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Time Travel poll for film magazine

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An American film magazine is interviewing me over a couple of animated projects I am doing. As part of that they will be referring to the new blog for one of the films (it's my signature below). I intend to give some nice free press to this site, and hopefully erase the stain of Titor and replace it with something more positive and cool like the excellent level of thought and discussion here...


Anyway, if anyone here wants to vote on the poll on the blog, just click through to the blog and vote. The poll is on the right hand side.






The poll results will be reported in the magazine article provided I can get at least 200-300 responses according to the editor, so please help me make it happen! :love:



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Top Posters In This Topic

since I, and the seven generations that do followeth my issue are banned at ATS could someone who ISN'T banned there post them a link to my time travel poll? I need at least 200-300 responses to it to get it into the article and I think it would be so cool to do that. And we could then look forward to more visitors here. :)



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