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Dhum, Guys, need some help here.


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He Guy's,


How's everybody doing? Yeah you noticed I'm new here. :p


I'm doing an essay on timetraveling for some weird schoolsubject you guys never heard off.


And I just started, and gotten myself in trouble, :p, I'm first supposed to tell my teacher what time is, but, How do you explain something like that. It's kinda uhm... hard to explain.


Well any help is welcome.


Thanks everybody,


By the way, I'm dutch, my english ain't great, and I'm only 16 years old, so try to make it not to complicated :p. You're great.







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We still dont know what time is,so tell him to stuff it up his anus.




Check backposts and i suggest trying to track down some books on einstien's relativity,


as long as you say TIME is relative not absolute(same everywhere as newton and common sense tells you)


times not the same for everyone.


As i say we still dont know what it is exactly.



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