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What time is it? Part One


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of a story so tell me what you think.


What time is it? Part One by CPGUY aka Guy Douglas


Time: 8:42pm Saturday December 14, 2002


Location: Salem, Oregon, USA, Earth


Yesterday, a group of about fifteen young people in about their late teens walked around downtown in normal clothing, but that wasn't the weird part. The weird part was that there was a leader that looked a little different and walked a bit ahead of the group. His attire was gray and by the design of how the clothes were made it looked as if I have never seen anything like it before. At least in this time period. He dresses like Rufus from 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey', but not exactly like him. The guy even had a small beard that was gray.


I noticed them out of the corner of my eye while my friends and I were walking along the sidewalk. They were walking in the opposite way parallel to us in the parking lot. How strange is that? No one seems to do that around here and if they do it is walking towards somewhere in a diagonal direction to either the alleyway to the coffee shop or to back on the sidewalk. Walking parallel to the sidewalk? Once we were getting closer my group of people laughed for some reason and I thought I heard them say something about us, but no one else noticed the other group talking about us or even looked at their direction.


Tonight it was different. There was another group of young people, but with the same leader. I realized that there were no natural blonde-haired people in the group. This was just an observation that I made. They stopped around inside the Salem Center Mall wondering what seemed as if everything was all new to that group. Well, besides the fact that it was Christmas season. Why does it look like he is putting on a tour? We don't have tours here. Why can't anyone else see them, but me?


Later on, I was at a one of the many coffee shops in downtown. When I changed my sweater from black to the one I just bought in gray, I decided to go for a walk. And when I did, the 'tour' group was following me. Even after I turned the corner they followed after me.


As I was walking, one of the people in the group, a man with a white puffy coat, spoke to me as I was walking ahead of them and said, 'Your personal relationship life must be great!'


I replied, lying, 'Yahp.' I say this even though no one else says this kind of yes word.


But before I could do or say anything else the man in gray asked me if I could move faster. I said, "I can walk really fast."


So I did. Damn, he tricked me into walking away from them. I watched as they walked towards an alley, but never watched them afterward. I just kept on going forward. I wonder where they are from. Why was he taking walking them into an alley? The guy in gray doesn't even look from


this place or even this time.


Wait a minute! What am I doing? This could be a chance of a lifetime! As I ran back over to where we left off I could see them turning the corner in the alleyway. Steadily running as fast as I could, I eventually caught up with them. Something strange was happening around them like a yellowish glow surrounding them. Quickly I grabbed a hold of the guy in gray just before something was about to happen. Once I grabbed a hold of him I was in the bright yellow glow and it became too bright for me to see anything else. The unknown was happening through this short plane of existence. As soon as I could feel the warmth of the glow die down, I opened up my eyes.


Once I opened them it was dark and we were inside a building, but not in an alley anymore. I wonder where I am. Am I in a different dimension? Did I just travel through time? Suddenly, the guy in gray states, ' You weren't supposed to be here! I must send you to the Central Temporal Concourse at once!'


Right about the time we exited the building I decided to make a run for it. As I was running away from them, I noticed something. This is a different world. I looked up and could see buildings so high they were seemingly endless. Flying cars all around? Whoa! I never thought I'd see flying cars! People are everywhere. Just like New York.


Just a couple blocks ahead of where I was I could see Wendy's to the right and a park full of people just playing a little bit further just enjoying their time. I wish I could be at the park soon. So I began running even faster to get there. But, it was too late! Out of every corner of my eyes, appearing out of nowhere there were people that looked like guards wearing gray (it must be some weird governmental fashion) coming closer and closer to me. My fear rate is going up and just one breath further one of them grabbed a hold of me. We disappeared from the scene with the yellowish glow just like before.


This time we were in another building. It looked as if we were in a largely room dimly lit, but fairly large and four exits with seating all around. All of them filled. Everyone in the room was watching me. A few people stepped forward, but not close enough to have me listen to them. One guy, with clothes I could not recognize, stepped forward and was about to say something. Hopefully it would be about where I am.


Tell me what you think about this story. Thanks. Guy Douglas. aka CPGUY



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I don't mean to offend you, but it seems like it's written at an 8th grade level. If it's intended as a rough draft, it's not bad.



Give a man a fish and he will poo for a day; give a man avian flu and he will poo for the rest of his life.



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Ok, cool. I forgot to mention it also depends on your target audience. Whatever the case, I think you should keep up the writing hobby. All skills are refined over time. :)



Give a man a fish and he will poo for a day; give a man avian flu and he will poo for the rest of his life.



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I have finished it. Twice. Both were lost. But the forces that be don't want it to be finished. This won't be finished but it will be as be. Besides I've got tons of great stuff that I'll be writing in November and it's harder to go back on old stuff.



Here now and then. As time passes, you wonder about it all.

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All I have is time.

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