So like guest2 says, we're looking for a credible third party, with substantial and shareable information, or its a poof of smoke and a YouTube urban legend



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lol. I kn-




I was going to say i knew it was false... I could detect it.


Ha.. It would be great if you weren't, TA1.


Also, the most probable is that you were an active user before posting this thread with that account.



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Hallo l need help l know some1 who is a jumper.it started when he was 16 last yrs til now but it has frequently reduced as in the jumps he does as he tries to stay woke at night .He jumps at night when aslp.if anyone here has any explanation or anything that helps i will appreciate.


The prob  is that he cant control it n the furthest jump he did he woke up in Mozambique n aftr a long search of about two weeks  he made contact home.from where it began til now we noticed he jumps when aslp n the way it occurs is mysterious you may think its a movie as you read this but its not .My fear is we myt lose him if he jumps somewhr far from home like off continent.


If l had a better way to explain how it occurs l would but its jus supernatural in a way.

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