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Faraday Homopolar Dynamo Part 6


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Can use another experiment to show that the electromagnetic field intensity of a coil


can be determined by the current I through coil and electronic velocity v of current I.


Can have a c shaped electromagnet pulling an iron bar with a force F by both of its


magnetic poles. The pulling force seems to be:


F=u U L L I I=(u L I) U L I,


where u is electromagnetic permeability of c shaped electromagnet coil core,


and U the electromagnetic permeability of the iron bar. The L is length of the wire


of the electromagnet coil. The coil has a voltage V accross it which increases is


current I is increased. Electron velocity v of current I is v=V. Can substitute v and V


into previous equation to get:


F=u U L L I I=u U L I V=u U L I v=u U Q,


where Q is the amount of electronic charge in the coil. The electronic charge


Q depends on velocity v, because if v is higher during a certain amount of time


period with same I, there should be more electron flow or charge Q.


The electron velocity v determines the amount of charge Q that goes through the wire


during a given time period t.


Q=v I.


This may show that the electromagnetic field intensity B from an electromagnetic


is also determined by the voltage V=v applied to the coil and electric current I.


Chronovisor Sources


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