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Jay-Z - Time Traveler!

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Jay-Z is not only a time traveller he is also a transformist haha ! listen to this nicky minaj song in slow-mo



About Nicolas Cage : caught on an 1870 photograph as a mustached Tennessee gent, posted on eBay last February (the asking price of $1,000,000 wasn’t met as the photo disappeared; or did it?).




John Travolta traveling back to the Civil War era as well, just 10 years before Nicolas Cage, and caught on an 1860 photograph rocking his longer locks.




And Stalone too ? posing as Pope Gregory IX in the 1511 painting by Raphael that can be seen in the Vatican.




Was Brad Pitt a Union General Isaac I. Stevens as seen chilling on a porch in the photograph from March of 1682?


there are other : 5 Celebrity Doppelgangers From Centuries-Old Portraits - Urlesque



Why is esoterism so necessary to science? Because like it, it is inexhaustible in extent and depth, and its primary purpose is to provide an explanatory paradigm as stable, accurate and complete as possible of what is visible - and incomprehensible to all - due to the invisible - supposed to create and animate the visible - which is also the object of scientific research, but a fundamental difference: it produces no summary or unwilling to think.



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