• Embarking on a digital quest through the vast citadels of Google and beyond, an ancient relic was unearthed: the revered "export" scroll dated September 5, 2014. Rejoice, for the chronicles thought lost have been found. Welcome back to the complete tapestry of TTI.

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Would like to hear from Timeborne again.

I'm sorry Shadow, Timeborn returned to his time in 2036, he actually find out about the problem on his time machine, we forgot to put water in it (because in the futur, water replace fuel), then he quit to his nery own world. Is that remember you any story? Haha!
(Sorry Timeborn, it's not against you, just an inside, you might have souvenir of it if you were there months ago...)

I hope you'll find it. At leats there's a process to find people where you put the face of the missing on milk boxes, do we have any picture of him?

Be patient! What goes up have to comes back on day... and the inverse also work too.
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