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Why we have never seen a real time traveler


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have you ever thought that perhaps society as we know it comes to a screeching hault before the technology needed for time travel is ever discovered? this is why i think you never see time travelers in our lives. perhaps the world ends due to a nuclear war before time travel is possible?
Scary, indeed, that so many people have such a difficult time spelling-out their fetishes!

a small typo

Ahhh, yes, but may I remind you of another thread (Fishing and Baseball) and the Butterfly Effect in particular.
I could tell you, as could many of us....but half the joy of learning is the journey:


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It was not a smart-assed remark. You had asked the difference between "affect" and "effect". If you go to the website I gave you, and type each word in, it will give you the definitions so you can see the difference.

That's all...