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Please note and to the attn of the good MOP here.


Note at Jeffrense.com's saying, very large and probably raidoactive coment, rounds the sun, as reported at Rense.com.


Telling of large coment, that when rounding Earth's central sun, was alos caught within caronnal discharge.




Need mass radiation physicist here, however mass and hight of coment, plus estimaited radiation values of caronnal discharge.


Factor, radiation flus, to coment, and charge held?


>Now what is incured value, of radiation, onto rock surfaces and additional to this what are radiation values, probable of rock, once its on it way towards Earth?


Somebody at NASA or the National Space Institue's comet sciences, should be tracking this?


Link is, http://www.rense.com/general35/ads.htm


Thanks Dan



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