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Forbidden physics and the strange symbol...

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I'm not a professional scientist, but apparently my subconsious mind is. I had a series of vivid dreams between October and December 2000. They involve experiments with time rifts, phase shifting, encounters with government teams, and DNA modelling. In each of these dreams I was a scientist working with the government. We were working on experiments that were known to be "forbidden" by the aliens. There is a symbol that appeared in my dream... Please view it..




If anyone here knows anything about this symbol, or possible explanations of these dreams, please contact me at [email redacted]







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I had to read ur posting because it contained the words strange symbol. It is not one I recognise unfortunately. I have had several UFO abduction type dreams, one over 25yrs ago contained a sequence where the *aliens* (tall, very blue eyes, no nose, looked like large people -ish) used a device to stop time. The device was small and had a symbol on it. I cannot recall the symbol now but I just know I will know it when I see it again. If I see it again.



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