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Time Travel - The Mind - Energy


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This may get long, it's 7am and I have had no sleep.


Feel free to correct me on anything that I may express in this. This is very open for discussion.


All things of this earth are made up of carbon atoms. From the keyboard you touch, to the skin you use to touch it with. It is known that all carbon atoms of this dimension is set to it's own vibrational frequency.


Now, our brains, made up of billions of neurons containing the energy that makes up our conscience, our mental state as well as overall life-force or otherwise referred to as our soul. This energy is also set on this dimensions vibrational frequency.


What say that upon the death of our outer shell (body), this mass of energy (soul) were to maintain our conscious state of mental ability, yet without the restrictions of our physical body interfering with it.


Our mental energy is only as capable as the neurons that contain and utilize it. Correct? I would think so. As it is known that our brains only utilize a small percentage (10-13%) of itself, I consider it safe to say that this is somehow an intentional means so as to protect our physical state from the powers of our mental state.


Well, once our mental state is released from our physical state, what happens?


I figure, that the energy making up our mental being, or conscious mind is altered through time based on the way we live our lives. Whether it be a positive energy or a negative energy and therefore, our mental state or soul, is attracted to the greater mass of energy upon it's physical release that maintains the same charge.


It is said that, the only thing that can travel the speed of light is energy. Light, is energy. So, what this tells me is that once released, our mental state can roam freely to any distance within this dimension all the while maintaining our conscious train of thought.


Now, what I believe to be possible is, during the course of a persons life, their energy, being altered based on the actions and reactions associated with his way of living results in the overall magnetism of his mental state. Positive or negative. (Heaven or Hell), however, if this individuals state of mind is left indifferent or inconclusive, his energy remains trapped with no greater energy mass being receptive until the energy in question has concluded it's ultimate state (purgatory).


Ok, now consider a radio station. How many times have you been listening to a radio station only to find it crossing with another station? This is a cross of two frequencies interfering with one another.


I believe the same happens with mental energy in the sense that once a mental state of conscious energy has been released with no positive or negative destination, that energy remains trapped remaining on the same vibrational frequency it has continued on in the physical sense prior to release. This energy based on the surrounding elements and the state of mental clarification prior to and after it's release has a direct effect on the strength of it's force and power to develop enough mass around and or within itself that it begins to take shape viewable by the human eye.....


What I do not understand is that if the only thing that can travel the speed of light is energy, yet the energy of particles is made up of sound waves, how then could this energy travel at light speeds?


Ultimately, the energy within out own minds could not be capable of a temporary escape due to its powering of the body and therefore time travel while in a physical body would not be possible as the mass of the human makeup would be destroyed through transit.


The only way I see for human time travel to be possible is to break down the molecular makeup of the physical body in it's entirety, transform that matter into energt, accelerate that energy through a point that would accelerate the mass of energy to light speeds while the Earth continues it's liner time path. Once the light travel session were to complete, the molecular makeup would then need to be restructured to it's original state.




I'm tired.


Any thoughts?



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