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Launch Human DNA into space in (All Directions)


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If life started from a comet or meteorite, woulden't it be a good idea to start launching frozen human blood (In sealed containers) into all directions of space. Maby, include cloning instructions. What if the human race eventually ended (In the far future) because we did not rocket our human genetic material towards unknown solarsyatems and planets. So what if the solorsystem or planet can not sustain or promote cellular material, or duplicate owr precious genetic codes. Well, by the time the Earth sample gets there, Life may be able to start all over again. Unfortunatly, it seems that most human are only concerned with how much money that they can make. Woulden't this be an admirable idea? We should have already rocketed human genetic samples (Within heavily protected containers) to at least, the planets in our own solar system. Just remember, there really has never been any biological isolation between the planets anyway.


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This is not a true supposition, as in George C. Andrew's book, Extra-terrestial Friends And Foes, there is telling by the Procyionian, Khyla, that Earthbased man, is already a product of direct alien genetic engineering.


This was done on a mass wide scale and most of the human population carries direct alien genes, as part of a mix, from ape-like creatures.


Some of our planets are already inhabitant by secret alien bases, Mars and the moon, as well as many of the submoons of some of the large planets within this system.


So to rocket human DNA onto these planets would be considered a resiprosical move, by not only our own government, however by the aliens who helped engineer us to begin with?





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Shooting human blood and DNA into space wouldn't accomplish anything... Are you expecting it to land somewhere and turn into a human? Or for some space-faring civilization to find it and make a clone of you? I don't think that's how it works.


If the building blocks for life can arrive here by asteroid, building blocks have also LEFT our planet the same way. We've already paid it forward.



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