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Ken Yu Spell Time Traxel, woops...Travel?

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Each of your theories of time travel would seem more convincing, if, oh I don't know, you could spell your words korectly. How kould those of you that Kant spell right, expect to build time machines, or---travel through time?!?!?!? just a thuoht, woops, thought. So iff u r going 2 post a message, get your G.E.D., or just try your best to spell it KOREkTly, pleazzzzzzeeeeeee......



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Fair enough... but!


Indeed, I've stumbled across many spelling errors, particularly on the message board, making many theories very hard to read and/or comprehend. But remember a few things:


1) Messages are written quickly and are prone to type-os. That's just the nature of message boards


2) Many foreigners (English is not their 1st language) post to this message board, and we can't expect everyone to speak and spell perfect English (if you want to post in a foreign language, you may)


3) It's just a message board, not a college thesis; mis-spellings can be forgiven






the Admin



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