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Send a ship back to Earth from the future.


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A few brave soles may one day come back to the Earth (from the future) and let us know that our human race made it. Just make sure that our friends come to the land of the free "The United States". By now, we should be understanding enough to greet our friends with peace and ability to learn (also communicate). The Radioactive Boyscout 10/03/2002. Distributed flyers (Shelby township, sterling hts., Macomb county, Utica). 3- Dimentional triangle (C.O.M.F.A.T.). Melanotropin, mental projection and application Sep/01/2002. Code:(Mfdqsnihph. Yrntwlmpsstgcs. TmfeaaMttRoaC. SDHFUESALM/FIPO).


Saturday/20th/2003 12;45 P.M. Eastern time (Correct stable placement on the grid.


It appears that we are far from the above. Fortunatly, we can start working with transfering messages (in code format) that may be reconstructed in the past, maby future? Even if a prototype system was built, we would need to secure a space that would be highly protected from the elements and potential intruders. It appears the microwave signal construction and light acceleration only scratches the surface. Whatever is created, it will require an enormous (input/output) for the energy required. I am sure that detectors will also be created to measure this, if and when it happens.


Chronovisor Sources


iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}



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