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Re: origin (orig1n)

For example, he wrote that when they were playing around with the unmanned instrumentation prototypes, they would crank them up, the prototype would disappear and be tracked in the next minute to 15 miles away and three thousand feet in the air, due to the rotation and movement through space of the Earth, from which position they would make a rapid, unplanned and terminal descent.


This all sounds perfectly feasible, excepting for the minor 'fact' that as an operator, he wouldn't be involved in the prototype stage. His involvement would have come much later in the development process, probably after the sacrifice of several small mammals and a couple of apes.


Sounds like a takeaway. Side order of chicken fried rice.




nevermind the fact that in a minute the earth has traveled almost 1800 km tangentially along its orbital path. Too likley you'd drop in the ocean, not just 15 miles away.



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