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Time Travel Is Impossible


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Hey im sorry to dispute anyones ideas here and i guess i dont want to make people mad but i dont think time travel is possible. I have a few simple reasons that explain why. But just so everyone knows i am not anyone who knows much about this sort of stuff these things just came to me off the top of my head one day and i wrote them down before i forgot them because i get alot of ideas that i forget.


OK anyway here it is. I dont think time travel is possible for a couple of reasons. One, u cant specify a time to go to. Say u wanted to go back to ( July 4 1963 ) i believe that if tried u would be pulled apart into many different times at once because u cant specify the time. U remember i said that date? well here is why u cant this would go on forever ( July 4 1963 in the morning at 8:31 with 28 seconds and 23 milliseconds and 22 billionths of a second and so on and so) this would go on forever whitch means u can't specify the time to be sent back or forth in time.


My number 2 reason that i think it is impossible it because what about orbits and movement. Exp. ( lets say u want to travel back in time 1 and a half years. Since it takes a year for the earth to travel around the sun u would end up somewere on the other side of the sun if u tried to go back in time.) Those r the reasons i think it is impossible.


If anyone has some good reasons to oppose these theories i would be very greatfull because i really do wish time travel was possible.



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It has already been proven that time travel is possible when ever you go on a ride in and airplane of drive your car you are traveling a very small amount of time into the future. Most of the devices that people on these web boards are expiramenting with work on energies and principals that our science dose not fully unterstand. now as far as the earth moveing around the sun and the sun around some thing else and so on. if you have the technology to rip a hole in the space time continuum and creat a wormhole into the past, they why couldent you also point the end of the worm hole to where earth was then. Most devices that people are experimenting with use gridpoints on the earth to create a worm hole there by locking the wormhole to that point on the earth. Now as far as finding an exact point in time I could go the the moment that 10:08 turns to 10:09 with our haveing to gointo the millions of billions of a second.


well I am done rambaling for now and I hope that I disproved your theory



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Re: Time travel is impossible....On the contrary


Friend New2theGame


Although your theories seem to have been well reasoned out, they are not as accurate as they seem. To begin with in your exposition you relate to time as not being able to be specified. Well actually time, if measured as the rate of chronotonic particles being emmitted and accumulated in the fabric of space/time, it can very well be not only specified but mapped! This would leave the observer with an intricate, fractal-like representation, lattice of the emerging and ever expanding reality. Once having this type of data, the would be timephaser would only have to recreate around him the conditions for a specific accumulation of chronotons. This would then procure to open wormhole-like event, leaving it enough time ajar to enable physical transit.


Your second point in your exposition related to the traslatory orbit of this Earth around the heliosphere of this small but very much comfortable star system. Well... There are two main branches in the study of the physical unverse. The classical physics and the quantical. The first tries to explain the main events of large objects, the larger, the better the prediction will end out. The quantical strives to give cohesion to the miraculous world of the sub atomic particles and their nearly unpredictable behavior. With the amazing topic of time travel, the observer has to learn to deal with both types of disciplines at the same time. The sort of movement that you related to does not occur, because of two main reasons.


1. When timephasing to a particular period you access the spatial/temporal geometrics of the specigfic time.


2. When timephasing you are circunscribed to the own movement of the planet or place that you happen to be in in relation to the main gravitic body. As an example you can imagine yourself riding in a motor vehicle and tossing upward an apple. The apple as soon as it leaves your hand it will go up and then return to the same spot in your hand that it left. THis due to the momentum of the vehicle. The same applies to the traslatory orbit of this little blue planet and all of it's time travel loving researchers.


Nonetheless I urge to keep thinking, your participation here is a motivation to the many that enter the forum. All ideas are welcome, as well as every single commentary. I hope you never loose your faith in the reality of time travel.


Until later becomes now.



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