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Why is everything a sphere?


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Is there a theory that describes why everything is a sphere? I've done a lot of searching but could not find an answer.
Re:Microdensity changes in air presure

The collection of particles and force into spheres, may have to do with how gravity invests itself?
Re:Microdensity changes in air presure

I was searching for an answer on the quantum level. Maybe superstring can explain it? I don't know, I still can't find anything, but still looking.
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You said everything, which does not denote accurately, with respects to subquantum realms.

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do we really need to go in so much of depth for this.Isn't the simple reason is that spherical shape has an equipotential surface, so if you leave anything with no force acting on it..this is the most stable shape.
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P.S. I have not found anything yet, still looking.

P.P.S I understand that a sphere is the most effecient shape, but why is the most efficient shape? I'm assuming superstring theory might have an explaination as to why a sphere is used as the base structure instead of say, a donut.

P.P.S. I've always wanted to make three P.S.'s

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Nature and strucuture of the universe

In frequency, sections of the universe, which are also called other universes, are and can be different shapes.

However, the overall design of the universe, is sphere.

This design is due to the mass attractional gradient of gravity, which makes the grand design spherical.

As one goes out into the universe in very great distance, the layers become lighter in density.

There is eventually and end to were the universe goes and ends.

Stringed space, explains the differing frequencies of the universe, which is important to understand.

Don't confuse anything optically you see as structures in space, as after you go a certain point in distance, what you're seeing is older information.

By light signature access, this time is accessible.But by traveling to that distant light, where your vehicle can not be tuned to your original goal, then that viewed time, is not.

This is the mirage effect, to where one can walk to a goal and never reach there, as the object of their travel fades.

There is a method to measure space and this is a parsed method, also a mathematical formula.

However there is a new problem with this forced form of measurement, and this is the deciphering of what is the quality of space that one is looking for, concerning that chosen goal in space travel?

This is well illustrated by say a chosen goal to travel to a closely star system, using superluminal, or near superluminal velocities.

The spacecraft is readied, the crew is ready and the spaceflight is given launch to this system.

However because of the velocities involved, once the flight is underway, this flight can not be stopped.

Could you imagine the shock on the ground control teams part, if the next day this star system had disappeared, as the information that they were viewing, was older to to how long light takes to travel in space?

It was said in Carl Sagan's tape series Cosmos, that differing sections of universe realities exist, which might even be termed as flatland or inch-high land?

Understanding what Sagan was trying to put forward in this excellent tape series, is the very beginning of understanding of how this universe is put together.

Light is composed of waves and pressure.

Light is also measured via force or dynes at time.

However in your minds eye, light tells you of what, by it image in portrayal of the information that light itself brings?

This one statement should cause you to reexamine what you think you already know.

By Tran oo1s sayings, what would be a proposed Chronotron.......?
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Re: Subject string

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Re: Cosmological shape proposed for M+

Dear Raid' I would like to make a public apology as I was only kidding around with you.

I assure you, that I am neither perverted, or have interests other than is what assigned to this board, in the subject of time travel.

SUBJECT MATTER ASKED:The shape of the universe by conventional means, of what is considered socially acceptable science, differs from what these true possible outside the main stream of science universe configurations are.

The points of couterintetnion are and have been, (That there may have been no central collection point, to the big bang)?

There may have been a collection point and then a series of cosmic burps, which may have formed protomatter. This collctions point was not the size of a head of a pin; however if this point did exist, then it would have had to been a point, as large as the a size of this solar system, for all matter held within the entire universe, as we know it.

OTHER POINTS OF CONTENTION:The entire universe may not be expanding at an infinite rate, however recycle itself in the areas of black holes and other heavy object ingestion points, as the countering fact, tendril white holes pronounce ejected matter and particles, to a continued cycle?

LIGHT AND AGE OF TIME:Another problem with how the universe is realized with age in distance apart from traditional means, is that the distance realized, if they are still real within the sight of, THE HUBBLE DEEP FIELD realizations of observations.

This is that by time parsec spacing alone, the age of the universe can not be a few billions of years old, is distant galaxies are viewed within quadrillions of light years in lengthed distances? See;..THE HUBBLE DEEP FIELD as a qualified search word, in most search engines?

So what is put forward here, is that factors that are not being taken into account, is are the nature of supposed empty space, plus the nature of how space is perceptive within mass held in the universe which is ofcourse in motion.

The problem vested here within only a cursory view, is matter moving, however the nature of the supposed empty universe, staying the same, with respects to recycle potentials?

I suggest a study on Nicola Tessla and his studies of frequency with respects to electrical nature.

I also suggest a study into how the nature of stringed cosmology is placed together, as without these supposed dynamics, then one can not even begin to suppose a shape?

Again, was only kidding, hope that this helps?
Re: Cosmological shape proposed for M+

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Re: Cosmological shape proposed for M+

&gt;Note to Radizuo:If unity can not be proven by the Copenhagen protocols in cosmological physics, then a defiant shape of the universe seems at large.

You must investigate your own definition of how the universe might look?

Sources Nova Interview With David Bohm and NOVA's special, on the subject of time travel.
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