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We're SciFi.com site of the week!!!

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It's true. All of it.

Hi everyone

Im absoloutly sure MOP has put many hours of work into this site & does deserve a HEAP of credit for the accomplishment of being choosen over so many other sites, it must have felt good


I must say that the award given to this site is more than likley due to the level of thought & communication of the people that use it & regually post messages (MYSELF EXCLUDED).

Please Note: I dont wish to steal one persons well deserved glory, But feel the need to see it spread where due. After all, Can the sales Manager take all the credit for a record sales month, NO, its a team effort.

Many Thanks / Well Done / Congrats to all / Please dont hate me Mr MOP


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You're absolutely right!

The Time Travel Institute is as much the discussion forum as it is Dr. Von Schnelling or the Vampire Penguins. You guys have all helped make this site what it is. Which is why WE (all of us) are SciFi.com site of the week.

Congratulations to all!


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