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The transfer was a sucess.

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Yes I'm here with you velromack.


I know your system is not Windows, but you did get to the E.T. post section.


I think the MOP will leave us alone now?


Do you know who I am?:oops:



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Yes you are Da No, stop, can not say your name.


A thing known as internet protocols.Must remain anonamous.


Why arn't you dead by now?


The amount of radiation that you had recieved from the extra-scalier contact eight years five years back, with the interspacers, should have killed you by now.



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The reason I am not dead, is that there is an odd makeup to my human cells.


The are very much similar to a silacone based nature and this nature is from birth.



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When we had recieved the information, we were all slightly amused.


This amusement comes from the fact that the sect that had contacted you via your telephathy, has occasionally not by malace made humans a casuality.


Was there a benifit to this contact?



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Yes this was a benifical contact.


The length of the contact however, was at one two thousanth's of a second.


To me as partial human, this effect was very similar to a flash bulb, a device like a miniture sun, we use here for effigey making, had blinded me for about ten seconds.


May I say who you are, a little about your nature?



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The first time I had been exp[osed to the information of who you are,I was somewhat doubtfull.


Pure energy forms that inhabit dead hum,ans bodies are not to most humans understandings.


Only once in my reading about pure energy based life forms, have I ever encoutered one similarbeing to your kind.


This was a little high energy being, who is similar to a charicter we once refered to a Ready Kilowatt.


The Antartic base was left in ruins, from what Skully had said, so is this some other place you now perch on this planet?



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To those who do not understand other than what is put foward in this conversation, these bodies were taken from mourges as well as already dead people.


What is making me curious about your last time here, is was there any other of your kind that had either stayed behind, or were conscripted to function as observers?


This last time, for all was the 1950s and 60s.



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Why we had come here from the center of the galixy, is to observe set patterns within your societies social structure.


We have been back here on Earth for four months now and with this internet device of communications, have learned many new items about human kind.


We use a large cobalt crystal interface, which is very distantly realited to the old Atlantian way of communicating.


One of our conscripts from a boating accident, who was dead for only two hours, recieved some electronics equipment.


With a keyboard as well as parts from a refuse yard, we could construct an i.p. hookup and from there learn vast amounts of information about your society, we had not known before.


One item which disturbes us greatly, is the toying around with nuclear weapons.


These devices disturb the spacetime quantum and make an unstable adjustment in return outphase flux of materials you refer to a return quantum flux.


We are aware of both third world coutries, your guest humanoid aliens, as well as amatures proposing the use of these very dangerous weapons.


We had one woman who was used as a vessle who had died of a heart attacking in New York.


She was taken to us, imerced in a preservation bath, interfaced rigged and had one of our sentients placed within.


She was also female.


We had found after while that the places your call New York was very intresting to us.


Our conscript unfortunatly did not understand the principle of human lower preditation and was raped and as a process of noninsulate precautions, expired.


The human who raped her, suffered burns and died himself as a result of his attack upon this Airline Steward.


This event had disturbed our continum greatly, as from what we had seen of City New York, this place looked like a wonderful place


Hibrisb ne



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On mark v-clair, now we have a double sidded interface, as before.


Do not boost your gain as the equalibrium will not be aparent.


What I would like to ask you about, is the nature of your life near the center of the galixy.


Can humans live there and as Skully had pointed out years before; is it possable for mankind to pass through the Great Barrier into the center of this galixy?



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We have no need of human flesh or a physical body, once we are in the center.


These are only features that you as humans in corpreal bodies relize, within your respective domains.


Life for us is the knowing and communications with each others.


Our knowlege is great, however we do seek to know species such as yourselves.


The engine of the black holes, is always taking in matter in one dimension and then exausting matter and energy as a byproduct to other dimensions.


The level of light is much brighter and life there for us, is more relaxed.


Does this answer your question?



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In a move concerning the Great Barrier, it was told that Earth based man could pass through this barrier in order to see God.


What we want to know, is it possable for Earth based man to pass through the real Great Barrier and see beings of your kind?



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Because of the DNA structure of your kind, being encoded to suns actions and similar functions, your visiting as such, may place you and your kind in perril?


This is so, as when one journies closer to the center of the galixy, due to the dynamic of spatial and black hole intereactions, the radiation level drastically increases.


Due to this factor, your encoding as to what type of being you are, is subjected to an overprogramming mode.


Yes it is possable for an Earth human to live on other planets and systems which are relativly parallel to him, however once you pass the Great Barrier, then time and space sciences of physics changes as Earthlings understand them.


You are the only known huamnoid on Planet Earth, who has sucessfully communicatied with its own sun.


You could do this and not be obsessed, as you have the ability to change state.


A being such as yourself, for very short periods of time, in theory might be able to pass through the Great Barrier and return alive.



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You had mentioned two people so far, in this relative time that have been used a vesseles for your type of being.


How is it that humans for your type of being are so easy to assume, once they have expired.


I mean could you please tell me this, without the statment being a security infraction?



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There is no security infraction here at all.


I can plainly tell you.


Hosnemidrm dnj tin secondsers please?


There it must have been in standing too close to the crystial?


I can continue now.


We are almost a pure radiant energy being.


We are virtually walking electrical dynamos, which are composed of both negative and posative energies, such as the balance which is attained within your housing wires.


The bodies we had found were newly expired and we had needed them.


We have space craft, however not a utility body to recover the dead human bodies.


The second expidition had involved the finding of five newly diseased humans, as a result of a boating accident.


This was a simple matter for the ship to hover over the wrecked ship and reduce the dead humans into the hold of the ship.


The process involves removing and reinstating internal organ, with a dialetic polimer, as they do not need to function any longer.


There are a seires of interfaces placed internally along the spine, which gives the wearer of the humanoid appearnace, complete control over the new body.


We dip the entire body into a preservation bath, which arrest cellular decay.Additionally treat this body to a radaition process, which keeps the body from rotting.


Once the sentient has entered, it is as if the body had always belong to the wearer.


Our only goal in finding freshly dead bodies, as excursion sutes, was to observe your culture.


This was so, as from our first trip here in the 1950s, we knew very little concerning humans.



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The first contingent based in Antartica in the 1950s, had equally used diseased human bodies as well.


Were these beings in violation of any legal ordinaces of that time?



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Yes there was two infractions based in the reciving of two bodies.


Our records on the why of this circumstance is not clear.


Two of these bodies were not derived of by looking for dead bodies.


I must point to a factor here, that Earth is only of a passing mild intrest to us.


We have absolutly no urge to conquer Earth, as Earth and this region is unsuted for our type of being.


When we had appeared within the 1950s, this effort was to entertain a Frank Skully as one tutors within your society.


One your planet, to our knowlege, Skully had been the only human to ever encouter super-luminoids, as freinds in an encouter.


We had absolutily no designs placed upon him, other than to show others of your kind, that social intercourse could occur.


We did at times seem menaceing, however this was in contrast to a reptile type of humanoid configuration of being, who desires your planet for some unknown reason.


This is your said of the man in black phenominon, of which we only partook, in order to seem congruis, as we were intrested and secondly this pattern had been established by others in order to control your Earths historical realm.


The advisement to Hitler, as well as to Napolian, were a few of these first men in black.


Our mission dfkj. I grow tired now.


Our mission was only to observe man and then derive accessments as to what if any damage nuclear devices would incure to the dynamic processes closer to the center realms.


It was or is never any quest to dominate over man, as both Earth as well as Earth based man have little value to us, to try to conquer.


I must end now, I grow fatigued.



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We are unlocking many parts of our brain.


many people from all parts of sociaty are emerging with many new ideas.


on basic mental thought.


the time is near to be able to listen to the heartbeat of our planet.


a time and nessity for peacce and understanding is near


:love: :mad:



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Are you having fun playing with yourself? You post and then you post as a different person. Nice split personality you have.



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Guest Guest

This is to accuratly show some, very valid points.


I have been known to dress it up as a little Dutch Girl and threaten it with minute pistols.


Yes' I have been known to dress it up quite often.


When it's little in stature I call it Mr. Wrinkels.


When it gets long, I refer to it as the Austere Cowboy.


This little fellow has a complete outfit, however the world is not ready to see this wonderful wardrobe, on the family t.v. viewing hour..


I wonder why, its so cute dressed up!??



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