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In the XenForo search engine set-up is their a switch to enable backwards searches? The current setting only allows for forward searches starting on a prior date and looking forward, search for posts "Newer Than [date]". Most of the searching that I do are searches that start on a date and look back toward older dates - "Older Than [date]".


And is there a switch and increases the width of the date range? The current setting only allows searches back to 1-FEB-2007 while the database itself goes back to 1999. People still do Titor based searches and virtually none of the Titor related posts and threads are covered by the current setting and certainly none of the original 2001 threads are covered.


I did, BTW, place all of the original Titor/TTO threads into a Drop Box public file and made a new thread for each. The threads aren't uploaded to this site but they are referenced in a URL link so they can be viewed, copied, discussed and saved by anyone who desires to have them.



Just another damned cowboy with a college education.



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@Darby, @servantx, @Skarpz


I realize I'm raising the dead with this bump, but I wanted to let you know that this should be PARTIALLY corrected at this point. I replaced the somewhat limited xenForo search with elasticsearch which should both return more relevant results AND display results regardless of the post's age.


On the advanced search page I still want to include a field for "Older Than" and an option to display things in ascending or descending order, but it should still be possible to find what you're looking for until then.


PS - I'll try to make it take less than 2 years to reply next time.

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