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Your mission should you choose to except it!!

Travel back in time and help Elvis Aaron Persley become a singing and movie star.
Help him with his first recording Tutti Fruttiat R.C.A studios january 31 1956 New York.

In 1967 the year of my birth Elvis will be on the movie set "Trouble With Girls".
He will be presented with a koala bear for his daughter Lisa Marie By the Australian fan club.
I would like a photo please thank you i have it now.

My thanks to everyone.
Stay tuned for more missions.
When I am done posting this...I am going to take out my wallet and look in it. It should be empty, but thanks to the one who gave me a $20.
Nope...still empty. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif /ttiforum/images/graemlins/cry.gif /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif :eek: :D
Your mission should you choose to except it!!

Travel back in time and help Dr Martin Luther King deliver his world famious speach.

My Thanks To Everyone.
Give $25 dollars to the person who made the last post.
Re: Fatherland

A fresh new mission for all available time travellers

A temporal interdiction zone (TIZ) has been breached around the EarthTR458.7074. According to time implants in the region a local blacksmith identified as one of the ancestors of Rudolf Van Wehrt, a prominent writer of the Nazi propaganda between 1933-1935. Should this ancestor be executed Herr R. Van Werht would have never been born our Temporal Historians believe it to be instrumental for the consistency of of that Temporal Reality. It would greatly affect the outcomes of at least 87 other historical events leading to the creation of another TR aroud the 458 TR series, culminating in displacing the economical structure of Earth for at least 75 years.

Should you choose to accept it try an find the temporal interlopers, the reason why they are there and whether or not they are capable of introducing yet another paradox to that already fragile TR. As soon as the information is gathered contact Central so a Temporal Contention Team could be sent to deal with the situation.
As usual employ utmost caution, should you be discovered employ standard procedures or contact Central.

Until later becomes now.
Hello everyone I have a dubious statement to make I believe that time travel at least from going faster than light is improbable because if you did then what happens when you do something in your own time faster than instantaneous? Nothing because you'd already be going back in time LOL... Interesting thoughts to think about. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif weird huh? But I'd like to think that there is time travel LOL... Good luck to me! Future cooler non geekier version of me. LOL-commandersisko
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