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Poltergeist or not?


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I have a friend who's brother is sick alot. They also have alot of little things going on around the house i.e. pictuers going crooked, microwave being turned on, light switches, the norm. I have not a had a chance to do one of my majorl amatuer Paranormal Occurences Investigations at her place. But I would like to know, how many of us believe in these noisy spirits that wreak havoc in clean houses and suck the life out of people?



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Braude, an acquaintance, would say a person in the house is most likely doing the actions unconsciously through some psi mechanism:


Stephen E. Braude - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I don't think there is any "life sucking" going on.


Personally I have experienced some poltergeist phenomena off and on all my life, (yes you can call me crazy if you like).


Typical example for me is shutting bedroom door to go to the kitchen, I would do this to keep the dog from going into my room.


Anyway, I'm gone for 5 minutes max, I go back to my room and the door only opens an inch. I start pushing on it and try to look in and I see my nightstand has been pushed in front of the door from the inside.


Only my sister and I in the house, windows were locked in my bedroom, no one in the room hiding, etc. One of many stories.


Go figure.......................



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We, as a species, believe that we are at the top end of the spectrum of life here on Earth. Is that really an absolute truth ? Who can say with certainty that there aren't more advanced terrestrial life forms beyond "us" ?


Right now there are formatted energies streaming through us that we can't hear or see without the aid of devices, so , just because we don't see or hear any possible advanced life form(s) above 'us', doesn't necessarily mean they don't exist.


From a comparative perspective of all the other spectrum's found so far within nature, seems that there indeed would be different and more advanced life forms above and beyond humanity.


How easily they can interact with humanity ? And might 'they' account for "some" of the paranormal experiences we have.



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I have always been curious of Poltergeist activity because I have seen in it videos but have only had very little experiences with it personally.


I do believe it happens and if it is happening to them, I would advise them to move. I do believe that spirits can make you ill because it has happened to me. Some people are a lot more sensitive to the paranormal and are affected by it differently. I have lived in many different areas and have experienced spirits from living in different homes and doing paranormal investigations. I can feel when there is a spirit near me and I have seen a few.


I used to live in a double-wide trailer with my Mom and there was a spirit of a young boy there that would terrify me.


I now live in my own apartment and haven't had anything happen, besides feeling uneasy sometimes.



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