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Why would anyone who can time travel tell anyone?


Why would anyone who can time travel want to tell anyone?

If i had a time machine ide tell no one and you know why because i would be affraid it mite fall into the wrong hands and be missed used for evil not good.

I have thought about this and practiced this idea that good or bad can be done and love shines through in the end and the beginning.

Time Travel will happen it won't happen over night but it will happen.

Time travelers know who they are and know who are looking for them before we know.

Time Traveller are a group that know all about nothing and everything.

I enjoy the time travel games that are layed before me it teaches me to be carm and not get frustrated with events that happen in my day.

Thank you so much for helping me in the past the present and future.
I only hope that one person can help keep this planet clean for you in the future so you may enjoy the universe in all it colour color.

This site is important from start to finish it teaches the future on "WHATS ITS ALL ABOUT"

ITS ALL ABOUT what you want it to be.

Are you invited to be a Time Traveller By Time Travellers to become a Time Traveller?

And what are you doing for the future in a good way to become a time traveller.

Are you doing something to change the world for the better.
That will make a time traveller come back to visit you in the past.

I met someone in a wheel chair yesterday he was diabled and dribbled from his mouth he was stuck in the chair and in his body unable to move. When he arrived i saw people act in different way good and bad because they did not know how to react to him.

He had his truck and thats all that matter to him as he dribbled from his mouth.

I sat behind him, he had made no eye contact with anyone i could see. Then he looked around looked me in the eye and said hello like a normanl person would then he went back to looking at his truck.
i could see he was very intelligent but unable to communicate like we do and i could see his anger in his body.

As we left i walked up to him and said good bye and called him boss i got a smile and some more dribble thats was all i need to see that i made contact with someone special.

That beats time tarvel anyday.
One moment in time that will never happen again and nor would i change it.
Maybe one day his soul will be placed in a working body so he may live his dream what ever it may be.

Maybe a person who is disabled in a body he cannot use properly invented time travel came to visit me.

Maybe bild people will invent time travel.
Maybe someone with cancer will invent time travel.
Maybe deaf people invented time travel.
Maybe some one with a spinal cord cut from the neck down invented time tarvel.

The what ifs are endless.

Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about others needs working together and making it all happen.

These are ideas inside my head not all my views are yours nor should they be but i like to put them out there so others can read what i say and maybe by working together starting some for of plan like what dos and dont for time travel i think we mite just get a helping hand from the future.

I think the truth is "Someone who lived and worked with people withdisabilities for 7 years will work on theory and administrate a team of engineers for practicle aplications." In a way the people with disabilities invented time travel because they were a source of daily inspiration for the chief administrator.

There is only on set of hands this technology can fall into, whoever figures it out.
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