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Woindering about the message on JohnTitor.com

Hey I sent an inquiry also, i think something fishy is going on.
Did anyone save the photos and info from the website?

If this stuff is real I think we're doing good.
Hey I sent an inquiry also, i think something fishy is going on.
Did anyone save the photos and info from the website?

There's nothing original on JohnTitor.com. Every word on that site, other than incoming emails, is taken from right here at TTI, the old Art Bell Post-2-Post BBS and Anomalies.net.

You do know, don't you, that this is the forum from whence Titor sprang?
Sorry boss I was unclear about the facts. Are the photo's and plans available here still? If so please let me know where. It doesn't look like Johntitor.com is coming back.

I have a few questions:
1. Did the admin of this forrum check JT's IP address to try to trace who/where it was?
2. Do you folks know the webmaster at johntitor.com?
3. Is the admin of this site JT?

Sorry I didn't know what was up, I'd seen JT's stuff at Art Bell back when it was happening, but I thought yesterday was the first time I'd seen this sight, but I logged in without regerstering and saw I'd been here before and forgotten. Sometimes I'm a space case sorry...
I noticed that the johntitor.com website is up. The following is written by the host:

Fellow John Titor Fans:

Thank you for the support and patience. The site is now back up. Originally, the site was a collaboration between myself and a friend of a friend. I started the site by gathering up everything I could find on John Titor, editing it, and sending it to the person who put the site together.

Earlier this month, I received an odd email informing me he was removing the site from the internet. Later when I asked why, he was evasive and unsettled and told me he could no longer help with the site. After a few days, I found out that somone had contacted him about an issue with the pictures we had posted. I explained the pictures have been on the web for over two years and we had nothing to do with them. After a few more days, I found out that only one picture was the problem. It was the one where I added my own notes to the time machine schematic.

As of right now, I find all of this quite odd and I'm still unclear as to what the real problem was but I plan to keep the site up without that one picture. In the back of my mind, I believe one of three things may have happened:

1. Someone made a mistake and thought our picture was something else then realized they had made an error.

2. Someone is trying to erase or discredit the John Titor story.

3. Someone is building a C204 Time Machine.

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