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Evolution, time travelers, what not


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Ok all though no man knows the true day the world will end, as it says in the bible...I think I see the year that it will happen...2012 because of all the hooplah about a barrier being there...second Aliena may exist and could very well be our future selves on vacation...or maybe it is just a ploy of the Devil...which I know is real..to use as a scape goat in the tribulation when all christians are going in the rapture(Revelation) I challenge any person to read this that is of atheistic and scientific bacground....disprove something and i'll believe you!.....another thing not just to preach on this but NASA has proved that there is an extra day in space...this comes FROM a battle in the bible where god stopped time and allowed the sun to stay in a posittion long enough for the chosen people to defeat their foes...please I want feed back on this!



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I dont know about the extra day in space. But I heard about the extra day on the earth. not really an extra day but a prolonged day. If the earth had ceased to rotate on its axis for a whole day this would have created serious disturbances around the world. and also would have resulted in a prolonged night on the other side of the earth.


This is possible if another massive object would have passed by to disrupt the path of the earth.


If the sun and moon were stationary in the sky this means the earth had ceased to rotate.


Looking in the bible it also states that immediately BEFORE this happened a meteor shower took place."there were more which died with hailstones than they whom the children of Isreal slew with the sword."


Comets have been associated with meteor showers.


If this comet had been of enough sufficient mass, it might have "played tag" with the Earth. If it was in alignment with the sun or even opposite the sun, its gravitational force might have had tremendous effect apon the earth. the Earth's tides and even its general rotational velocity. and could possibly EXPLAIN Joshua's long day.


Joshua in his day would not have known about the connection of meteor showers and comets.


In many of earths ancient legends and folklore there are stories of a time when the sun did not set or when the night did not cease. not just in Joshuas little corner of the Earth but all over the Earth.


some of these legends are mentioned in:


mexican annals of cucuhtitlan,pacific islands legends of Maui, menomini Indian tribe,ute tribe, ancient egypt, book of Bundahis..and I am sure there are others.


Is Joshuas long day true? Too many different tribes and other nations say the same thing. It certainly is explainable. EXPLAIN what you mean by the extra day in space. I have not heard that one and would like greatly to hear it. thanks.



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I'm sorry about the mis understanding I meant to say that it was an extended day, yes it may have been a comet but honestly it still shows that if it wasnt for that extra time then Joshua would not have prevailed...I just barely remembered that stor and was informed by Email that NASA officials confirmed that this took place(time wise) please reply



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From some dream I had, it depicted that how the Earth will end is it hurling toward the Sun.


How such could happen is the nukes going off could affect the magnetic field around the


Earth that would pull even the Moon down out of orbit, thus creating the Biblical fire & brimstone.


Nukes going off could also act like a giant thrust, that would cause the Earth to go off its


normal trajectory around the Sun. Scientists already want to lasso an asteroid in order to change Earths orbit; that's too much a risk to be allowed to take.


Another possibility, is from another dream I had, where Planet X (Nibiru), a giant green world


narrowly collides with the Earth, but manages to wipe the South Pole and South America off the


map; everybody all over the world will think it's the End of the World and wrongly think half of


the Earth is gone. I saw the new Earth (another dream) that the Biblical Revelation describes, looking just like Earth but more prettier ocean blue & brownish landmasses. The book of Revelation seems to depict the kind of rapture in which UFO motherships (depicted in dream) will evacuate the Earth. It where it says angels will go to the four corners of the Earth, which is north, south, east and west. Two things could set off the world Armageddon war, a meteor hitting New York could be easily mistaken for a nuclear strike and the Chinese who has massed 300 military soldiers.



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