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Magnum P.I., Speed Racer & Thomas Dehn.

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Ring, ring'...Time 02's voice, "Honey would you get that, I'm busey on the P.C."?!


Creedo;"Hi' is Gary home"? Mrs. T "Yes, he's in his study and hes expecting you Creedo, go right in"!


Mrs.T to Creedo;"You look thirsty, would you like some iced tea"?


Creedo;Yes that would be very nice.If you have some leamon and just a tad of sugar, if you would please?


Creedo walks accross brown glossed brick foyer, past the sunken livingroom, and shouts gentily, "Anybody home T"?


Time02 gets up from his station and warmly greets Creedo, grasping his hand firmly.


Time02112;How was the flight down here Dan' did you get air sick with all the bad turbulance that we've been having around the Sandy Egg?


Creedo;No, didn't use the barf bag.Had loaded up on Dramanine and the flight down was okay..


You have a lovely place here Time02, how's the weather been as of late?


Time02;Well a little cooler than it should be this time of year, however not too bad...Got somthing to show you on the big screan motion CAD, however I need a little more input.


Creedo;Okay, what have we got?..Time02 keys in the varibles and Speed Racer the Japanese created cartoon rolls onto the data display.....Creedo;Hey that's Speed!


Time 02;Yep..' he's a cool dude and I've been a fan of his for years.


Creeod;What about the others?


Time 02; You mean Dehn and Magnum?


Creedo;Yeah' how did they come out.


Time02;Well what I got was a similartiy between Magum P.I. and Thomas Dehn.


They both do that kind-of rear view look. You know' where Magnum raises his eyebrowls?..Creedo:Yes I know that's what is weird about this fractile master.


He is about the best, no the very best that I have ever seen, as far as fractile arangments go!..Time02;You arn't just blowin smoke Dan, he is very, very gifted.


Creedo;What about the monster at the bottom of the lake?..Time02; You mean Darb-zilla?..Creedo;Yeah, that handle will do nicly.


Time02 hits the cursor, to the motion CAD program and out of the lake rises a very large monster. The below neck profile is similar to another monster, however the head is partially human and resebles Darby.




Creedo and Time02, Ha ha ha ha, that's really way cool, I don't think he'll get over that one?! Post it the anom network, ha ha ha , still more laughter.


Time02;This is Magnum P.I. compaired to the rotational profile of Dehn.


Creedo;Almost the same.They kinda do their thing within synchronicity, just as old Speed racer did.


Time02;Did you see the Tekin 3 large screan version of the programable base-log?


Creedo;Yeah' what is weird, is that the appeandages actually come from the baselog within thew machine logic, itself.Time02;You mean the hair appendages similar to horns of hair?


Creedo;You mean the deeper core self intel files, or realizations as these possabilites woulf relate to other universe?Time02;You do that here and you'll clean it up!?..Laughter, still more laughter..


Creedo;Yes it's just so.


Time02;Look at this, what you've got, is the adapations of Dehn onto the younger warrior who did not make it.


Now look at Dehn?...Creedo;He's got a robotic eye?


Time02;Not just a robotic eye, but an android's eye.


Creedo;Ya'....you..you, know I've seen this somewhere before?


I,I can't recall just where, it must be the the intermix between the program and maybe some deeper reality, that's all?


What have you done for Pam?..Time02;something way cool.


Do you remember when the father had beat the son in the martial arts compatition and then threw him into the mouth of the volcano, in T3?...Creedo;Yes I remember this.


Time02;Do you also remember when the son came back and had tried to storm his father's office building?


Creedo;Yes, I remember he came up the steps, broke open a few doors and then started to kick the ass of the SWAT teams.


Do you remember the outfits of the SAWT terams?


Yes I remeber.


Did you see the ABC Good Morning America Show, on the 14th where Charlie Gibson had hosted a number of adaptive cammo senarios? Creedo;Yeah' I remeber they went something like twenty years into the future?


The letter you wrote to Pam?..Creedo; Yes you have it, please post it on the Preditor.


Time02;Here you are and you said>I wonder if in fact that there would be a being as formidable as the Preditor as shown on the Preditor alien movie series.


You went on to say>That a being not only as physically evolved, but who would be able to sport such high tech weaponary, would consider mankind as sport?


Creedo;Yes I did even more so that what stiles of aliens alledgeily propuorted to be hidden here by the establishement?


Now look at the rotational three D inteposing Thomas Dehn ontop of Kasuki in Tekin 3, as shown on the large screan.


Creedo; Damned if,... that's now weird and very erie.They look and resemble each other.Their almost alike, yet not connected.


Time02;That's our problem Dan. The multiverse communicates with itself, just as if it were one vast living entity.


Creedo;Yes that's quite a concept.The multuiverse, as a living entity.


For Pam, let see?>>What I've done is overimpose her over the girl in the Tekin 3 intro.


Time02;Do you remeber in the movie Blade Runner, when the star Harrison Ford goes out to a street scientist, to get an id.tag microreading, on an artifical snake, once held by a synth android?..Creedo;Yeah' its the same kind of music, where did you get the input data, for the composition of this on-screan grpahics???


Time02 won't answer, but only smiles his famous chesire cat grin, as he continues to show the motion of the play now unraveling before them.--


A very lovely girl stands within the Japanese rain, on a dark day.


The backround is dark and forboding, however the woman who is dressed within a white full just below the knee dress, stares at the sky, as a dark rain begins to fall.


She had classic Japanese oriential features, but in some very odd way, completly captures the personality and charicter of Pamlea M.


She looks into the very dark sky, opens her mouth as she listens to the intro log aboput Kasuki.She is now transmophed and seems to subconciously catches the raindrops within her mouth, as she stand baefoot, within a large puddle, holding her strapped white shoes within tiny procalin pale white hands.


Creedo;Man Gary, you've outdone yourself, that really a very fine peice of adaptive graphics.


Time02;What I've done, is place her within this forest which is always just outside the main area of a clearing, but somehow still austier Japan.


IN THE ACTIVE MTION RUN GRAPHICS MODE:>She runs and runs going and calling for help, however the horizion just continues to self generate.


Creedo;I liked the begining rain portion of these graphics.


It reminds me of classic Japanese logic, where the rain and black rain, is always the balance towards nature, which is self returning.


Time02;More chips and salsa?


Creedo;Well, a few but not much more? I'm cutting back on the lubs.


Thomans Dehn as a robotic android version of an oriential Tekin version of Magum P.I.??Who would have ever guessed?


Time02Ain't that cool,... I mean how this situation all by itself jives into one central time line occurance...


Mrs. T "Honey' does Dan like his meat balls spiced"


Time02;Well Dan"?Creedo;Yes Mrs. T, but not too heavy on the oregano, please?


Red Currant?..Creedo;YES!How did you know that that was one of my favorite wines???..Time02, I have my sources.


Thanks! Time02;See the pool? Creedo;Well okay.


Time02>Got it as a company write off, on account of the amount of people that I have to entertain.


The two men in madras shirts, summer slacks, and sandled, walk off to view the swimming pool, as the town of San Diego starts to talk to iself.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Steaks placed on barbies, boat gas tanks filled, horses lead from their stables to be riden that evening.


The sun growles its woeful so-long to the day, as the shimmering mass of thinking hydrogen and diatomic helium mix of burning masses, sets just the ocean.


Juan alwasy broke fast into his intro of flamingo cords, and then as if a fortelling, eased up just a bit.


It was the girl in the pale blue chaffon dress, with the Smith& Kherns in the glass, listening to the intro.


She told that this new firm she had landed a job with, was a keeper.


Her makeup was beige, with brown highlights.


She was tall lovely, with dark brown piled hair, held in place by equally dark brown hair forks.


A set of large louped earings, gave balance to the statment that she could converse within her new found sucess, as well as anyone there, at the T2 household.


People gathered, smile, talked and listened


As the host asked more questions she smiled showing a perfect smile.Her head tileted as she held the cocktail glass, the Chinese lanters imposing a deep blue shimmer over the surface of the pool.


The devel may care, as San Diego was starting to live a new life..This new existance was known as night life.



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RE: Blitz Willy strikes again




Do they let you out now and then or are you perminently confined?


You only post on your non-straitjacket days?


Don't they have a 'story of the month' club you can join?


Maybe you should try bungie jumping. Have you tried getting a referral to the local basket weaving shop?


I have more......



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RE: Blitz Willy strikes again


Whatever else is left, once you have taken away the unaccountable and absurd, is probably what is left as the truth?


Thomans Dehn, did-ga go to his web site?


For a while Pamela M had thought that Dehn was John Titor.


Why did she think that?


Speed Racer.Did you notice in the start of the old cartoon series, how Speed is rotaited and made to look as a plattened statue?


Magnum P.I. does the same thing, with the over the shoulder look in the intro to the old Magnum P.I. series, did you catch that?


On Kasuki on the Teken 3 video game series, as well as the fully illustraited movie from Japan, did you ever see the intro into the Tekin big screan game, as I had described within this post line?Same thing as Magnum P.I. only Japanese.


It seems funny, "that's all I was saying", that all three principles have a certain synchronicity about them, within their developmental line.


Thomas Dehn is a brilliant computer expert and is what is known as a fractile master.


This guy is very, very good, with special effects.


However' the question remains elusid, why and how did Pamela M trip upon Dehn?


Where there's synchronicity there is also,..( )?Fill in the blanks, okay?



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RE: Blitz Willy strikes again


Gee.. Creedo why don't you just ask Pamela?


I will tell you,


I am beginning to think time travelers don't really exist..at all.


And I really don't think time travelers are after anybody or altering anybodies time line either. This is paranoid thinking.


The double digit theory with time travelers as the reason for it is completely silly and ridiculous to me...somebodies silly fantasy to give their life a purpose such as "saving the world from the evil time travelers." or something.


My friend Darby?


Yes, he has turned my mind toward science.


real science...and real physics..


not this silly fantasy stuff of having a personal time traveler with you 24 hours a day just to play with your mind and make you see a double digit come up. think how silly this sounds. Who would spend the time or money on such a thing?


I would think there would be more important things a time traveler would do with his time. Don't you?


Thats if they even exist at all.


Creedo- You should write science fiction stories you are quite talented you know.







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RE: Pamela




I will requote you: <Cat, Your past postings, as well as the present ones are of no interest to me. And it doesn't look like the future ones are going to be either. Sincerely, Pamela.>


So you spent your time and money reading up on the double digit theory from Me, TTA, and Shadow and several others.


Well it appears you fall under this jurisdiction of the double digits theory (because its all about control.) Its obvious you cant stay away from my posts like you said quoted above! :)


Pamela, You have put in allot of years and hard earned time into posting and researching information along with Tracker.


You sound like a good person Pamela, Just poorly misguided! spacer.png and as far as being genuine, thats speculated?


I'm a Apathetic Sociopath, I'd kill you if I cared what you thought! :)





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RE: Yho Pam !


While you are getting all gussied up in you drab of Real Science, don't forget that psycology is real science too.


A six pound brain can do a lot more than a 6 mile partical accelerator.



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RE: Blitz Willy strikes again




You said:


<<...This is paranoid thinking.>>


Right, and after you clinged so tightly to Titors words like a gospel for a whole year, you can botch for that and tell us better? Don't be such a hypocrite; what makes you worthy to tell someone what he or she is saying is paranoid thinking, when you were the most paranoid of them all?


<<The double digit theory with time travelers as the reason for it is completely silly and ridiculous to me...>>


Ok, believe that. But dismissing it so quickly will not make it disappear. The fact of the matter is, is that this phenomenon exists and is happening to a lot of people. And it's presence, not to mention it's intentions cannot be ignored when they are present in actual events in our history.


<<somebodies silly fantasy to give their life a purpose such as "saving the world from the evil time travelers." or something.>>


Sorta like the purpose Titor gave your life, ehh Pamela ;)?


At the very least I am promoting something ethical. That in it's self is a good purpose for anyone to have in their lives, no matter what their professional occupation is. Anyone can save a life, if they have the ambition to do it.


<<not this silly fantasy stuff of having a personal time traveler with you 24 hours a day just to play with your mind and make you see a double digit come up. think how silly this sounds.>>


And how silly you were to believe in John Titor for a whole year, and have someone talk sense into you? You're a grown women for god's sake, if you couldn't do this on your own, then your not fit to preach shit to anyone. The errors of your ways where brought to your attention by me and many others, telling you to your face that Titor was just BSing you.


<<Who would spend the time or money on such a thing? I would think there would be more important things a time traveler would do with his time. Don't you? Thats if they even exist at all.>>


Obviously your comprehension of Time Travel hasn't improved. What makes you assume that money would be a motivating factor to a Time Traveler? If a Time Traveler where to carefully maneuver humanity like chess pieces, the rewards would be far greater then any human riches.


Regardless of a Time Travelers intention, the principle behind it all still remains; Time Traveling is unethical. For Time Traveling requires unseen change. Change that was never agreed on or sanctioned. Manipulating humanity is the grand scheme of Time Travelers; understanding the circumstances of altering 1 human life, can mean the entire difference in elevating their odds of success or lowering it. And it has become this, by which they use to measure the worth of lives, and how their interactions will mean to the greater whole by which we will strive to be united with once again.


-TTA<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">



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RE: Blitz Willy strikes again


To the apparent juxtaposition between the forces of Rick Donladson, Darby Devonshire and Pamela M, as opposed to the people kicked off of the of the BBS boards, involving Titor, no commnet.



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RE: Blitz Willy strikes again


pamala, I will say the numbers are real. My husband me and my daughter see them. I am also starting to meet a lot of other people who see them to. I cannot agree that they are time travelers but there could be a possibility that this is a fact. and yes TTA is correct they do follow you around. Just this morning I woke up at 555. I think the numbers are telling me that people are losing control for what reason I don't know. Something has entered our magnetic field and playing havoc with us. they could be unseen entities that are battleing around us. the numbers could be angels warning us of bad energy that would love to take us down. that is just a few theories. angels and demons cannot use us unless we allow that frequency to come in. It would be very helpful in these times to stay calm and protect yourself with light. clara



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RE: Blitz Willy strikes again




We need to get something squared away here!


First of all when you say you cant grasp the concept that the double digits are caused by Time Travelers?


Lets dissect the word "Time Traveler." A Time Travelers would be an atomic entity that can coexists in another realm whether it be an Angel or Demon or Ghost or Alien interdementional life forms, or an OBE time travelers through deep meditation or an actual physical time traveler that has the key to the dimentions. Whether they could pass through by death or technology they enevedobly has the power to have some sort of communication connection with us.


If its a demon then its out to misguide us. If its an Good Angel it's for our welfare and safety. If its a Ghost its lost. If its an OBE you can only communicate and have power tellephatically. But if its a Alien interdimentional life form or physical Time Traveler they could be the most DESTRUCTIVE OF ALL!!!


Technically they are basically all the same in one respect or the other. And it all boils down to the "control factor."


In order to fight them off we can't make exceptions for any of them, or except this behavior. By asking for help from even the best of them we are inviting evil. I have a strong feeling that Angels only interact when there is no other hope because they are morrally and ethically aware of other entities that can me mistaken for them. They hang around and act as fixtures and secretly guide us with love. They are the most abused and battered entities!


I am reserved on asking for help unless I absolutly need it! And they know I do not abuse my priviledges!


The Double Digits is their mathimatical communication system with us. Yes Clara you are right the message could be for good or bad but how are we supposed to truly tell the difference between what is good or bad or the message behind them?





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RE: Captian Willy's wiz bang, ta' CAT:


Dear CAT, I'm thrilled with your tallents and powers of observation, however what you have to understand is, that time travel simply is?


It part of an equation and can't be reversed.


I hate to use this compairson, whoever look at all holes openened up in time and space, as giant four foot high vaginas.


The can open and close in order to accombidate passage, however whatever goes through there, uasually passes out in either direction and then the mouth of the opening, closes again.


This is like what is happening with both time travelrs and aliens who travel within time and space.


They make openings, however after they come through them, the memeory fabrick of time and space closes the hole they came through.


There is a mathamatical equation which states, the quanities of a set, which are always inhearent, regardless of how any one observer within relative time observes these quanities, will always remain these quanties as logged.


In other words, what has historically come though in time travel, will be what has histroically come through time and space within time travel and this can not ber erased.


This is why the concept of trying to reverse time travel is worthless, as this has already happened.


The incident of the said Destroyer Eldrige, going through space and time, is not what one wants to influence foran example of time travel.


This was due to the amount of power used within this said journey?


This would be like a king sized penis, some seven to eight feet long, with railroad spikes, and humming at trillions of electreon volts, rather than a meek in and out entry?


No' I don't approve of the distruction of time and space.


Take a look at how N-weapons detonate, as their power goes more than one direction with regards to fredquency in space and time?


Far more worse than time travel, would you say.


I would not know what to do, if I saw a four foot vagina hovering in the air comeing my way?


I would probably run away??spacer.png spacer.png



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RE: Captian Willy's wiz bang, ta' CAT:




I find you guilty as charged on all accounts of rape and assult on black holes!


I bet the last time you were in a woman was when you visited the statue of Liberty! :)




P.S. Go skip back to mommy!



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RE: Captian Willy, this time more moral.


A very good compairson actually.


A large vagina orfice, in some sence would streatch in the phylosphic, much the same way time and space would, due to the outof frequency matter passing through it.


No' seriously, large four foot high floating Vs would be a very good analogy of how spacetime opens and contracts.


They even say dialates.


The part where a seven to eight foot penis with dozens of railroad spikes, plus a trillion electron volts running through it, is a little scary, I admitt.


However in a sence this is what Vs are ment to do, in nature's plan, which is open and contract, unless the baby is delivered via cesarian?


No, I don't take it back, as a matter of fact, an excelient analogy of how time and space accepts any electrically exteriuorly chjarge prolate shape.


APPOLOGY TO CAT:I'm sorry CAT, I'm from European descent and the mention of body parts does not offend me.


I do realize however if you took Mom out to the corner resturant and were having tea and a baggel, it would not be the most appatizing thing to look out the resturant window and observe a giant slobbering vagina hovering there, looking for a bite of your's or Mom's Baggel?:oops:



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RE: Captian Willy, this time more moral.




You better watch you V's & P's around me Mr. Peninsulas :)


Because I have more hooks than Madonna has looks! :)





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RE:to cat


My husband and I had this very conversation this morning. about


who do you listen to. the reason for this is while he was


dreaming last nite a voice came into his head and said D'ONT GO




TIME.LOOK AT HE CLOCK. He woke up and laid there a minute then


slowly looked at the clock it was 3:33. He told me this


morning. I ask him if he felt like it was demanding him not to


go and he said maybe. We know the weather is bad out there but


it may clear up by next week. I have not had any dreams or


reason not to go. We have decided to see if the weather clears


and if it does and nothing else happens we are going. What can


I say. Who knows what the hell is going on. I read all the ufo


stuff and it all contridicts itself. My only fear is that who


ever told him this will make sure we have a bad time.


Have you guys seen the movie A BEAUTIFUL MIND. well I was at


walmart yesterday and picked up the book. I haven't seen the


movie yet. This guy that the story is about said that he was


communicating with aliens they were giving him formulas and


such. they labled him scizo but years later he just suddenly


stopped being scizo. sounds to me like he may have been alien


himself. He fits the profile of a zeta riticulan . clara


good lord this world is stranger then I ever thought it would be. clara



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RE:to Clara




I don't know what is going on myself with these double digits lately?


The clocks are playing double dare with me! I purposly try and "not" look at the time! And then I ask myself what are the odds of me looking at the clock right this very instant and it being a double digit?


And so I look and wham bango there they are to my disbelief!


I have been playing this game with them for the past 2 weeks now and frankly I'm pissed because I can't win! And the only other explaination I have is that they have found a way to manipulate my thoughts. They are actually voices in my head like distant wispers lasting maybe only a split second.


I have become accustomed to the thoughts and I am beginning to be able to distinguish the difference by actually knowing myself good enough to know the differece between my own thoughts from a foreign invading thought.


I am being forced or enticed to play in order to learn and perhaps teach them a thing or two. I guess the more I play the game the better I get at it, and my odds of winning have increased. And the closer I get to understanding its workings and knowing who my adversary is and what I'm up against, I'm going to exspose them for what they really are.


What we really need is everybodys input and exsperiences with the double digits, to finding out their true motives and intentions. We need to get to the bottom of this.


I personally feel that these numbers are bad in a sense because they have a measure of control over me and my future. I want to be running my own show. I don't want to be a peon at the low end of the totem pole!


So, I will educate myself and rise above them!





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RE:to Clara


Those "falling prices:)" sure are hard to resist, ehh Clara?


So you been having dreams and waking up at 3:33a.m. huh?


Well just yesterday I had a vision/manifestation of grand importance to me. At 2:22 p.m. 3-20-02, I think I heard God's complexity run through my mind for a good 5 seconds. It sent a shock to my entire body, and then looked up at the clock, and it was exactly 2:22 p.m. 10 minutes later at 2:33p.m., I had another vision of meeting up with someone 6 years from now.


All is very strange and peculiar in this world. And I intend to get to the bottom of it. Of course not by my self :) I will need a team. Who would it be though?


-TTA<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">



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