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opening of dimensions/starwars defense sheild


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I think if UFOs exist they are more FROM other times/dimensions than FROM deep in space. there is a lot of info to proove this such as the report of a bright flash of light lasting approximately 45 seconds and then observing a ufo suddenly appearing. the bright flash of white light is like the flash of light when there is an opening of another dimension. the disappearance and reappearance of Ufo's and the failure of electrical equipment around the time.


there are several good reports mentioned at this web site: http://www.ufocenter.com


This one report I read has what appears as proof of a starwars defense sheild in place.


They mentioned getting a defense sheild long time ago but nothing was ever really said about it again. This one report which was about the AR fireball dated on 3/9/00 and posted on 4/1/00 clearly shows this.


as in the report the witness states she sees


when the first fireball hits it revealed a glass like dome above the earth. the flash of light spread above and below the dome and the UFO hit the dome. this is VERY interesting I suggest reading it as soon as possible incase it is pulled for the fact that it does clearly SHOW a defense sheild in place it can be found here:





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Hi Pamela,


Well, this may be way off, but do you think that the HAARP project- among other things- might be used as a sort of shield in our atmosphere against these objects? If the technology could be used to deflect or destroy incoming missles, then why not UFOs?


Just a thought,





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YES. The patents were of the Eastlund patents the ones that are said to be of Haarp. they are obtained through a freedom of information act.from the US patent office. It clearly shows the working of a sheild .let me quote some of it here:


one patent states:


...the plasma will be confined between adjacent feild lines and will form a shell of relativistic particles there between as these particles naturally "drift" around the earth. The shell so formed may be used as an anti-missle sheild. The high energy,relativistic particles in the shell will collide with any missle passing therethrough to give up energy which , in turn will damage or destroy the missile.


some type of electron/ion barrier.This is only ONE paragraph.


there are hundreds of diagrams and technical writings in the patents.


If the US does have a type of sheild that can be turned on and off for protection against missles and UFOs .. then good for them! I live here. and I would want those secrets kept.


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Hi pamela,


Thanks for the answer. BUT- why did you change your reply??? I know what it said before it was changed, I was researching some of the info when it was changed. Why hide it? I wrote the list down, but most of those patent #s are available in Nick Begich's book. Why change the end of your post?


Just curious...


GB :)



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ok..GB...Ill put it back on: :)


patent numbers are as follows:








5,218,374....5,068,669and 5,202,689.


patent number quoted was FROM patent number:




these patents can be through freedom of information act or through Nick begich himself he has what is called a HAARP PATENT


PACKAGE. it contains all twelve patents.


you can request it by:


Dr. Nick Begich


P.O. Box 201393


Anchorage, Alaska 99520




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GB- Found this as i was surfing through the net..Abra had mentioned this merkaba and I was reading when i came across... this tell me what you think. http://www.spiritweb.org/Spirit/merkaba-experience-locke.html


you will have to scroll down until you get to where It says "An experience with the psycops" (tried to make a direct link but it didnt work.)


It mentions a type of grid over the earth to detect flying saucers coming INTO our atmosphere.


-pamela :)


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