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now this is what i call a very potential interesting thread,let's see how it will keep developing,i am seriously fascinated reading specially darby's post,'cause they are always filled with a lot of proof,thanks ;) :) ;) ;) :)



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I have one of my fathers freinds named "doug" that was working at disney as a sheet metal worker at the time.


I could contact him.


If it was, some special project stuff, he would have the contacts, to see if a case like that was made.


I usually dont follow up on this stuff, but it would be ,a nice touch and a solid link.


Whatever the props were had to come through the shop.

That would be good. I was actually the "Disney executives did it" thread maker though, not Razimus. Although I look forward to seeing a new video from him hijacking and ruining any real research into that angle shortly.



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