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Zenith Societies - The Basics



Back to the basics for newcomers like myself!

The sun has approximately between 1 and 5 Billion years before it uses up all it's hydrogen and starts expanding, making planet Earth uninhabitable. Hence, if humans are to survive, they will have to find and travel to another inhabitable planet in another solar system. Because all suns have similar fates, once again, humans will find they have to go to another inhabitable planet. In summary, humans will have to go planet hopping to survive.

So what will they go with all this valuable time. Perhaps they will discover all there is to be discovered about science. This may include time travel, understanding the Big Bang, creating an 'artificial' heaven (based on what they know about the universe I guess), and finally they may create a flesh-body to eternal being convertor, so that once we have all died we can enter this artifical heaven in our new eternal bodies. At the end of the day it's all science, logical science. The answer lies in finding and opening (and perhaps creating) the 'scientific keys' if they exist.

Given all the things we could go with our selves whilst we are here on planet earth, to me it makes sense and it's very important that society focuses it's manpower to achieve planet hopping, time travel, the creation of an artificial heaven/realm, and the creation of a living being to eternal being convertor.

If you agree, then you will realise that this 'Zenith Society' will only be achieved through, first of all, educating people on the above possibility. Hopefully this will result in the focusing of society to overcome human's biggest problem, death.

To bring the 'Zenith Society' into existence requires work. I would like to hear your replies as to how to go about this.

I believe it's possibly possible and look forward to your replies.
Excellent thought provoking post there Giles!

...quite remarkable indeed, although this concept, with respect to the sudden earth changes around us, that may lead to the eventual collapse of our sun, it is not new to me personally, although it does strike a chord as to being centered at the focal point, and the core of issues that are surrounded in the foundation of reasoning, that lead me to initiate a non-profit organization I sponsor called "T.A.P.-T.E.N."

If you wish to learn more, just read my previous posts, especially the more recent one, "Not your average construction project!

Thanks Again Giles for your input, based on a lot of invigorating, and exhaustive research already put forth to support your ideas, this represents a "VERY" plausible foresight of what our potential future outcome may lead us too.

If anyone doubts what Giles has proposed, trust me, I am quite capable to locate enough legitimate websites which would demonstrate a high degree of research by a myriad of physicists, and scientists, to support these probabilities.

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