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Mathematics For Multidimensional Spacetime


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To Whom this may concern:


The following idea may help in the study of time travel.


The following is a mathematical equation to determine the chromatic musical scale. It can be used


to determine the fret positions y on the fret board of a stringed instrument. The equation is:


y=a - a /2^n ,


where exponent n is 0 to 12, a=600 milimeteres the maximum string length. The n can be increased in 1/4 increments.


Plot the graph of y versus n on paper. The graph will not be a smooth curve. It will


have small bumbs and valleys on the curve. The curve shape wil depend on length a.


These calculated y values will not match to actual fret distances on modern stringed instruments.


This is why stringed instruments are difficult to tune completely. This may indicate that reality may


not be able to to be modelled by mathematics or complex mathematical equations. Electronic digital calculators


may not give the actual solutions to complex equations like of y. A slide rule may calculate better results for y,


because the calculations are physical using actual lengths. Try calculating y with a slide rule, then plotting


its results, and compare both graphs. This phenomenon indicates that abstract concepts or mathematics may


not be tied to reality. This may imply a multidimensional spacetime; meaning different spacetimes may not have to same


laws of nature. A section of reality may also depend partially on the observers as well as the past.






March 18, 2003.



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