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Re: Heed ignorants not part II


And one more thing to be noted:


Siegmund may have actually done the most humane, and valuable thing for Creedo: He suggested that he might want to look into getting professional help. Coming from a mental health professional, this should not be taken as a put-down. It is serious stuff, and it may help Creedo come to grips with what makes him the way he is.


But as with any sort of problem, such as alcoholism or other afflictions, the first step is recognition and admission of the problem by the one afflicted. Without that, help by anyone else is futile.


Kind Regards,





corruptissima re publica plurimae leges

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Re: Heed ignorants not part III


Siegmund of EarthTR125.0121


Hmm... Hmm...


Although I did not like the way you expressed your idea I do understand that you might be interested in discussing about the actual physics. That is good. However, I would advice you to be a little bit more courteous with the fellow members of this forum. Some of us including Creedo have been a part of it for a very long time. Maybe your very little exposure to his ideas do not help you to grasp the many things he can teach us all. Yes he can be quite an eccentric but that does not give you the right to ridicule him or anything.


We have had your kind in the forum before, they come in, attack us and then disappear the same way the first manifested themselves. So it will be a matter of time.


But now you want to talk physics, let us do it.


The first thing in order for us humans to achieve time travel capabilities is to understand time, what is it made off. Every field through which we move is a medium. We travel through the air, earth and water. We managed to create vehicles, machines, devices that could traverse these mediums because we studied it and found out their dynamics in relation to movement, acceleration and mass. Now, air, water and earth is made up of molecules, what do you think constitutes time? What is its arrangement. Let us think about it now. And please do respond, my invitation to an open discussion of time has been extended. It is up to you now my dear friend.


Until later becomes now.



Until Later Becomes Now


Tempus Rerum Imperator



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Re: Heed ignorants not


becareful Drawing or you might get attached by "the all knowing" Sigmund, who from looking at his


last post doesn't act like he's very smart or civilized, more like an annoyed person with limited


knowledge,grammaticaly speaking, but thats just me.


But who ever said it had the right idea, if you guys don't like how Creedo types and what not, just don't read his stuff, and that goes for anyone, show some curtisy here people! don't start attacking people just because they cannot type as well *ahem* as you do.


Now i'll just sit back and watch the flaming.



No amount of preperation can make-up for pure dumb luck



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Re: Heed ignorants not


Were humans, and it's written in our genetics to hurt others, wheather it be for protection, venegence, or matieral gain, we do it and it will always be this way,


there can be no such thing as world peace unless there is mass genocide and all but a few races live togeather, Not to sound rasict or anything, it's just you can't please everyone



No amount of preperation can make-up for pure dumb luck



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