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Bone please Chrono

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I have talked to CH (Chronohistorian) a few times on the yahoo and have gotten the impression he is not even thinking through his answers. A little research could have given him some time before he was debunked. Heck he was more than debunked and still goes on.


I explained my experiments in Rving and time travel and he just told me I could not have been traveling because of this stuff he calls Chronoradiation.


CH, you story has very little creditability. You have made no effort to make your story real to us. You have degraded people and called them stupid. I can tell you from experience that that is the wrong way to go on any board. (I was rude to some when I first started coming to this board) If you are a real time traveler what is you reason for posting 600 post on this board.


I have read all of your posts and see you are very immature for someone the government chose to go through time to get their history back.


I read your explanation on Chronoradiation.


What is the half life of this radiation? What causes the radiation? An aging effect would not be called radiation. I could understand a singularity causing radiation, but not 'chrono'.


In fact your whole story of travel reminds me of a movie that just came out on DVD about a transporter device opening a worm hole allowing them to travel to the past.


I am not trying to belittle anyone. If I posted my time travel experiments here I would expect the same critical thinking by many on this board. But at least I would be able to explain what I was talking about and not just beat around the bush and sidestep.


CH, try again after some research….get a new name and new ip and see if you can stump the debunkers on this board. Yes I am saying I can't believe you are a time traveler. (see above)


When learning to fly I had to learn how the jets worked as well how to fly them I would think it would be no different for time travel. Come on give us a bone already.





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I told you RVing is impossible the way you said because:


1. there is no chronoradiation


2. even if there was no such thing as chronoradiation then you said that you could see russia and other places like that but unless there are tempral satellites then you could only see the past of the exact place where you are.


3. why would time guards come and steal your experiment? if it was supposed to be invented then they wouldn't have stolen it because they are their to protect time and not change it.


chronoradiation lasts forever unless you neutralise it. time travelling causes the chronoradiation.


chronoradiation does something to the cells to make it age you



the quote of the day is:


if you can't have your cake and eat it, what is the point in getting cake?


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