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What are UFO's purposes?


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What are UFO's purposes?


This is a copy of a posting I placed in the Time Travel Bulletin Board. But I feel that it may have some importance to UFO's as well.


Please read on and let me know what you think.


-Javier C.




Doesn't anyone think that Time Travel is unethical? I mean, your changing the past for God's Sakes. It's violating someone's free will to do with his life as he chooses. And we go back in time and alter it for God knows what reasons we may have to change the past. Anyone out there feel that Time Travel is wrong? Please CHECK out my website: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/9822/ .


I mean not to want to stand in the way of progress, but enough is enough. Don't you see? Cloning, Genetic Engineering, mapping the human genome. All are about control. We have become obsolete, is the message we will continue to hear for years to come. HAVING to go through all this just to keep up with the rest of society. Companies will own our Genetic Patterns, they will have copy rights to them.


Am I the only one who see the significant down fall this will play to our souls? We are selling out, and we will never be the same if we continue to have accepted thoughts about what's going on. Please, I urge you all. Consider if you will, the aspects of Time Travel HAVING a down side to them. The risks are not wroth it. Trust me...


How do I know this? Because I have felt it all my life, that's why. It's time to put a stop to Time Travel Violators, claiming to want to change the past for our own benefit. It's exploitation, it's infringement of our free will and rights. And those are things that are humanity's only absolutes. The End does not Justify the means...


-Javier Cortez


P.S. E-mail me to [email redacted] if you'd like to comment on what I said. Thank-you.



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