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Time slip stories

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Dimension Shift in Tacoma




I was walking in downtown Tacoma, Washington one evening around 9:00 o'clock. I was on my way to meet a friend at a certain intersection. The year was 1976. I was enlisted in the U.S. Army and was stationed at Fort Lewis. I remember it was the month of April. As I was walking, I started wondering what time it was. So I looked around for the nearest store where I could find out the time. I looked across the street and there was a walk-in movie theater. I figured that was as good a place as any.


Then the weirdest thing happened. I started to cross the street... and the next thing I knew my vision was clearing up and I was standing in front of the ticket counter inside the theater lobby! I had a ferocious headache and my legs felt very unsteady. I recovered a little, but that headache was something else. I bowed and started rubbing my forehead. After a minute or so, I heard a gasp. I looked up and there was this pretty girl on the other side of the counter with a suprised look on her face. She asked me how I got in! With the throbbing pain in my head, I looked at her and didn't know how to answer her. I was confused. I started to walk toward the counter and she backed away. Now she had a scared look on her face! She asked me again how I got in. I looked up at the wall behind her. There was a clock hanging there. I started to mutter, "What time is it?" She then told me I had better leave or she'll call the police.


I felt so weird; it's hard to explain. I felt like I had broken through into a territory I didn't recognize. I stood there for a few minutes. That's when the girl went into the back room. I could hear her talking to someone. I turned around and started to walk toward the entrance. That's when this big guy came out of the back room, walked around the counter and before I could say anything, grabbed me by the arm, pulled me toward the entry way, unlocked the door and shoved me outside. He told me to get out of there and went back inside.


I still couldn't figure out what was going on. I stood there looking around rubbing my head. Then it dawned on me. The time on the clock read past midnight! I looked back at the theater. It had the "CLOSED" sign on the front door! The girl and the guy were still there looking at me. Then the big guy opened the door again and warned me that if I didn't leave that instant he was going to kick me in the butt. So I started to walk away, still confused, and as I was walking I heard the guy say, "I don't know how you got inside with the door being locked, but you better not come back!"


The headache eventually went away and I never did meet my friend. It was too late. I've heard of incidents like this. Man, all I can say is, it was weird!



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Time Slip to the 1930s




My time slip experience took place in 1972 in New York. I was 18 and lived at my college dorm. It was July.


My cousin had recently died and I was feeling melancholy. I decided to go for a three-block walk to the stores. I know for sure it was 3 p.m. when I left.


As I crossed the street from my dorm and entered the first block, I noticed a deadening silence that got my attention. There was not a sound of life anywhere. That's when I noticed that the homes lining this residential street all were different: smaller and dated looking. (I'd guess around 1930s.) There were no cars anywhere and no driveways or garages, and everything seemed gray, without color. I noticed the trees were all bare, like in winter, yet this was summer. I spoke out loud saying, "Why is it so quiet?" And my voice seemed strange and tinny.


When I got to the main street with the stores, everything reverted back to normal, but upon returning home those three blocks took on the same strange qualities. Then I noticed that the entire side of the second block had a huge hill that wasn't there before, replacing all the houses.


As I exited the last block to go back to my dorm, everything was back to normal again -- Sound, movement, etc.


I was gone about 90 minutes, but when I looked at the clock as I entered my room it said 3:12 p.m., which was only 12 minutes from when I left! I checked another clock and it also showed 3:12.


The next day, I took this same walk, and to my amazement it happened again. But on the return from the stores, the hill had now disappeared and was replaced with the older-looking homes (like on the first trip).


After that day, the usual modern homes, sound, color, trees in full bloom were all back in place.



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Glimpse of Future Events




It was May or June of 1974. I was 16 years old. I lived with my sister in a small trailer park just outside of Maulden, South Carolina. I was her babysitter while she worked second shift at a cottonmill in Simpsonville. She rode to work with next-door neighbors who worked at the same plant. They would get home around midnight.


On this night, the 11 o'clock news came on and I began washing the dinner dishes. After doing the dishes I had taken the leftovers out to the back yard to feed the dogs. I divided the food up between the dogs and was watching to make sure the big dogs didn't take the puppies' food.


As I was standing there, a car pulled into the driveway of the trailer park. I thought it looked like the neighbor's car, but it was too early for it to be them. I watched as the car pulled into our driveway, and I could see from the light at the corner of the driveway that it was the neighbor's car. So I just thought they must have left work early for some reason. I thought it was odd that they stopped the car in our driveway instead of pulling into their driveway and parking the car.


I watched as my sister got out of the car and adjusted her sweater around her shoulders, reach and get her pocketbook, close the door and walk toward our front door. Then the neighbor's backed the car out and left. I wondered where they were going.


By this time the dogs had finished eating, so I went back inside. As I walked in I asked, "Why are you home early?" There was no answer. I called out her name. Still no answer. I walked through the house. Well, it was a three-bedroom mobile home, so there wasn't anywhere for her to go. I checked every room and my sister was not there. I walked back into the living room. The 11 o'clock news was still on.


I sat on the couch, confused and wondering what had just happened, wondering if my sister would be home at the normal time. They did pull into the driveway at the normal time. I watched through the screen door as they stopped the car, my sister got out adjusted her sweather around her shoulders, got her pocketbook, closed the door and walked toward the house. The neighbors backed the car out and left.


I opened the door for my sister. I asked her, "Where are they going?" She said they forgot to stop and get cigarettes. Then I told her what happened. She didn't say much. I don't think she believed me. I don't think I would have believed me either. I don't understand why it happened.



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Time Slip in Georgia October 2011




I used to make the same haul over and over from Savannah, Georgia to Attapulgus, Georgia and back with loads of clay in sea containers. It always took the same amount of time to come and go: five hours each way with an hour or two to load. I always left in the afternoon to get there at night and left around midnight.


One night I will never forget, I was weighing out on the truck scale when a big eight-point buck came running out of the woods and hit my truck's first set of drive tires and broke his neck, dying instantly.


The drive home seemed routine at first, then it got foggy. In Thomasville, the fog began to get really thick. I took Route 122 as usual to avoid traffic. Then it got sort of weird. The fog was crazy thick on each side, but I could see the road okay. Not great, but okay. I drove at 60 mph and did not see a cotton-picking thing the whole way.


The fog cleared past Ludowici and I looked at my watch. I was four hours early! I went a few miles off route to my house and went to sleep for three hours and was an hour early at the port. Crazy! Never happened again.



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Hospital Space-Time Confusion March 2012




My husband and l live in the deep woods of east Texas, near a tiny place called Mt. Sylvan. I had been having some medical tests done (week of January 24-27) at a hospital nearby.


I went for testing three days in a row, always with the same routine: I parked in the same small parking lot, walked through the double doors leading to the first floor cardio testing area, turned right at the gift shop and signed in at the desk. I always exchanged some casual conversation with the same young and very pleasant blond receptionist.


There was a small sitting area across from her desk, with a door leading to the phlebotomy (blood drawing) lab right behind her cubicle. The door to the lab was always open, though, and the sight of patients sitting in the exact type of chairs -- even the same color -- that I saw my late mother sit in for her chemo treatments was just too gut wrenching. (She died a year ago.)


I even heard a patient in the lab comment on the new chairs, and a nurse replied that the hospital's oncology department had donated them. (My mom never had treatments at this hospital.) I decided to sit across the hall anyway.


Last Friday my husband went back to the hospital with me to hear the test results. He had never been there before. Usual routine: we parked, walked in, turned past the gift shop and... there was no check-in area! I stood and stared in total shock: no desk, no chairs, no blonde receptionist, and the door to the lab was on another wall! The other sitting area was just as before.


I started to walk up and down the hall searching for "my" check-in area, but it was nowhere to be seen. A doctor walked by, noticed my confusion, and asked what I was looking for. When I told him that the place I had checked in for my tests was missing, he laughed and said that it had been moved to the second floor three years earlier because they needed more space!



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Home... In Another Dimension


I live in East Tennessee with my mother, father, older brother, and a friend who is temporarily staying with me. On the Saturday after Valentine's Day of 2012, my father, Richard, took my mother, Vicki, to the Martha Washington Hotel in North Carolina. My mother just adores its history. Its known to be haunted. My dad says that when he walks into that eerie place, the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. I find it humorous that he is scared and she isn't.


Anyway, upon their returning, things went missing and later showed up in random places throughout the house. My father always keeps his keys and wallet on the nightstand, but every morning they are on the floor in the center of the bedroom. But things have gotten worse. Even crazy.




Last night, Feburary 23, 2012, my friend Savanna and I (the friend who lives with me) got off work and rode home together. We arrived there at 10:29 p.m. While pulling into the driveway, I noticed that every light in the house was off, which is extremely strange. My parents always sit on the couch in the living room with at least the lamp on.


Before we entered the house, I tried calling the house phone, but there was no answer. I called my father's cell phone; no answer. Lastly, when I attempted to reach my mother through her cell phone, she indeed answered the phone, but didn't respond to anything I said. She did this twice.


On the phone with my brother, he advised us to go inside because my parents are known for the occasional practical joke. We entered through the garage and tried to get my dog to come with us. She stayed outside the door instead, which again seemed odd.


I turned on the hall light and proceeded to walk to my parents' room and noticed that their bed sheets were hanging on the door. I walked in to see their mattress pulled off to the side of the bed. At this point I was a little on edge, so I jogged to the living room, calling out to them. But there was no response. Had they been there, they would've heard me. I still do not doubt that.


We left the house and got into my car to call my brother. He instructed us to meet him so he could come back with us and check it out. At this point my voice was shaking as bad as my hands had been.


This is where things get unusually scary.




Not two minutes down the road, I received a text from my mother that read, "Are you two running late?" I called her and she was upset that we weren't home. She sounded concerned and was about to send my dad out to look for us because we had not returned home.


I sped home in attempt to catch them in the prank. When I pulled into the driveway, things appeared normal. Upon entering the house, we noticed that their bed was neatly made and they were sitting on the couch watching The Housewives of Orange County. As always.


When we told them what had happened they looked baffled. "We have been sitting on this couch since seven, Chloe. Where have you been?" After explaining in more detail, they began to worry. My dad retreated to his room and my mother almost cried. They swore that they had been there for hours, but just minutes earlier Savanna and I had been in the same empty, dark room.


When I think back to last night, I notice now that when entering the house the first time something felt wrong. Almost as if we were not in a worldly dimension. It has bothered me ever since.


Where were we?



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Time Slip in the Pyrenees




I come from a family that believes in spirits and otherworldly experiences, so I'm fairly open minded, but we all agree that this was fairly weird.


In June, 2009, I went to visit my father in France. He would often spend several months a year there, and this year I went to visit him. We were based out out of Nant, which is in Provence in southern France.


One day we decided to take a short mini trip into northern Spain to see a certain abbey. To get there we would have to drive through the Pyrenees, the major mountain range between France and Spain. The Pyrenees, like most places in Europe, have witnessed a lot of turmoil and violence, from border wars to being the hideout of French Protestants during the 15th and 16th centuries.


We set out at about 9 a.m. up into the mountains. The weather quickly changed from sunny to foggy and overcast, but often mountain weather is different, so we weren't alarmed. We were driving for a while before we realised that we were definitely lost. The roads we were on were dirt, and no longer on our map or in our GPS. In fact, the GPS wasn't even working right. We just kept driving, trying to find our way out of the mountains... for hours.


We were no longer concerned about making it to the abbey by 6 p.m. Frankly, we were worried about running out of gas in the middle of somewhat creepy mountains, in bad weather. All I remember is that everything was so foggy, and that there was this strange oppressive feeling of sadness.


My dad and I barely talked for almost eight hours. Both of us remember feeling tired, exhausted, and unreasonably depressed. At one point, I even thought it would just be easier to stop driving and lie down, forever.


The car clock read 4:40 p.m. when we miraculously took a shot in the dark on a road that didn't look like more than a goat path over some fields and popped out onto a major highway! We were excited to say the least.


We stopped at the first gas station we found on the main road, and I commented to my dad that it was much sunnier now that we were out of the mountains, at which point he looked up at the sun and said, "That's strange... Why is the sun so high in the sky? It's overhead, but it's almost 5 p.m." I looked at the car clock to confirm that it was indeed 5, but -- and I swear -- it read 12:05 p.m.


I though maybe something mechanical had happened to the clock, though that didn't explain the sun overhead. We both couldn't account for any of it, so we drove to the abbey and asked them if they were closing, which they should have been. But they informed us that no, it was only a little after 12, why would they be closing?


I know this may not seem super dramatic, but both of us together, with total memory of the event, lost eight hours of our lives in those mountains, with no explanation.



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Missing Time While Cycling




I was born in Sao Paulo and have been living in Wolfsburg, Germany for work since June, 2011. All my life I enjoyed cycling very much and it would not be different after I moved here. So, one of the first things I did when I got here was look and buy myself a brand new bicycle on which I have been riding in the whereabouts of the town three or four times every week. I can tell it is the best way to really discover all what the cities have to offer, and not to mention that there are hundreds of different trails in the woods leading you to the most amazing places in no reach by car.


It is now November, but the weather is giving us one last chance to still enjoy some warm afternoons, so last Sunday I took my bike and headed for the woods. I am a particularly self-controlled person who will always work out distances and time before setting off for cycling. Therefore, I initiated my stopwatch and checked the time at the start of my training. It was 1 p.m., and 5 minutes earlier I had sent my girlfriend a SMS (text message).


After cycling for about 25km through some open path ways, I stopped at some amazing eolic power generators spot to take some pictures. As I did so, I checked again my stopwatch and only one hour had elapsed. That was okay since I usually cycled in a moderate cadence. Then after taking a breath and being astounded by the beauty of the generators, what should have lasted less than 10 minutes, I kept on on my journey back, but through the north side of the city. I tried to make my way back through some green fields and trails I had never been before. All I was doing was follow the compass to make it through.


Although I was really alone and could see no one nearby, I started to get this feeling of being really distant and far from reach of everybody and every noise. For moments I felt as if the whole world was rid of all sounds and all life at all. That feeling didn't last long as I had to stop again a few minutes later to check the maps.


This whole thing happened while cycling 15km after the first stop, but what really astonished me was to see that two hours had gone between the first and second stops! Of course, I would have made it in a slower pace after the first stop because I didn't know the new paths. However, even one hour cycling would have been already more than enough to cover 15km, what to say of two hours?


I kind of went crazy staring at my watch. One whole hour of my day had vanished and I cannot tell how. So I headed home in a hurry, helplessly and thinking of what could have happened.


After getting home, I sent my girlfriend another SMS, and later on at night we talked on the phone (she was in Brazil). I told her what had happened in the woods that afternoon, but what really scared me alluded me the most, making me really nuts was hear that she'd received both of my messages (at start and end of the cycling) within a period of only two hours!


I have always been into sci-fi stuff, but I had never thought I would experience such a weird thing like that. It felt like being robbed, but what was stolen from me was one whole hour.



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MUFON Time Slip, Or Just New Jersey?




I have had more than one such happening. I wanted to see Bob Dean and hear his UFO talk at MUFON, Pennsylvania last October 16, 2011. When we got on I276 from I76, it lead us to US1, which we stayed on for several miles until we got to Four Points Sheraton. We knew where we had to be to see Bob Dean at 3 p.m. on Oct. 16, 2011.


We got something to eat, then asked a guy on the street for directions to downtown Philly. He told us three or four miles to I95 and go north, which we did, found visitor parking, parked, saw Liberty Bell, then took a one-hour bus tour of Philly, all the important sites.


We started back on I95 going south and had couple of hours to spare to get back to Four Points Sheraton.


I will stop there and point out that one of the main features of US1 was four lanes going one direction and four lanes going other direction, outside lane of two lanes being for through traffic, so if wanted to go other way had to use a cross over to inside lanes, make left, and then go other way on other four lanes.


Now continuing on I95 we got to the US1 exit coming back, and things were quite different. There were no eight lanes anywhere! We turned around and went the other way on US1 into New Jersey. The New Jersey scene was like from the 1950s or 1960s. We stopped on the side of road for directions. A man specifically told us what to do to get back on I95.


We got back on and tried again, exited on US 1, still no eight lanes, and the scene had changed again. We turned around, went other way on US1 and the scene really changed a lot in New Jersey. The 1950s or 1960s scene was completely gone and instead a split highway where the man who had stood in front of his house giving us directions for a street left to downtown and a bridge.


We got across, but Lois was very upset being on I295. Lois made me take a right turn and we were on a New Jersey 130 road. She made me stop for directions. A woman explained that I295 in New Jersey ran parallel to I95 in Pennsylvania with Delaware River in between them. She specifically gave me certain directions how to get back using 130, interrupting me two times: "This is how you do it to get back. Do not get back on I295. Stay on 130, go through a light, then another light, then past Rite Aid, stay right, and take immediate right to the New Jersey Turnpike, pay $2 onto Pennsylvania Turnpike..." which we did.


I saw the I276 exit for US1. Lois wanted me to try, but I had only few minutes left before the 3:00 hour, but I was not about to take US1 again. We went on home.


Lois will verify the first New Jersey scene as from the mid-last century and the fact that there was no Sheraton and no eight lanes setup on the Pennsylvania side in all this when we tried get back to see Bob Dean. That man and that woman I will have to describe as "monitors" from the peculiar way they acted. I am getting good at this "time travelling". Although there is only one US1 up there, there are several of them really -- in different times. I made no wrong turns.



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Office Survey Time Slip




On March 15, 2011 at 3:15 in afternoon, I got into my car to go to my old law office, where I and my late father, mother, brother, and others had our law practice. The building dates to pre-Civil War era. I went to check for damage, having read in the local paper about Mercer County, Kentucky residents upset with a local factory doing some blasting in the late fall of 2010 that caused damage to homes and buildings.


I went in the back door and up the side stairs straight to my mother's room, checking the waiting area on way. No damage. I then checked my old room. No new damage (there had been some wall damage two years previous). Then to my brother's old room. No damage.


Finally, I checked the library and there was much new damage: the ceiling had given way in one big place, wood was exposed, but there was no sign of water damage. I then went downstairs, checked the kitchen, another secretary's room, then my father's room -- all of which were okay.


When I went into the waiting room, there was much wall damage to the wall next to father's room: plaster down on the floor and under the heating unit, wood exposed, very heavy wall damage, but no sign of water.


I then went home and called a neighbor who does house repairs. We went to the law office and repeated a survey of all the rooms, in the same order as I had done before. When we got to the waiting room, I was shocked to see that there was no damage at all! How could that be? I just saw it!


Before my neighbor left, I told him I must have walked into the past, seeing wall damage as it existed circa 1969 when we had to clean it all up and redo all the walls. Remembering what I saw half century later was as it was a half century earlier: same old wallpapered walls that came down, exposing the wood behind, and cracked plaster down on floor everywhere.



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:-D Hello. Servantx.


Thank you for posting these "Time Slip Stories."


Is "Home... In Another Dimension" a personal account of yours?



With God, all things are possible,


just not equally probable.



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Strange Incident at Coburg Castle




In May 1980, I was serving with the military in Germany. This occurred at Coburg Castle. While I used most of my free time to explore old battlefields and castles, this incident to this day weirds me out when thinking about it.


It was a nice clear day, and while taking a tour of the local castle I found myself on a wall staring down an open field bordered by trees down into the city itself. I felt a strange tingle in my folded arms and grabbed the wall as it spread through me.


It felt like I was about to throw up or pass out. I looked down for a place to sit, but when I looked up, the city was gone. In fact, only a small, ancient-looking cluster of building could be seen in the far distance. I looked down and shook my head in disbelief. When I looked up, everything was normal again.


My friend said he thought I was having a seizure, so we got down off the wall. As I sat there trying to get my mind working right, I saw a metallic object partially sticking out of the hard-packed dirt in front of me. I pulled it out and it was a small necklace with German writing (the emblem was from a local town).


I put it in my pocket, and as I got up I looked up and noticed we had been sitting directly under the wall where my strange incident happened. For some reason I felt I was meant to find that necklace. To this day, I still have it.



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Haunted by Leapfrogging Cars




These two baffling incidences happened on the same road called Roherstown Road near Columbia, Pennsylvania. They happened in just the last two weeks (February, 2012), both between 7:30-8:00 a.m. on my way to work.


The first one happened as I was driving north on Roherstown and I distinctly remember seeing a green Gran Torino driving behind me in my rear view mirror. This I remember so vividly because my cousin is the only person around here to drive such a car, yet she recently sold it, so I was wondering if this was the one she sold.


I smiled at the thought and made a mental note to tell her about seeing it. The thought of her made me momentarily daydream about how much fun we had at the beach last summer when my attention suddenly snapped back to reality as I realized the Gran Torino was suddenly driving just ahead of me! I looked in my rear view and a white Impala was there instead.


I couldn't understand what happened. I know the Torino didn't pass me and there was nowhere else for it to turn off then suddenly pull in front of me without noticing it. As strange as the incident was, I simply shrugged it off... until it happened again a few days later.


Once again I was northbound on Roherstown Road, headed into work at around 7:30 a.m. I idly recognized a red Pontiac two cars back (the bright red color is what caught my eye first) and noticed it was tailgating the car in front of it. I was glad he wasn't directly behind me. (By the way, I drive an SUV, so I sit higher up and have a view over most compact cars nearby.)


There were several cars in front of me and I became alert when the road started to bend around a corner as the car in front of me momentarily disappeared, and when the road straightened and we were all in a line again, the red Pontiac was two cars ahead of me!


I glanced in my rear view and saw a couple of white and blue cars, but no blaringly red car. I was stunned! What on earth was going on here? The first time it happened, I let it go, assuming the Gran Torino passed me or something without my knowledge, but how did the red Pontiac pass both me and the car in front of me within a matter of milliseconds?


Even if the car somehow turned off somewhere, how could it turn back on without crashing into the oncoming traffic going around the bend? I tell you, neither of these cars passed me though... at least not in this realm! I have no explanation for the phenomenon. No further incidences have happened since but im keeping a lookout.



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Time Slip on Holiday


by Anonymous


It was summer, 2003 and we were holidaying at a caravan site in Wales. We had been down to the village to get shopping in for the week and we were walking down the isolated lane carrying heavy bags, stopping every now and then to take photos. Just before we took a final photo near some castle walls (the castle was now apparently converted into a hotel) we noticed a frog and then we went under the castleway arch and carried on. There was a dried-up pond close by and we commented that the frog was a long, long way from water. We seemed to be walking for ages and it was hot. The path was long and uphill, much further and more hilly than either of us remembered.


Finally, we saw ahead of us a woman walking with a sheepdog, turning onto a farm road (the first turning, incidentally, that we had come across) and we caught up with her to ask the way to our caravan site. She was astounded that we could have missed it and said we would have walked right past it and to turn back. (Just a note here, as the woman was giving us directions, a jogger ran past in the lane and glanced our way.)


Anyway, we walked back - and came to the caravan site, just by the archway as we'd originally remembered, complete with its usual ornamental pond, filled with water. There had been no caravan site when we walked past earlier, nothing but a dried-up pond. When we did the same walk a couple of times afterwards, the lane wasn't as long or hilly.


We often wonder if we maybe somehow went either forward or backward in time. And what of the jogger? He would have been running right behind us so did he see anything? I guess we'll never know what happened that day.



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Phantom Circus Tent




This happened in Burgess Park, South London in 2009. My friend and I used to walk down to Burgess Park in the evening with our kids to feed the ducks. Quite often, it was dark and the gates to that part of the park were locked. However, there was a gap in the railings to squeeze through, so we used to do this regulary. The kids enjoyed it and it was a nice walk and we could still walk through the rest of Burgess.


One night after we fed the ducks, we came out and saw just over the hilltop in the ungated part of the park the red and white striped top of a circus tent... or so we presumed. All the children saw it, too. We said that the next day we would inquire about ticket prices, etc. (It was too late to go over then.) We did think it was odd, however, that there were no posters advertising any circus.


We went home, and next day went to Burgess to find out about the circus... but we were very surprised to discover that there was no tent... no evidence on the grass to suggest there had been a tent of any kind.


We saw a workman doing some groundwork and asked him. He said no circus had been there recently. One did come yearly, but not recently, and after they had left there was such a mess left on grass to show it had been there. He said there had been no tent there the previous night or day and did not know what we could have seen.


We were totally baffled, and to this day still wonder about it.



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The Phantom Field




This happened to me and my sister when we lived in Thirsk the North of England in around 2002. We were in a sports centres car park when my mum left us in the car and went in to check opening times for the pool.


My sister and I (I then was around 12 she was about 10) saw a man walking strangely across a field adjacent to the car park. We were laughing between ourselves at his ridiculous outfit: a top hat and knee high boots, and the fact that he was walking very slowly and proudly across the field holding a cane. He had a small black dog with him. We watched as the dog disappeared into a hedge in the middle of the field. As we were wondering why the dog hadn't reappeared on the other side of the hedge, the man also walked into the hedge and didn't reappear the other side.


We carried on chatting and messing about for around 10 minutes, and then our mum came back to the car. We immediately started telling her about the man and dog, but when we looked back to show her where it was, the field had changed into a woodland area. There was no open field, no hedge, no man, or dog. We were in disbelief and very confused as to what happened.


To this day, I have no idea why we saw that man or the vanishing field, and why the rest of our surrounding -- the car and carpark -- remained the same throughout the incident!



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Time Rewind in the Attic




I purchased a very old homestead in Southern Michigan in 1981. The farm was a centennial farm in the year 1950, and the home and outbuildings were in rough condition from years of neglect. A log cabin allegedly occupied the site in the 1830s.


My father and I went into the home, gutted much of it, and remodeled. This farm was at one time very active, and provided for several families for well over 100 years. Babies were born in the home, and at least one elderly had passed inside its walls. At the time, I was a bachelor. My only companions were three collies. We lived simply.


Nevertheless, one early morning in March of 1995, I was awakened by a very loud sound. It was directly above me in the attic. A loud crash, sounding almost as if a large cabinet had fallen over. Worse, I could distinctly hear broken glass shattering.


My first impression was that it was a dream. But it wasn't a dream! My dogs were going crazy, staring up at the ceiling. This erased all doubts that this was not happening, but a real event. My blood ran cold when I remembered what was in the attic. Nothing! Just framing timber and insulation. There was nothing in that attic that could make that sound. The ceiling in the attic was cramped; an adult had to stoop to navigate it.


Several years later, an elderly woman visited. She was a stranger and had wanted to stop by this old farm for one last look. Her health was failing, and she told me she was one of several sisters who was born in the home. Her grandparents were early settlers. The home was originally a two-story farmhouse, and the upper level had caught on fire and was destroyed. It was never rebuilt. They just framed over what was left.


I will never forget the crash in the attic on that tranquil early March morning, and will always believe what we experienced was a paranormal experience. Some type of a time rewind. A sound of destruction in a house fire which occurred long ago.



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Dimensional Shift on the Hutchinson




This happened in 1986 in New York on the road between White Plains and the Throgs Neck Bridge. I was travelling the road one afternoon on my way home from White Plains to Bayside, Queens. The journey required me to travel the Hutchinson River Parkway, pay a 25-cent toll, and cross the Throgs Neck Bridge.


The road before the entrance to the Hutchinson River Parkway was confusing. It was easy to miss the exit. I remember nervously looking at the 25 cents on the tray of my Volvo, wishing the toll would come sooner than it did so I could be on my way.


That is when I missed the exit. I travelled about half a mile beyond it, and then in a panic, I decided to back up on the highway and see if I could get the exit after all. I backed up with oncoming traffic behind me, swerving the car to the shoulder to make the exit amid beeping and skidding, but I attained the exit with no damage.


Just as I reached the Hutchinson River Parkway and got on it, I heard the siren. It was a highway patrol car coming after me. I figured he witnessed my crazy driving move.


As I pulled over, I looked in the rear view mirror. The policeman that was getting out of the patrol car was the scariest one I had ever seen. Never mind the boots and the hat and the sunglasses, he just looked completely mean. I looked down at my lap and said out loud, "Dear God, I'd rather be anywhere but here."


I went into my pocketbook to get my license, and when I looked up, my car and I were sitting on the side of the entrance to the Throgs Neck Bridge -- well beyond the Hutchinson River Parkway, which I hadn't driven yet. The 25 cent toll was still on the tray in my car.


I had this funny feeling that I was frozen and I did feel stiff, so I flexed my wrists, rubbed my eyes and looked again. I was still on the entrance to the bridge -- a good 20 miles beyond the Hutchinson River Parkway. In order for this to happen, my car and I would have had to have been lifted in the air and placed back down 20 miles up the road.


After sitting for about 20 minutes in shock, I put the car in gear and drove over the bridge. Just beyond the bridge was my neighborhood. I always wondered what the cop saw. Did he see me vanish? Did it just "un-happen" for him? I will never know.



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Elevator Ride to the Future




On May 25, 1983 there was a planetary alignment. We were told that nothing would happen except perhaps a slightly higher tide.


I worked at Union Life Insurance Company on Center Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. At about 8 a.m. I was making my rounds and about to begin delivering mail to the three-story corporate headquarters building.


There were two elevators, one for people and one for freight. I went to the first elevator, but the agents and secretaries had jammed it full and they shut the door in my face, leaving me holding about 100 pounds of mail up to my chin. I then went to the freight elevator, but it was also full of freight and people, so when a third elevator seemed to materialize between the two other elevators, I just got on without thinking.


When I got inside the elevator, I noticed that there were no buttons. It seems that I had gotten an instant makeover as well, now appearing in the reflective walls to be wearing a three-piece black suit instead of the blue jeans I had entered with. I seemed to have aged into an old man as well.


Since I could not find any buttons to push, I started saying something like, "Come on! I need to get to the third floor." When I did, a little box lit up in the corner of the elevator and a voice said, "Third floor..." and the number three lit up. The door opened and I stepped out of a wall on the third floor unharmed, if a little woozy and continued my rounds.



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Sulfur and the House That Wasn't There




Two strange things happened in Bellingham and Everson, Washington. The first happened in the fall of 2011.


I was driving to Everson. I started to notice a slight sulfur smell. I've been driving and smelled sulfur before, so I didn't pay too much attention. The next thing I knew, the smell had become really strong. It was so strong I didn't want to breath.


I stopped at a store and said aloud for whatever to get out. I got out of the car, went into the store for a soda, then came back. The smell had faded a lot when I got back in my car. By the time I got to my destination, less than two blocks away, the smell was gone.


The second thing happened in the summer of 2012. I had gone to cash my paycheck. I was heading back the way I almost always go. I noticed a small house, among other smallish houses meant more for business than living in, with a nice lawn at the side. There was one of those real estate signs posted on the lawn.


The sign was one of those reverse L shapes with the sign itself hanging by two brackets. One of the brackets had broken so the sign swung from the other. The sign was swinging wildly like it had just broken loose or a strong wind was pushing it. It took about five seconds to pass the place and the sign just kept swinging wildly, like someone was pushing it the entire time. There was no wind at all that day.


A week later, I went down to the credit union so I looked, as I was going down in the same area, for the house with the nice lawn to see if the sign had been fixed. But there was no small house with a lawn and sign anywhere in that area. None of the places in that area had a lawn. Don't know if either of these is paranormal or just odd occurrences.



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Mysterious Vanishing Cemetery




This strange happening took place back in 1977 when I was 22 years old. Two friends and I were taking a ride on a back road between the small hill towns of Savoy and Florida, Massachusetts. The lonely country road that we were traveling on suddenly ended, so we decided to park our car and take a walk in the woods.


We weren't walking for very long when we came upon a cemetery in the middle of the woods. Now, there are lots of old cemeteries in these small towns, but that isn't the strange part. The strange thing was, this cemetery looked brand new. There were beautiful flowers and inviting benches scattered throughout the cemetery. The gravestones looked new, but we couldn't get close enough to read them.


The entire cemetery was surrounded by a high, black metal fence, and the gate was locked. The perimeter of the gravestones was lined by a neatly manicured lawn and well-trimmed hedges. Even stranger was the fact that there was no road or path leading to this cemetery in the middle of the woods, so how did the groundskeeper come through the woods with lawnmowers or other tools without a road or path to get there. I'm sure they didn't fly the equipment in and drop it by helicopter.


Needless to say, we were really freaked out. And as I stated before, the cemetery grounds were meticulously taken care of and inviting in appearance. My friends and I wanted to go in that cemetery so bad. Without the gravestones, it looked more like a secret garden. Anyway, we never went in.


The next day, we came back with a few more friends. We wanted them to see this strange cemetery in the middle of the woods. So we returned to the same spot with three more friends... but we found no cemetery. We knew exactly where the cemetery had been, but it was gone. We searched for hours.


How does a decent-sized, well-maintained cemetery just disappear? It doesn't, so we kept looking. We looked and looked and looked, but to no avail. As dusk approached, we gave up and left.


On two other occasions, we returned and looked again, but we never again found the cemetery. Now, 25 years later, I was telling this story to my 25-year-old son-in-law, who had grown up in the town of Florida, Massachusetts. When I began to explain the cemetery to him, I saw the color completely drain from his face, so I stopped and asked him if something was wrong.


He explained that 10 years prior, when he was 15 years old, he had been riding his minibike through the woods when he came upon a cemetery that looked exactly as I described it. He said he rode his minibike around and around the cemetery trying to figure out how it was so well taken care of and so new looking when there wasn't even a path or a road leading to this cemetery.


My son-in-law repeated that, like the cemetery I saw, it sat smack dab in the middle of the woods, with no way to bring in lawnmowers or other equipment. He claimed that he was so freaked out that he went right home and got two of his teenage buddies to accompany him into the woods on their minibikes. These kids grew up in the area and knew the woods well.


They immediately went back to where my son-in-law had seen the strange cemetery in the middle of the woods... but there was no cemetery to be found. My son-in-law said that he recognized practically every tree and leaf as he and his friends drove their minibikes through the woods. However, when he got to the site where the cemetery should have been, there were just trees, and no sign that there was ever a cemetery on that site.


He said his friends told him that he was crazy, and he was never able to validate his story... until 10 years later when I told him my story of the vanishing cemetery. Apparently, we had seen the same cemetery, and we had no explanation for never being able to find that cemetery again. It still freaks us both out, but at least together, we both have validation that the cemetery did exist, even if only for two days, 25 years apart.



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Church Apparition




This story took place several years ago, but I have never been able to forget it. It keeps popping up at random, quiet times and makes me wonder what the hell really happened.


My husband and I were considering moving further from the city than we are now. We live about forty five minutes west of St. Louis, Missouri. We drove outside of Union, Missouri to a town called Rosebud, to look at a home on some acres.


After looking at the house, we decided to drive around the area to see what the neighborhood was like. This is a very rural area and the roads off hwy 50 were gravel. We took one road after another and were pleasantly lost in the beautiful countryside.


We got on one little gravel road that was in bad shape so we had to go real slow to keep from sliding. We came upon a little abandoned church that was sitting right next to the road. We crept by it really slowly looking at it.


The windows were gone and there was no paint left. The bell tower was still there, but no bell. We could look right through the front windows to the windows on the other side. There were old pews still there, which surprised me. I would have thought they'd been stolen long ago.


Neither of us said a word and just drove on in silence. I was thinking what a crime it was to let such a neat old structure fall into ruin and assumed Charlie was thinking the same. Then he turned to me and said, "What do you think they were doing in there?" I didn't understand and he explained, "...all those people."


Well, the gist of the story is that I saw no one and Charlie saw a church full of people just sitting in the pews looking ahead or with their heads down. After a couple minutes of bantering with each other, I insisted we turn around and have a second look.


We headed back and this is where it gets even weirder. No church. We at first thought we had not gone far enough. Then we thought we went too far. No church! We found right where it should have been and there was just rocky grass that had been there a long time.


We talk of it now and then, but still can't figure out a reasonable solution.



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