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nazi UFO


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"Robert J. Mueller" wrote:From: "Robert J. Mueller"


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Subject: nazi UFO


Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 17:30:24 -0400




Sorry for my delay in replying.


For now, I'm only going to LIMIT myself to the Nazi UFO stuff you mentioned. This is probably the area I've researched the most (not in any formal manner, just so you know). I'm pretty knowledgable about aeronautical engineering, and I'm intensenly interested in it, so when I read/see/hear something, it sticks.


I really think there may be something there (Nazi UFO--without going INTO a whole *bunch* of detail), but documentation that PINS this down is very rare indeed (at least rare to find lying about. Much of the German high technology documentation seized by the US at the end of WWII is still classified). Certainly, there were technologies being investigated at the time (Viktor Shauberger's work most notably comes to mind, and that enigma, Miethe), and also additional work done LATER (1950's) suggesting that what you describe could be true. An additional point of debate is: was the "reverse-engineering" of alien technology


thrown INTO this mix as well?


I'm intrigued by your suggestion that a UFO recovered by the Nazi's was found at the end of WWII in a salt mine. It is generally known that salt mines were used by the Nazi's to store plundered riches (gold, art, etc.)--a good place to store such stuff, as salt provides an ideal, stable environment, and mines are relatively easy to guard (limited entrances, generally). Such salt mines DO exist where you've mentioned, just North of Munich (Merkers, Ohrduf), and were discovered packed with loot by the American 90th infantry (or so we are told).


Perhaps there were UFO's there too? It's been generally put forth that such artifacts, (if found at all) were found at research/industrial complexes (Mathhausen, Peenemunde, for example). This seems sensible, as this is where the specialized equipment was kept which one might need when reverse engineering UFO technology. But keep them in a salt mine? Certainly secure (this is where they kept the money!)...it makes one go "hmmmmm".


We KNOW the 90th infantry was the first INTO the salt mines (well, we know within reason ;) . If we could locate a member of the 90th infantry that was there?...


I also suspect there may be some additional documentation perhaps left behind/missed that still is packing around German/Europe somewhere. But where do we start?




The implcations of this, if it is true to any degree, is startling. Confirmation that such technology existed at that time, and was available to the power elite would prove that history since then, as we know it, is a sham (well, we aready might KNOW it, but such a thing would be PROOF). As far as HAVING technology like that NOW...I think that might be a different story...


Anyway, more later (probably). I've viewed the Nazi UFO video on your website. Interesting. At first look, I didn't pick up anything new out of it, but I will view it again, and comment...


that's all for now.






Chronovisor Sources


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