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I'm going to take an admitted guess at how Mike Lynch came to conclude that John Richard Haber is Larry's brother even though that is apparently not Richard's name. He did the reasonable thing and looked on SunBiz, the Florida Dept. of Corporations searchable database site. He knew that Titor was a computer geek and suspected that a member of the Haber family is Titor. He knew Larry has a brother named Richard. Viola! He found several LLC's, active and inactive, owned by one John Richard Haber...same first name used by Boomer for his character John Titor, same name used by Larry's brother Richard. Several of those businesses are computer/electronics shops.


But there's a problem. I don't know how old Richard is but he says that he's younger than Larry who is 50. The John Richard Haber on SunBiz started opening businesses in 1967, 42 years ago - and that's the problem. Richard was probably in elementary school at the time that John R Haber opened his first LLC along with his wife and one other family member, probably his daughter, as partners. Possible? Well, sure its theoretically possible that a married pre-teenager in elementary school would open several computer/electronics businesses. But is it likely? No. Just another guess, but I'm going far, far out on a limb and say that John R Haber is at least 65 years old. Richard might even respond with his age...and we discover that he wasn't even born when John R Haber opened his first business in 1967.


As I said, it's just a guess. I had no idea back in 2003 that Larry had a brother or if he did what his name was. But I did know that Titor was a computer geek. I did the SunBiz search shortly after Larry Haber's name came up in August of 2003...and I saw the LLC's started by John R. Haber, the first of which he started in 1967. It didn't set off any bells or whistles. It still dosen't set them off. In fact, it was during that initial search of SunBiz that Larry's name came up. I wasn't searching for Larry Haber, I was searching for "John Titor Foundation, Inc." based on The Book ads that popped up all over th e Internet.


Is it still a possibility that Richard is John Titor? Sure. And the possibility isn't even a far stretch. But there's no evidence that would cause me to jump on that wagon. Other than still having a passing interest in the story there's no reason that I can think of that would motivate me to do any more footwork. The story is almost 10 years old, the JTF has missed its window of opportunity to capitalize on the story and other than occassional surges in interest in Europe, specifically Italy, no one really cares about the story anymore. Razimus, as I warned him, found that out. For all the work he put into the investigation he received a few replies on his website over the course of a few days and then nothing.



Just another damned cowboy with a college education.



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did you notice how he avoided my questions?


did you also notice how he said, no, my name is not "john." no, his name is not john. it is jonathan. this is the deception i am talking about. based on that evidence, i could tell he was not going to help us any and mislead us. it is my belief that larry was grooming him as if it were a trial. you dont answer questions like a lawyer if you have nothing to hide.


so folks say his name is not jonathan? folks say his sons name is not either? well then, who the heck is this?






he went to school in tampa florida. is haber THAT common of a name in the tampa area?


and then, is this the same jonathan haber? he is from new york too. at the bottom of the page, it says, "back to john's page."




then theres this...




Haber Polk, LLP Wins Largest Single Plaintiff Employment Verdict In Ohio History

in ohio history... makes me mighty suspicious.


...you know what, screw it. i might as well throw the entire haber geneology out there...


maybe one day, if i throw enough spaghetti, some of its bound to stick, right? or at least make people realize that the habers are just trying to make money. if it was a person other than a haber, and they wanted to remain anonymous, larry would have never done an interview.


or he wouldve been sued. larry has the rights to this. when the excerpt from the movie was posted online, every username that posted it was lryhaber.


to me, there is more than enough solid evidence to prove john titor was not a real tt, and thats good enough for me. as long as everyone knows it was b.s. im happy without a name.



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C'mon my friend. Notice my last two IP's. I'm posting from the Santa Ynez Valley right now rather than at home. Different IP. It's a reasonable explanation by Richard.

do you really think that is a reasonable explanation for an it professional? he couldnt get it working for a week, so he finally decided to use another isp, only to tell us he knows nothing, then posts on the isp that was supposedly blocked the next day?


b.s. if it were a 14 year old kid who has never used a pc in their life, well thats very understandable.


its so funny to me that theres always something...


...that something being misdirection. gotta look at it from the correct perspective. he wasnt an IT guy for years by twiddling his thumbs.



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and another thing, you did that not to prove a point to me, but to test if there was a block on this site by verizon, hence the post, "test" that you changed to fit the conversation.


or are you deliberately trying to mislead?



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i thought as much. lol


read what they say about that guy too...


Says OMD North American CEO Page Thompson, "Ignition is the right word. He's truly an idea factory." Haber tempers his creative fire with masterful diplomacy. Because Haber and Ignition act as consultants to OMD client teams, he needs to prove the value he can bring without ruffling feathers. "People like him when he walks in," Thompson says, "and when he opens his mouth, they say, 'Wow.'"

well, thats how i describe titor. is this evidence? no. does it make sense? definitely.


so we now know that there were these two kids, jonathan and brandon, who ARE geniuses. remember, young and immature are two different things.



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yes, i do think that person or people were amazingly smart, especially for their age.


darby thinks brandon was too young at the time. i do not. it depends on the perspective you are looking from, i guess.


i know for a fact i could pull it off at 14. if i couldve, so could he.


in the end, its just my personal opinion. at the same time, you have to realize that i have dedicated alot of the past two years hunting titor. the conclusion i have come to is that brandon started it up, maybe even jonathan too. then, he told his father when it started getting too complicated. i think larry then came into the fold and took over. his "friends" inside disney created the props for him, and he hired a proffesional to take over the job. i personally believe the physics end came from richard haber, based on evidence i found from one of the sites i listed above. he dabbled in physics, and even wrote a few articles.


larry is a money hungry type of guy. he has more buisnesses than one person could ever keep up with. he and brandon are part of the internet entertainment writers association.


riddle me this larry: when is enough, enough?


i will be a thorn in his side as long as i possibly can be. i am of the firm belief that i have stopped the titor story from being ressurected several times. call me naive...


...but i still havent seen the movie. in order to do it legal, they will answer all my questions when the ending credits roll. i think it was a test, and it failed due to overdramatization.


will larry leave us in limbo about it forever? im sure of it. he cares about none of us.


i do. i am looking into the freedom of information act. i may have found a way to get the info we need.


i will live up to my name when it comes to titor. that is a promise i made, and that is a promise i will keep.



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well, i could be wrong about everything, true.


lets look into my own personality for a moment, if you dont mind. maybe this will shed some light on why i believe i am right.


i am a brutally honest person. if i hold one lie within myself, i cannot look in a mirror and i cannot sleep at night. i become divided and a firmament is created between ruthless and carey. if i keep this lie within me, i will eventually become numb, and ruthless will take over.


i am proud to say today, that carey owns this relationship, not ruthless. i figured that out by watching others who did not realize what they were going through. remember, perspective is everything.


if i felt like i told one lie, if i felt like there was any possible way i was wrong, i would not be able to live with myself. my word is bond. i do not care to trade my honor for pettiness.


i have juggled the variables into a million different scenarios. i will gladly put my reputation on the line.


what if i am wrong? i would be more upset and disappointed at myself than anyone could possibly be upset at me. i will hate myself for missing something. i will juggle it a million more times, wondering "what did i miss?" i will die with that one thing on my mind.


yes, it borders obsession, but it is not. that is just how much i care about this. i continue, and will continue to give it all ive got.


my mother would be very proud of me.



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You can be brutally honest and still not have enough info into a situation to know the truth.


Did you ever watch the end of a movie and find out the ending was something you would have never even thought of in your most creative moment? Maybe everything was a clever set up of some kind to cover for the real John. You just never know Ruthless.... It's possible I will never find out either.



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and if thats not enough, look at my track record. was i right about all of the other wannabe tt'ers? yes. was i ever wrong? no.


for the past two years, i have done my part to end bogus claims. i think i have done a very good job. heck, one guy didnt even make it an hour.


and who can forget how much fun i had with joseph kakusagan? that was a blast.


all in all, i think my track record speaks for itself. and i never had to lie.


im not trying to turn it into the ruthless show or anything of the sorts. i am working to end the saga.



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Ruthless to many time playing as a Bad A** Rainman's Style that you are totaly Clueless!!!






Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.

Ãœberm Sternenzelt richtet Gott, wie wir gerichtet.

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Did you ever watch the end of a movie and find out the ending was something you would have never even thought of in your most creative moment?

no. its the same old thing, over and over again, except with a little spin. when i was a child, i used to have alot of those moments, but after a while, you realize the good guys always win. movies are overdramatization at its finest.


Maybe everything was a clever set up of some kind to cover for the real John.

if that were true, why would he hire larry to protect his identity? that is what he has hired larry for. why would a time traveler give himself up to a guy that, in his future, is a board member of the internet entertainment writers association?


what are the odds of larrys son growing up and working for nasa? then, what are the odds that he would also be a member of the internet entertainment writers association?


what are the odds that a guy making a buck (larry) is actually trying to help someone? what are the odds that brandon haber went to political debates around the country at that age?


there are plenty of facts to support my accusations. you will find out one day that the people i say that were part of the titor experiment, were a part of it. i guarantee it.


considering i have been wrong approxamitely 27 times in my life, i wonder what the odds are that i am right...



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Ruthless to many time playing as a Bad A** Rainman's Style that you are totaly Clueless!!!

that really hurt, robot. i didnt know they upgraded your emotion chip...


so is that really how you feel about me? im just a wannabe rainman? and i am clueless? super cold, even for a bot. but, to each his own. i am just glad i am not at the disadvantageous position of looking from your perspective, even though i do glance that way, from time to time.



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You can be brutally honest and still not have enough info into a situation to know the truth.

pamela, if i felt that i did not have enough info, you would hear none of my opinions. i wouldnt have an opinion. remember when i didnt have any opinion other than, "that was a beautiful story?"



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I would like this guy very much to be John. LOL :D :love: :love:

brutal honesty, ok. and maybe this WILL get through. in all of your text that you have wrote on this site, you have made those faces a total of three times now. once for titor (it was alot more btw), another one was over a tom cruise comment, and another was this jonathan haber guy. do you not find that fact interesting about yourself? do you find it interesting that it did not come from a search, but from what i remember? i pay attention to detail.


how blatantly obvious is it that you are attracted to intelligent guys, and good looking guys? you could say thats true for all women, but its not. some women look for a man to protect them, some look for a man to abuse them, depending on their perspective.


this may be embarrassing personal info, but if i can read your thoughts from text, and know you are crushing on a guy, then maybe you will understand how i know what i know.


i hope you understand. there is a 100% chance you will agree with me. there is only a 25% chance you will tell me you agree. if you dont agree though, i can always quote you, and i dont even have to look it up, watch: " i just love creative, intelligent people." -pamela moore speaking to me in the clamorian thread quite a long time ago.


photographic memory ftw...



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This is one of those days when you may be walking along, dear Leo, and all of a sudden there is a street performer on the sidewalk playing music. Suddenly your normal footwear turns into a pair of dancing shoes and you find yourself boogying down the rest of the road. It won't take much to get you groovin', and once you start, it may be hard for you to stop.

yeah, i know, god. i know...



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" C onsidering i have been wrong approxamitely 27 times in my life, i wonder what the odds are that i am right..."


28...29...30...31...32... Sometimes one cannot even tell when they are wrong.



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your perspective is that i am wrong. my perspective is that i had nothing to be wrong about. who is right?


like i said, how am i to know that you are subjecting me to an english test, if you never tell me?



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did you ever realize that you are treating me rudely because you dont want to believe he was a phoney?


if i agree with you, you treat me nicely. when i have a small debate over what i believe in, you start acting like a schoolkid, and acting like i am wrong for stating my personal opinion. tell the truth. you dont like it when i am in your head, do you?


you do not like the fact that i know you have cried many times over this. that this whole thing has hurt you deeply. does it comfort you any to know i saw it all, and i went through it too? i empathize with you, therefore...


you know what... from here on out, i will learn my lesson. people dont care to hear any of this.


everyone thinks i am a jerk when i pour my friggin heart out. thats the last thing i need in my life.



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