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Tachion Transceiver


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May build a tachion transceiver for sending electronic signals through time.


The tachion transceiver is a round amplifier made by Proffesor Shiniki Seike.


The round amplifer is an electronic oscillator. It generates square waves.


Amoung the square waves are narrows spikes as electrical signals.


These electrical spikes are assumed to be produced by tachions


travelling through time in the transistor material of the circuit.


The electrical square waves in the circuit send out tachions through


time and then are received or detected again by the round amplifier.


The roung amplifer consists of three common emitter transistor stages


connected in series. The electric output of the last stage is send


back to the input of the first amplifier stage via capacitor link. This produces an


electronic oscillator that generates the square waves and detects the tachion pulses.


The collector load resistances of the transistors are about 500 ohms and


the emitter resistances are about 100 ohms which are bypassed by capacitors each.


The electric power supply voltage for the transistor was about 12 volts


direct current.


The transistors may be 2N3904 type or faster.


The amplifier stages should be well shielded from each other with


metal sheets. Other sensitive amplifier circuits can produced similar narrow


electric spikes in the presence of 6o hertz frequency electric signals.


These spikes may be from the stray inductances and capacitances of the amplifier's circuit


and is not positive proof of tachions travelling through time, but the experiment results


may lead to more research on time travel with tachions.



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Tachyon Transciever Part 2


Made a spelling error: tachion should read tachyon.


Tachyon particles or waves is assumed to travel faster than the


speed of light c. Perhaps the tachyon particle velocity is c*c=v,


c*c*c=v or c^c=v. Can compare a tachyon particle to a photon.


If a photon particle has a certain size range, the tachyon would be smaller.


If the photon has a mass, the mass of the tachyon would be smaller.


If the tachion has a wavelength A, the wavelength may be


A=c/f, where f the oscillation frequency like the photon's frequency.


Some time ago once tried to make a tachyon transceiver. It is a sensitive electronic


amplifier made with transistors as amplifiers capable of detecting a few millivolts.


The electric output assumed to be produced by tachyons from this amplifier was send to


digital D flip-flop memories for recording the electric spike pulses produced by tachyons.


An electric excitation pulse could be transmitted from another electric circuit


to the amplifier input to transmitt the tachyon wave. Before this pulse was manually


send to the amplifier input, the D flip-flops were latched or turned off electronically so that they can no longer


detect input from the amplifer. This way the manual pulses send could not be recored by the D flip-flops.


Electric signals from tachyons could only be detected by the D flip=flops


that came before the electric excitation pulse in time. If electric signals were detected by the D flip-flops,


they came before the manual pulse was send. This means that the tachyons have travelled


backwards in time a few milliseconds, because the tachyon signals were recored by the


D flip-flops before the excitation pulse was send. During some tries of this device, the D flip flops


did record some pulses, but the is experiment was not conclusive. The device had


poor electric shielding and the cirtcuit timing was difficult to check and control. Electric signals for making


the electric excitation pulses could have been leaking


through the tachyon amplifer before the D flip flops were shut off.


The D flip-flops about 4 in series as commercial transistor-transistor logic intergrated circuits


work as a recording device. A digital storage electronic oscilloscope


should work as well as a recording device.



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i dont think that well go back in time or anything like that............ it may or maynot only cause you to go to other demesion,and if you try to go the speed of light you will be riped apart. as well as machines will be ripe apart too :eek:. this kind of speed can be given to energy. :confused:


and what do the V in your formular mean?



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